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32 thoughts on “ShutterFest Extreme 2017 | Personal Branding: Turning Your Passion Into Profit

  1. My passion: Music education. It's been a year I've thrown myself into becoming a teacher, and thanks to you, Roberto, I've never felt more right about this career switch. Thank you.

  2. Youtube is something I'm passionate about but 6 months later with only 532 subs, I give up. #RobertoBlake I'm still going to support you😊

  3. Roberto, you are seriously an incredible inspiration. Can't help but feel like you won't end up reading this, but you're awesome. Everyday I see an uploaded video from you and pushes me to upload another myself. I'm working hard to post more frequently, and keeping up good content. Thank you so much for what you do. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. Bro, great video man. Wish I was at Extreme. It was awesome meeting you though. Super casual guy. I'm in the Jersey area, so if there's ever a way we can collab on something, that'll be awesome! I'm on the grind on my photography business, but also on my YouTube Channel. Thanks for inspiring.

  5. Well damn. I wish I saw this in January when I decided to change my content. This makes me want to make a second channel for coding type videos. But the reason I stopped was because I felt like I was coming home from work and then doing work again. And I only ever want to create with code occasionally which can't be good for a channel to only post occasionally. Hmmmm….

  6. Still watching, but thought should comment man..!! You are becoming better and better at killing it in live talks..!! Keep up the good work bro..! Rooting for all the people working hard. 😀

  7. Dope piece of work … I'm currently struggling into what career but definitely all work and consuming ideas to be creative is there… aha. Need to reboot my system yo

  8. My passion is creating 3D modeling and mastering material in CG. I want to teach others (beginners and intermediates) the basics of using a 3D computer graphics software interface, and the secrets of creating the most realistic materials and textures in 3D art, as well as teaching myself through articles, books, and other tutorials! Your advice helped me grow within only my first 6 months on YouTube! Thank you

  9. I am so inspired! I am so ready to create more, speak more, write more, just do everything more! And I'm not even a photographer. I have a website where I've been talking about publishing for entrepreneurs. But I stopped writing because I felt it was too general and I just wasn't excited about the kinds of businesses people were coming to me with. Who I really want to talk to are people in the business of healthy food — chefs, bloggers, restaurant owners, teachers, product makers, media makers, historians, farmers, etc. They EXCITE me. I would love to teach these folks about marketing their skills, talents, and services online. But fear has stopped me from moving forward. But that stops now. I need to get busy because people need me.

  10. Because this video is so long, it took me a couple days to watch this whole video (in my case, listen), and it was worth every second! I didn't even listen to misic in the past few days because I was busy listening to you! Great content as always, Roberto! 😏

  11. Just don't go to Fiber? 1:28:46. This is the second time I've heard Roberto mention this but I'm not sure I'm hearing the name correctly. Thank you

  12. Dude you are on a whole mother level – it's like your from an other planet with advanced capabilities of data perception #yallcantgetkaraokeoutofme lol

  13. Great lecture. Just curious, what's wrong with Fiver?I was thinking about outsourcing with them but I trust your opinion so I'm not going to use their service.

  14. Just found out this is in St. Louis, MO.
    I currently live in Lincoln, NE and the drive shouldn't be too bad. I am going to make it my goal to attend SFX 18!!!

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