SIP | Systematic Investment Plan | Everything you need to know about SIP | SIP Basics |Hindi
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SIP | Systematic Investment Plan | Everything you need to know about SIP | SIP Basics |Hindi

Subscribe Intellectual Indies, press the bell icon and never miss any update. Now what is SIP and how to invest in SIP What are its returns , whether its risk free or not Whether it’s risk or not. Today we’ll talk about this. and will try to understand Now what is SIP, SIP means systematic investment Plan It means Like our recurring FD. Like your salary is of 20,000. and You have filed for 2,000 Means 2,000 will be deducted from your account. Means you gave 24,000 in a year Now you will get interest on this Recurring FD has different interests 6%, 7% and it varies with time This was an option And the return here is 6-7% What you can do , you can put these 2000 in share market If share market is increasing and your Rs.2000 will vary according to share market 2000 can be 1900 too In SIP, you don’t put those 2000 in FD You put that in share market Not directly in share market Everybody has their own SIP Bonds, you invest there And they use accordingly What happens, more the demand of shares More the price of share Let me tell you the logic of share market, I have 2 apple One apple is of 10rs. Now one person comes to me. I’ll give it in 10rs , if 100 people come to me for that apple That i need that one apple I can give that apple in more price than 10rs. 20rs, 25 rs. This automatically increases the price of apple Share market works in the same way More the demand When people think that this product is more valuable People are ready to give more price That ultimately increases the price I’ve made a video named Share market Basics. If you want ,you can check It has all the details about share market Now you are investing your money on share market. 2,000 , So normal rate of SIP. 10-12, 24% Means you invested 1000 You can get profit upto 18% You need to research first Which SIP is best How old You can check their portfolio on money control. There are many sites. You can check their growth in the last 5 years. Whether profit percentage is always 18% Where you get 6-7% in FD If you keep your account in saving account, you get 4% Or if you invest somewhere else, how much will you get? 8%, 9% In SIP, you can get around 18% Nowadays we are seeing this in news too, Because of news, it’s demand is increasing More the demand, more the price Means if a person invested Now today it has increased into 15%. Because demand is increasing. So SIP is good According to me Thing is, you need to study first. Now you tell me Should i make a series on this? Process of trading Because i have made demat account And i want to learn first before i can teach you If you want, do tell me in the poll section Yes or no Okay friends, video ends here. I hoped you liked it>If any doubts, do ask me in the comments. Like share and do invest in SIP. Because it’s better than recurring FD And you can take the money out anytime. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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