Short URLs or Branded Links?
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Short URLs or Branded Links?

You use a URL shortener right? I mean of
course you do! No one sends those big ugly long links anymore…
you could almost say we live in a glorious age of short URL bliss! …or do we? Companies share hundreds of links every day from everyone to everywhere. Now, generic URL
shorteners, they cut them down, they package them up and they save space. They
do their job you know, and that’s been fine… …until now. You see, all these links that we send every day be they in emails, ads, social media, messages from colleague
to colleague, They’re all branding opportunities…missed ones! So why
send out all these generic short URLs when you could be sending out… …a branded
link! Look how much nicer that looks! Well done, link. What you get with a branded
link is full customization. Grab a snappy domain that works for you or use one
that you already have. Brand those links! BRAND THEM ALL! Now, aside from their
sleek look, putting your brand on your links has
some pretty snazzy benefits! Such as… You’re sending tons of links every day,
so why not put your company brand on every single one? Raise brand awareness
AND stand out with every link you share! People recognize your brand, so
they’ll trust your links! It’s a no-brainer you know, the more they trust
the more they click! The key to customer loyalty is consistency in the customer experience. Now, this experience is a collection of
all touch points that a customer has with your brand, but here’s the thing… these touch points are all glued together… …with links! So of course your
brand *snap* needs to be on your links. Never worry about your links getting blocked
on social media or email because of YOUR domain reputation, your links will not be seen a spam. (…unlike SOME URL shortening services 😉 YOU are the owner of YOUR links! You must be able to move edit or delete your links at any stage, whenever you
want. Again – something you can’t do with generic URL shorteners. Simply put, branded links are pronounceable, and if you can pronounce something, you can
remember it way easier. At least, you know…easier than: link-e-dot-y-forward slash-de-three-oos-uf-tee….? …yeah? At the end of the day, the time for generic URL shorteners has ended. They were perfectly adequate up until now but…well, like moving from
dial-up to broadband, Branded Links just make more sense! Rebrandly – Turns any link your share, into a promotion for your brand. So…why not…do it?

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9 thoughts on “Short URLs or Branded Links?

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  2. just opened a rebrandly account, the only options they give me for my site take the shopify section, not the actual name of my store. please help!

  3. domain A: is a shortened web
    domain B: is a text news web visitors from domain A via shortened link will automatically redirect to the domain B article link (random article)
    How to please

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