Small Business 101: Episode 4 – How Do I Write A Marketing Plan?
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Small Business 101: Episode 4 – How Do I Write A Marketing Plan?

Alex: Hey everybody, welcome back to another
episode of Small Business 101 on Arbeit U. Spencer: Wow good job. Alex: What are we talking about today? Spencer: Thats an excellent question Alex. (Interruption) Anyways, what we are talking
about today is. Alex: Marketing
Spencer: Marketing, how to get attention in other words, right? Having someone burst through the door would
be a way of getting attention. Alex: Yeah, Alonzo does a good job of personally
marketing himself around the office. Spencer: Yeah, absolutely
Alex: He’s like a little child. Spencer: Yeah he’s a terrible brand. Alex: Yes, but everybody knows his name. Spencer: Yeah, and now everybody saw him. Alex: Yeah, so marketing. You need a marketing plan. A lot of people at the beginning might be
intimidated by this idea. You look around, oh whats a marketing plan,
whats a marketing plan. You’re going to Google it, your going to see
some hundred page document, you’re going to be like, what does this even mean, you know? So it doesn’t need to be that complicated,
simplify it. Figure out a very very basic strategy and
this is going to very depending on what type of business you are trying to open, but for
example, say you are opening up a clothing company, and you want to sell clothes, whats
your marketing strategy going to be? Well, write it down. Social media is, you are going to be using
social media. Figure out what you are going to be doing. Spencer: Put pen to paper. Alex: Yeah, put pen to paper, exactly. Figure out, schedule everything out, I want
to post once a day, everyday of the week, to these platforms. Put it on your google calendar. Stay organized, from another previous video
you will know that. Just put it all down. Figure out what you want to do with it and
it doesn’t need to be complicated, it can literally be one page. Just start writing it down. It can be as simple as, your social media
section, what is it going to be? Have a calendar and say I want to post once
a day, every day. I mean thats a start of something, and then
slowly add to that until you learn how to do it. Spencer: Yeah until you scale out and have
that plan. Alex: Yeah this is going to be a very, this
is a very high level review of marketing. Spencer: But we will have more for you. We will have an in depth analysis. Alex: So another thing is, just do it. As Nike would say. Spencer: And their marketing has worked out
great for them. Alex: Yeah but I mean that is true. Spencer: Yeah, there are a lot of people who
spend time planning, developing and they got lost in actually doing it. Alex: Right, so don’t get too lost in that
marketing plan and don’t try to create a hundred page marketing plan when you have
Spencer: Yeah and then not market a single product, right? Alex: When its your first business and you
are just sitting there and you are the only person, you don’t need a hundred page marketing
plan. Thats just procrastination and just do it,
just get stuff out there. Start doing it and again if you are a one
man shop its not going to be perfect but Spencer: We wont know because you are a one
man show. Alex: Yeah just put it out there. It’ll get better over time. Learn from your mistakes. Once you put it out there, think oh I could
have done this better, next time make that little change and so on and so forth. Its going to turn into a big snow ball affect
and eventually you’re going to have perfect marketing. Spencer: Like we do. Alex: Sure, thats exactly what we are doing,
just doing it. Honestly, I mean this, a lot of this stuff
that we put out as a company is not perfect, there are mistakes, and you know its fine
because eventually it gets better slowly every time, we get criticism, we get feedback, we
change it next time. Eventually thats going to turn into a polished
product. But in the mean time, you are still getting
some results from those marketing pieces. Spencer: Yeah, perfect. Marketing, just do it. See ya next week, and as always, subscribe. Bye

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