Snow Tha Product “Today I Decided” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
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Snow Tha Product “Today I Decided” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

It’s very much like I finally decided that
I have every single right to go off on every fucking body and say whatever I want to anybody,
because I’ve paid my dues. I’ve done everything the right way. Now I’m gonna do everything however the fuck
I want. “Today I Decided” was very much like me being
fed up. It was when I decided that not only is people
that fucked me over in the past can get it, everybody else needs to be on high alert. Like, “Yo. Snow’s not fucking playing with y’all no more.That’s
kind of my feeling with that. You don’t need it to be a new year, you don’t
need it to be a new week, you don’t need it to be anything. You literally could have woke up on a Tuesday
and decided today that today’s the limit on this and you’re gonna now move this way and
that’s completely fine. Every time you evolve people go, “Oh. You changed.” But, it’s like I did change for the better. Somebody recently said, “I miss the old Snow.” I’m like, I sure fucking don’t. Figuratively I guess there’s a lot of people
that do, do some shady shit. I feel like a lot of people hand me the scissors
to cut them off, but they didn’t have to hand me them in my back type shit. There’s a video on YouTube where I went shooting
with this dude for I think BET or MTV or something like that. Guys, I guess hood dudes think that only hood
dudes can fucking shoot, but I gotta pretty good aim. So, that’s what I was talking about. Half of these idiots dumb as a brick. Like, it doesn’t take that much to fucking
hold a gun and be able to do it. It’s easy. Imagine if this fucking industry really just
took so many years of your life and fucked with you. Fuck music, just fucked with your soul, fucked
with your brain, fucked with you. All I’m saying is if I did wanna quit and
I was still in this frustrated place I was that day, I would probably take some people
out. I’m not there no more. Pretty happy. I got a puppy; feel good. My lawyers told me to say that. That’s touching on suicide, I guess. I’m literally saying, “Yo, I’m gonna self-destruct
and fuck up some shit with me.” We can’t fear, you know what I’m saying, talking
about certain shit. It’s a real feeling; doesn’t mean I’m gonna
fucking do it or anything, but that’s where I was. I literally fucking Kris Jenner’ed these people,
to where I literally gave you a personality. So, when people go talk shit, I feel like,
“Wow, really?” Either I’ma wind up whoopin’ your ass,” which
I did offer. That would be terrible too. I’d probably end up getting sued, ’cause I
can fight. So, what I’ma do? Talk shit. The same thing keeps happening; people keep
thinking, “Oh, I can just join Snow. I can just grow with her and then I can just
dip and do my own thing. “Yo, if you wanted to do your own thing, don’t
come benefit off my thing and then go just do your own thing.” Build it from the ground up. But it’s funny everybody always wants to do
their own thing once they’ve benefit off your thing. How does it feel that you know and I know
and there’s plenty evidence and there’s plenty shit, and I ever decided to act as fuck-ass
as you’re acting, I would fuck your whole shit up. This whole point of the song is like, I did
not do this until I went to you directly and said, “hey stop talking shit about me.” “Hey maybe you should not do that because
its gonna have other repercussions that you don’t want none of. I define clout chasing as, You can’t get attention
through your talents, so you start doing shit that doesn’t have anything to do with any
amount of talent, it just literally is like, “let me get attention somehow!” Like, even a little kid in a kindergarten
is like a clout chaser, like, “I don’t get attention, so I’m gonna fucking break some
shit.” Like, those are the kids that you wanna like,
spank, like, sorry if that’s wrong, or whatever, I come from a Mexican household, sometimes
you need a fucking ass whooping.

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100 thoughts on “Snow Tha Product “Today I Decided” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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  2. It’s killing me how so many people don’t know about Snow Tha Product…most slept on female in the game and she’s more talented than 80% of these male artists

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  6. Let go of that anger!! What are you fighting for?? Who gives af if someone talks shit about you. Collect them checks and count that money. What do you need to prove to them. Your fine af!!! Got a sick flow. Be humble but kill the game at your own will. Not theirs!!! You should be all over the billboards
    Not nicki… or any other female rapper. Your not proving yourself as just a rapper. You got to set a standard now. Become a legend. I can see you bigger than Lauren hill!! Love ya Snow🤩

  7. I'm really fucking furious about the ignorance in some of these comments. Listen to faith, weakminded, I don't wanna leave, so dope, flexicution remix, damage…. tell me this is not one of the best female rappers out there. And if she isn't pls tell me who tf is in your opinion, but only give me names of ppl who write their own shit. Thanks.

  8. White people always gotta take everybody out when committing suicide smh dont ruin everybody life because you hate the world (snow dont be like them) lol

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  11. "I feel like a lot of people handed me the scissors to cut them off but they didnt have to hand it to me through my back"

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