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Shape Your Career With Comcast NBCUniversal

The great thing about
Comcast and NBC Universal is management really encourages
you to find and seek out the things that interest you and
to really shape your own career path. [MUSIC PLAYING] I started my career here
at Comcast as an intern. Now I’m in the core
tech rotation program. The core technology rotational
program is a two-year program and it allows you to rotate
throughout Comcast and NBC Universal, and you
have different skills that you develop throughout
each of your rotations. It’s a really great opportunity
to see the company as a whole, get to work with
different people, and be able to
grow your skill set and actually find a path
that you want to follow. [MUSIC PLAYING] As a product manager
at, I’m responsible for our product
roadmap– all of the products that we built for our
digital outlets, which include our website as
well as our mobile app and our set-top box apps. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was hired at NBCU to
help with the company’s digital transformation. One of the first
projects I worked on was Hulu, which was really the
first expression of television online. When an opportunity
came up at Comcast to move into a
more strategic role where I would be able
to affect the direction of both companies,
I jumped at it. I love to learn and technology
is like this never-ending space that you can learn in. So I started in the
IT department here, and a lot of it
was just learning, like, how can I help people
do their job quicker? Faster. Better. I’ve rotated across a number of
different businesses, a number of different
technologies, and now I’m building tools that help our
journalists tell great stories. [MUSIC PLAYING] I knew I wanted to be an
engineer in high school when I sat down and
started thinking of ways that I could help people and
do something that is impactful. And the way I felt
that I could do that is through developing apps. I went to the NSBE conference,
Comcast happened to be there, and I got an internship. Right now, we’re working
on Operation Watch, which is really a
collection of products. My current role with the
strategic development organization is focused on
creating new opportunity for Comcast through novel
and innovative partnerships. The project I’m
working on currently is called Customer Timeline,
and Customer Timeline is pretty much a timeline of
all the customer-related events. Create external table
call from that, right? And we can create those
in the EBR [INAUDIBLE] My goal at the end
of the two years is to have developed amazing
leadership skills because I’d like to be a project manager. Well welcome to
Project Management. We’ll be walking through
some process models today. What does this look
like to you right now? Today, I have been meeting
with people from the startup community here in Philadelphia. I’m trying to figure out how
Comcast can really participate and support growth among the
communities that have struggled so hard to find a foothold. I think that we can play
a big part in making sure that these organizations
and these groups are able to scale and perform
the good work they do, both in Philadelphia and
wherever Comcast operates. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re doing things that
have never been done before, so we’re constantly at the
cutting edge of technology and at the intersection
of people and process. There’s a level of ownership
that I feel is quite unique. It’s about caring. There is no typical
day in my job. That’s the great
thing about my job. Every day is a
completely new adventure and it’s all about discovery,
meeting new people, learning new things,
and charting new courses for our products, our services,
and actually our employees as well. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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