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Social Media Content Planning, Scheduling & Marketing Made Easy with – Mari Smith

– Hello, hello friends Mari Smith here coming to you live from a
glorious sunny San Diego. In today’s special broadcast
I want to talk to you specifically about the different tools and apps and platforms
that you use for planning, scheduling and analyzing your content. So there was a rumor going
around a long time ago that publishing content on Facebook through a third-party
app affected your reach. Now there was some merit to that I wanna say maybe 10 years ago. In fact just a few years ago there, I actually blogged about it on my own blog in terms of does this
really make an impact? And at the time there was a
little bit of evidence there but friends I gotta tell
you that there really is no conclusive evidence,
no hard evidence at all. In fact Facebook now is
so used to businesses and brands and marketers, page owners utilizing wonderful social media tools to be able to publish and
analyze and manage engagement. It’s just part of how we
do business now, isn’t it? And so I’m gonna walk you
through in this presentation, my own content creation,
a little bit of creation but mostly curation and
then the publishing. The planning out and the publishing the scheduling element
across all social channels. And so I’d love to hear from you too, feel free to pop in the comments what tools that you like to use for your social media marketing. And that’s for creating content, curating which just like
picking what I call OPC, other people’s content, and then scheduling that in
planning it out, mapping it out. Maybe you have an editorial
calendar that you utilize. So this broadcast is brought to you in partnership with my good
friends at And they are based out
of the UK, fellow Brits. I know it’s 8 p.m. your time right now, that’s wonderful, great. Thank you so much for
your mention your tools. So let’s do this, thank
you for your kind words. I’m going to share my screen, I’ve prepared a little
presentation for you. They’ll have some great takeaways no matter what tool you’re using. And then of course I will do
a live demo of Content Cal so you can take a peek and see what this wonderful app is all about. So let’s do that here is my slide. Thank you Ed, I saw your kind comments about my title content. Content marketing magic,
I thought I would call it. And this is basically how to plan, publish and analyze. Meaning your metrics, your reporting to see how your content is doing. So imagine if you could
do that all in one place. I know many of us use a variety of systems from Google Docs to Spreadsheets to Trello to different project management systems to be able to plan and
have an editorial calendar or just even a Google Calendar. So I just have to emphasize as saying as I’ve had for over 10 years, that content is king
but engagement is queen and she rules the house. So one of my favorite quotes, but so I always say that in the context of making sure that you’re getting what exactly what
Zuckerberg wants us to do is more meaningful social interaction. And Facebook Lives are one of the best ways to do that. You get about six times the engagement versus regular videos. But you wanna do both,
I mean you can go live and you can utilize the premiere feature which is like airing a
video as if it’s live and then there’s new release. I just did one about an hour ago with a wonderful video study by the folks at Socialinsider and you can catch that after
if you haven’t seen it. So but today I’m actually
going to be focusing a little bit more on the king part today. Queen is taking a little break,
she’s putting her feet up and we’re focussing on the king. We’re gonna go, diving
into the content element. So this is just kind of
like you might have an idea what you’re gonna post and
you put it on your to-do list and then you’re doing it
and then you’ve done it. And that is what a lot of people look at social media marketing
in this kind of process where it’s like check the box, it’s done. But what I wanna kind
of invite all of us here to lean in to (clears throat), excuse me, is more how
you can really repurpose and maximize the content
that you’re creating. So you get more mileage out of it. So I’m curious what your
content marketing process is. Just definitely gonna start with create, I’m gonna walk through this slide then I’ll show you on the next slide what my own content marketing process is. Everybody’s gonna do some creation. Now what we’re doing right here today I’m broadcasting Facebook Live on my page, shared a few places you
may be you wanna host a watch party with it, that’d be great. And right now or after the fact, but creating video is a
wonderful way to do your content. Obviously you’ve got images, using great apps like Canva or a mobile app like Word Swag. Obviously you’ve got the written word, you’re gonna create blog posts, articles. I’m a regular columnist
for a Bank of America. I write two articles a month for them on their small business community portal. Audios, maybe some of
you have a podcast right. Doing audio recordings podcasts, interviewing people that is all content, that’s original content
