Should Christians invest in the stock market?
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Should Christians invest in the stock market?

– Gambling and risk
are not the same thing. So gambling is a win-lose proposition. Gambling is, I want to win, and I want everybody else to lose, because the more other
people lose, the more I gain. Buying stocks, investing in companies in the stock market is
not that, it is a win-win. We want to invest in a tangible company that provides some tangible
service or product, and we want that company to thrive, and in thriving, everybody wins, all the investors in the company win. So is that a risk? Yeah, we can invest in it, and it fail, and we’ve lost our money, but that’s not gambling, that’s risk, and it still has, as its goal, to succeed, and for
others to profit, as well. And so I see that as a very
different thing than gambling, which, if I’m playing poker,
my desire is for me to win and everybody else to
lose, but when I invest in a company, I believe that
company’s going to succeed, and I would encourage others to invest in that company, too. The more we invest in it,
the more we help it succeed, then the more we get in return. That’s win-win, a very
different proposition. There are products that Wall Street offers that I think are unethical. Much of the problem, in 2008, was because of investments, well
really, it was gambling. They were actually gambling
on the housing market to fail, and that’s a very different thing. So I do believe that there is such a thing as ethical investment
and unethical investment. I would not invest in a
company, for instance, that produces the plan B contraceptive, that is basically an abortifacient that would cause women to
spontaneously abort their babies as a result of taking that medication. I would not invest in that company. I don’t want that company to succeed, I don’t want to profit from that business. So Christians need to be
concerned with what we invest in, and so we’re taking calculated risk, the risk of investment, and
putting our capital in endeavors, that are healthy, and ethical,
and strive to help the world, rather than things that
we believe are harmful, and contrary to our Christian world view. And there are products that
are offered as investments that I would say are
really not investments, they are gambling, and we should shun and avoid those things. So a Christian needs to be educated in what is a proper investment, what is a healthy way to use our money. Remember our goal is so that
we have something to give. Let him no longer steal,
rather, let him labor with his hands that he might
have something to give. And the reason I want to make money, the reason I want to have money, is so that I can use it
for Kingdom purposes, and that’s why I want to be careful with what I invest in,
that it is consistent with those kingdom purposes,
and that I can stand before the Lord with a clear conscience, and say, “I have brought a return “from what you provided to me, “so that I can bring
honor and glory to you.” That’s just good stewardship, of being a follower of Jesus Christ. – [Narrator] Thanks for
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27 thoughts on “Should Christians invest in the stock market?

  1. Why is gambling not a risk because the winner wants to win alone but the stock market is a risk because the investors don't wish that they alone gets dividends? Why ain't both of them two different forms of risks with different dynamics at play for each? What do the dictionaries say? Do the dictionaries agree with the speakers definitions of 'risk' and 'gambling'?

    What about when I spend money at a business that is having a promotion and I have to put my receipt (or whatever else) in a box or whatever else to win a prize through the business having a raffle of some sort? Is that gambling? Why? And is it right or wrong?

  2. Question: recently I’ve been talking to some people about complimentarianism and egalitarianism. The question that was brought up was this- is it permissible for a woman to share insight from scripture in front of the congregation on a Sunday morning church service (whether by sermon or not)? Thanks and I appreciate your ministry!

  3. Wow, i love that "you work in order to give" and therefore money is not an enemy. If God blesses you with it use it God's way to bring honor and glory to Him(its not your money its God's). And i also love Pastor John Piper's message about abundance, you are prosperous so that you will have enough and the rest of what you have, use to help others. please continue making videos like this that will inspire christians like me to grow more in my relationship with God and read more The Bible and devour it, meditate on it day and night. Oh thank you God for Southern seminary. Godbless you more and more. -Zini,lots of love from Philippines.

  4. Potential Question – where do our continuationist brothers draw the line with charismatics? Or is it wiser to default to cessationist convictions? Or what do Southern seminary professors believe is a biblical response to the word of Faith heresy?

  5. If an activity is wrong because the participants in that activity wants only themselves to win and all the others to lose then doesn't that make all competitions to be wrong including sporting competitions?

  6. I used to be a big stock market guy. I’ve dialed it back to just old reliable companies and treasury bonds. Day-trading penny stocks is gambling.

  7. I have a question related to this topic – I am interested in forex trade (foreign currencies). Many people say that it is gambling, but people who do trade there say that it is not. And it is true in my opinion – you do research the history, you do watch the news and you really try to "predict" the trend just as you do it in the stock market. But it is different that you do not invest in any company but you buy some amount of money and then you sell it or you sell and then buy. The system is similar to stock market system. I am at university and I am thinking of a way to get some money – I am studying math and economics so I'd like to do something related to my studies. But I definitely want to do something which is right in God's eyes. Thank you.

  8. Is it good for Christians to trade in forex? Since there are no companies involved but nations currencies are at trade? Will it be ethical and wise to trade them or invest in them?

  9. This guy is a smooth talker. The stock market is a form of gambling. Jesus said

    Matthew 6:19-21 Treasures in Heaven
    19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

    Matthew 19:2 Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

  10. Great teaching, and the graphics are really good too, leaving the question on screen is helpful. Well done.

  11. Also, in gambling the odds will always be stacked against you in one way or another, and the purpose is to build up a rush of adrenaline and excitement before the big win or loss.

    With the stock market, part of it is luck, but if you know what you’re doing and how to read patterns and the potential of companies, then the odds can actually be in your favour or it doing well. Especially when you do long-term investing.

    And of course, the most important thing about any wealth you have is that you have more responsibility with it and you have more opportunities to give and do something with your wealth. If God gives you wealth, then use it for what you need and then use what is extra to give to those that have a true need for it.

  12. It’s extremely misleading to some people watching this video who may be ignorant, to call investing in the stock market, a, “win, win.” …

    Also, he misarticulated why the housing market housing market failed.

    Finally, it’s kinda dumb to make people worried about investing in medical practices they’re morally against. Those aren’t publicly traded companies, lol.

  13. Wrong !!!! Gambling and risk are the same thing. When you gamble/invest in the market you are risking your money.
    Don’t you get that ? Risking. Risking. Do you know what that word means ? Risking ?
    It is not an absolute 100 percent rock solid guarantee that you are going to see a profit. You could loose. It’s possible !!!!!!!!!!!
    Therefore sir and ladies and gentlemen you are gambling.

  14. We are all part of the same hypocrisy.
    Investing in the market is gambling.
    I don’t care how you try to rationalize it.

  15. Hello Dr. Hershel, thank you for this spiritual help. I have a small question. what is your thought on forex specifically please? you answered me very well, but I am a bit iffy on forex specifically. thanks again and God bless you

  16. As a devoted Christian over the past 35 years, I haven't heard a better truth than this, I've been trading for 2 months now and I 've seen Gods wonders in it. Mr. Sanjay manages my account and the returns are quite outstanding. <<<[email protected]>>>. thats his official mail. a very honest man.

  17. I have a question. The Bible says that we are to have nothing to do with evil. For example, I don't listen to hillsong anymore because I truly believe they are false teachers. Anyway, what if I invest in apple. They support gays, and my investing in them means that I support them. For me I see evil even if it's just a little bit in so many companies so is there really a company that we as Christians can support?

  18. 30 seconds in and I've heard enough… "It is a win win" This is either one of the most dishonest or ignorant statement I've ever heard. One thing is certain in the financial world, and that is, nothing is ever certain in this world. Businesses sells stocks on borrowed money, and the banks lend money which they do not have. At any given moment, in a slit of a second, the financial system as we know it can come crashing down.

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