SlickText –  How to setup a SMS Marketing Birthday Campaign Part 2 Examples
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SlickText – How to setup a SMS Marketing Birthday Campaign Part 2 Examples

what’s up guys bobby from slicktext here thanks for coming back on this second part in the series a
birthday text as you recall from my first tutorial on
how to set up the birthday feature really go ahead and give you
three different examples you can use while setting that up so once you login if you don’t have an
account create won’t go to my text words quick link you and bring it over to them
she really been working a go to Settings good birthday text and it still turned on and you notice that you have three boxes
here these are all pre-populated great examples if you just wanna turn it
on and run with it go ahead on the key three examples that you can
use so this first one is great for the birthday party reply I’m gonna go ahead in concert the
second one here talked dipped dipped up dipped up deep deep up cooked now one important it here guys is to make sure that you have the format
that they need to reply and correct as as you recall in the pre-populated
want to format rates here was that thing that was in
there and that’s the thing that you need to have an everyone in the spurt they
are replaced if they don’t know what format reply in
the system’s not an associate their standard birthday with a contact number so this
is a great example here we’d like to send your ex is offering your birthday
for free dessert telling the customer what they’re gonna
get for playing with their birthday that is the hook just like when you
advertise your text list you want to advertise with the hook is what the deal
was for joining like 50 percent after biller free appetizer do the same in this spirit they are
reply remember this is not something that you advertise though not bill automatically get this reply once the text and to reply with the
birth date so what’s going on sir up Oct depict Oct remember the last thing here I is the part that you need to make sure
is is is always in your book the author
reply thats the format so this will reply with your birthdate
receive an exclusive offer under special day boom super simple easy enough that’s all
you guys have to do so those are three different samples
just rewind it and checking out take one or create your own make sure that the format is always
there next let’s move on to the confirmation after the reply with their birthday
they’re gonna receive this confirmation same something on the lines pay the countdown
begins to missing the state into their message so this confirms that they’ve scheduled
their birth date XO here’s the first one for
you and here’s the second one up dipped dipped oft simple enough we don’t do burden or
killers teaching for exclusive offers so here’s your second example is given
to the snow third walked sometimes get help from these up dipped up dipped dipped up alright so here’s your 30 example
here and so the countdown begins another amazing birthday with an amazing offer
stay tuned on debts all you really need to do for
the birthday confirmation let’s move down to the actual message
that they’re gonna recede on their birthday great example here
happy birthday from all is it possible occurs stop in anytime today and get
your free dessert on us must show ID so in as you recall I’m you can help repopulate options go
ahead and delete those maybe creature on here may give you
another example that you guys can use here Dept happy birthday to you plan accordingly dipped did league booked because we path but suree for you in start in start been to did he and Kit Kat reaped lizard wouldn’t ID required as I may or may not have mentioned when
they receive their birthday message obviously it’s gonna be on their
birthday now it’ll be your job is the business owner the servers to confirm
their birthday either by checking their ID I in
checking the date the received a message search the show that message on let’s
say today which is 220 2014 make sure that they’re
ID reads 220 up previous year and that’s how you would
confirm it obviously after this date they won’t be
able to use this message because not their birthday in those are some good examples for what
you guys can do as far as the Bertie texture remember the last thing you want to do
you set the time that they’re going to receive that as a reminder to eastern time so plan
accordingly on the go ahead and save and that’s it got my message is all set
if you guys have all this with us like I I win over in the previous
tutorial on how so dirty text you can send out a message to
everybody asking them to you I’ll reply with their birthday to
automatic the schedule that in that’s that concludes our two-part a
series for per day stay tuned for my next one we’re gonna go were age verification and
birthdays and how they work in conjunction with each other these
guys if you have any questions don’t hesitate
in contact with this 168 6290 info dats the tech stock cam

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