#shortfilms #hindi #struggleofwoman BONUS | HINDI SHORT FILM | BANYAN PRODUCTION
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#shortfilms #hindi #struggleofwoman BONUS | HINDI SHORT FILM | BANYAN PRODUCTION

Sakshi! please take the waste from the Dustbin And your salary is in the drawer, don’t forget to take it while leaving the office. Enough! Hey! Hey! Hey stop! enough! just stop it! Hey listen! you have to sweep the floor today and need to clean up other room spaces, too. Okay sir! It’s seems that sweeper won’t come today. Sir? what about my salary and Diwali Bonus? Bonus? Bonus! Which kind of Bonus? okay! okay! Take Your salary tomorrow! What happened to you? you seems much tired. Did you get your salary? Okay Wait! look at it! look at its color! It is a branded. I got it in the bonus! And… This! you know Pandya ji! That fat owner of Office 303. He gave it. Do sweeping properly! Do that! Cleanup that way! wait a minute! Let me show you One thing! you will be amazed after seeing it! um..hmm.. Where is it? hm… Oh God! what a beautiful thing he has given to me! perhaps You’ve never seen this before. So You’re getting Your Bonus this way? There was a time. We used to be happy in other peoples’ happiness but now in order to stay in the happy we have to please others. Did you get your bonus? mom! my fees? Dear! My Medicines! I am not getting any work from anywhere!

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99 thoughts on “#shortfilms #hindi #struggleofwoman BONUS | HINDI SHORT FILM | BANYAN PRODUCTION

  1. It's was the New and best concept. Abhi bhi India me aesa hota he jaha Maa apne gharko chala ne ke liye kuch kadam uthane pe majbur ho jati he🏡♋

  2. Story, Acting, Direction at its best.
    The chain of events is very well planned.
    Congratulations to the entire team and thank you for not just making a short film for the heck of it

  3. Cinematography and Direction is improved. Sound and editing is also good.
    Need to look further in script.
    Keep it up guys! ✔

  4. Very nice … Like it … Perfect direction, acting , specially siment reactions and music effects used between that silence … Perfect transactions … Actors look , characterization all perfectly done…

  5. A woman has to compromise her dignity not for herself but for the sake of her family. It is the most inhuman problem on this earth.

  6. Samay kitna bhi kyu na kharab ho shyama ke sath sahi raste par chalte javo halat ko ak na ak din badalna hi hoga samay kitna bhi bura kyo na ho apni ejjat ko kabhi na becho sharirik sambandh sirph pati_patni ke pavitra hai ye sirph unhi ka adhikar hai aor kisi ka nahi

  7. These rich people should not take advantage of these poor housemaids who have their families and they work for their livelihood.
    They are not whores or prostitutes don't disrespect them or insult them because these rich people have money.
    Shame on these rich people who treat maids like their sex slaves or treat them like garbage.
    They should concentrate on their own wives instead of these housemaids.
    These rich wives should also treat their housemaids with respect.

  8. How cheap human kind have become! Bullying the innocent & financially constrained…sex in return of $. Shameful!!!🤔😣😐

  9. Don't loose your self respect specially in your hard times….because if you loose your self respect it would destroy you…

  10. मजदूरी करो… गलत काम करके कुए पैसे कम ते हो

  11. जवाहरलाल नेहरुओर BR अम्बेदकर जैसे भड्वे एसी तेसी कर गये देश की

  12. فَوَقَاهُمُ اللَّهُ شَرَّ ذَٰلِكَ الْيَوْمِ وَلَقَّاهُمْ نَضْرَةً وَسُرُورًا says:


  13. सही हैं बोनस
    बोनस के लिए कुछ भी……….
    कामवाली बाई……
    पर सब एक जैसे नही होती

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