ShotGun Marketing – Good Or Bad?
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ShotGun Marketing – Good Or Bad?

Today we’ll talk about Shotgun Marketing. Maybe you might have heard of this marketing. and for some this must be new. Some may have heard of this for the first time. Shotgun marketing is a type of mass marketing. Where we target audience in a wide area. and showing the ad to a large population. This is called Shotgun marketing. Just like a shotgun in video games Shotgun fires bullets into many pellets and bullet hits many people Likewise if we run marketing campaign in a way where we Target a large population Means it includes people out of our target audience. So it sounds silly right? Why would anyone do it? Because now a days target audience is must Who’ll buy my product. I’ll show my ad to them only right Now what happens There are many brands Who faces issues in identifying their target audience. in differentiating them. For example , coca cola. Who will drink coca cola? Boy or a girl? Which age group? They don’t know Basically here only mass marketing will work. SO here they use shotgun marketing. For example There’s a salon Big lavish salon In your locality Now who will come? People of your locality right? Now rich or middle class people? or below middle class? Don’t know Girl or a boy . can be both Do they have any specific genre? Don’t know So what do they do They print pamphlets and get it distributed in that locality SO what happens Everyone gets the pamphlets in those newspaper. and then they get to know about the pamphlets. One more way People deliberately put the pamphlets inside your house That is a part of shotgun marketing. Now why are they doing it? What’s the benefit? We have Digital Marketing now a days. But why am i making a video on shotgun marketing? Shotgun marketing is a significant technique too in many situation. First is Where You need to target a different type of audience. and we don’t know either Like haircut is for both girls and boys. Different campaigns for girls and boys. Expenses will be high in this case. So what do they do? They show it to everyone. Whosoever wants to buy , they’ll Second thing is People don’t know about their target audience. Let’ssay I am making a product(spoon) which will be edible You can eat the spoon too. Now who will buy this? Restaurants? Upper middle class people? Male or female? Maybe female Maybe male to gift his wife. A foody person too? Now a lot of people Now i don’t know Neither do i have that much brain to find it out or i have the experience in this category. Now a client came to me. What did i do? Shotgun marketing. What did i do? I tried to target all the existing audience example Salon person And owner says that for my inaugaration and he wants to Promote this in the whole market. What did i do? I ran normal ad. and is showed it to everyone. No age boundaries So people who say my ad Or engaged I put them in 1st level of marketing. means People who engaged Means they are my relatable audience. So i got a data Of my target audience. Like who will buy my product. and people who engaged. I show them the ad again and gave them special coupon. Some special offers for them. Now if they have seen our ads twice and third time He gets a discount coupon Conversion. Ultimately what do our clients needed? He wanted to increase his sale Before inaugaration. Through that discount coupon. We got successful conversions. This is the benefit of Shotgun marketing. In starting When you don’t know much about the target audience. Then we’ve use shotgun marketing For a new product. Where they don’t much about the people. When i’ve all the selective data of level 1. Let’s say i had 10 lakh. with those 10 lakhs, i spent 5 lakhs on ad campaigns. Now 5 lakh on shotgun marketing. I got to know my target audience Who likes my product. now I’ve included them in level 2 show ads to Only those people Or audience related to level2 . We have an option on facebook (lookalike) Facebook finds out your lookalike audience. Facebook will show that audience. If you face difficulty in identifying . target audience. Then you can create a lookalike campaign. People who engaged in the previous ad. Or if i run video ad. People who watched my 50% video. I’ll show them the ad again. This will save my money. I spent 5 lakh on facebook. There’ll be around 10,000 who’ll be interested. And i’ll show the ad to those people only. Why would i spend 5 lakh again? Let’s say if i have money I’ll accept the lookalike option I find the 10,000 people, rest 90,000 facebook will find out. I can show the ad to them also. So whenever you go to a Digital marketing agency. Or a good Digital marketer So in starting, he tests Because you don’t know who’ll like it or not. 10 days or 1 week they test. Depends on your budget. So testing means to identify the target audience by shotgun marketing To identify the people who engaged. That’s why Digital Marketers Normally you should use Should be based on your specific niche. Because they’ve used this marketing They are familiar with type of audiences. Sometimes we’ve to depend on lookalike. Like I’ve a client in USA of bakery. If i get a client( bakery) in india Can i use his experience here too? No right because our audience are different. So i might need to use shotgun marketing in the beginning. That’s it. I hoped you liked the video. Like share and do tell me in the comment whether you liked the video or not. Bye goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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