that you are creating. However it kind of goes hand in hand with to create all your own original content might be really time consuming, so you wanna do a blend
of what’s called curate and I call OPC which is
other people’s content. And you’ll see when you go to my Twitter that my Twitter account is almost all OPC and I’ve done that for years. I just love to cherry-pick
the best content out there and share it out. Next you’re going to
calendar, so publish it. Schedule, maybe you just
published right away, obviously like a live but a
live can be scheduled too. But most of you are going
to use a scheduling system of some sorts because it
takes way too much management to always be present on
every social media platform and be there hitting the button to publish and get your content out. So you’re all going to use some kind of a scheduling platform. There’s many, many wonderful
ones out there to choose from. And then the next step is
you’re gonna amplify the reach. Now organic for example again me doing this live with you here as I mentioned earlier,
Facebook Lives get six times the engagement than regular video. Uploaded or they call it,
Facebook calls it VOD, video on demand. And so you wanna do a blend, so uploaded videos as well as live. By the way Facebook in the
last maybe 10 days or so are really pushing on us creators, are encouraging us creators I should say to to have videos that are
three minutes or longer. It’s what they’re calling
their long-form video. Facebook needs more longer videos in order to monetize
with the ad breaks right. And so that’s what I mean about amplifying with organic as you’re maybe
doing a little bit more live or you’re leaning a bit
more towards video content on your Facebook page in particular. They’re really favoring video content, and then amplifying with
paid reach for sure. Then you’ve got to check and see oh gosh how is all of this doing? We’ve got to be able to analyze what content does our
audience resonate with best? What times are the best times of the day or days of the week to post? This topic versus that topic. Really, really important to make sure that we’re also including in
the mix here, the analytics. And then repurposing you
can absolutely repurpose and maximize like I say. So this is kind of a
straightforward process. Here’s my own process which is similar to what I just showed you but specifically I’m gonna start out with my own owned content. My articles on Bank of America, I don’t blog as much as I
would like to in my own blog. That’s kind of like on my
never-ending to-do list is to publish more blog
posts on my own blog. I definitely love creating videos or you share out tips on
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are my three main ones. And then I have extensive
criteria for OPC, other people’s content. And that means is it’s a whole blend of the topics but also the
sources and I do have help. I think this is one of the
easiest areas to delegate when you’re bringing on people to help you with your social media marketing is to have extensive written criteria of the kinds of content that you want to put the spotlight on, because it’s your brand by association. If you tweet something or
post something anywhere on your social channels,
you’re in essence endorsing that content and endorsing
the content creator. So I recommend having
very extensive criteria and this is a list I’ve
worked on for years and years. I have certain rules,
topics, verified sources, and we have a list of do-not-post types and the specific layout like on my tweet. So I always add a little
comment after the tweet and I like to put some
emojis, maybe some hashtags. That’s what I mean about layout. So you’ve got all of this set out. I like to also include any breaking news specifically around the
Facebook family of apps, of course Facebook
updates and new features is almost exclusively on
my facebook business page. It’s what I focus on is mainly Facebook. And the family of apps,
Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp for sure. In America not too much
happening with Whatsapp in the US but for quite some time
we’ve been able to buy ads. I’d called click to
message ads in whatsapp, so more will be coming there. But anyway this is what I do and then I also just mix in and have this whole bucket of categories or topics, social media marketing
tips and best practices. And I just have a standard
that I always love to uphold. I don’t get into anything
too controversial. I don’t talk about a lot of the things that you can all find out
there on mainstream news with challenges that Facebook’s facing and the big fine they’re paying. And whatever is going on
with Canada the other day that basically all of
those different things. And I’m aware of it and I read about it but for me my channels I choose to focus predominantly on business. I always think I look at the news, breaking news what’s
happening with Facebook, and I’m like how does
this affect marketers? Will this change, this news, this latest thing that Facebook is up to will it impact you and how you do your
marketing in your business? And then I like to translate that and impart that knowledge and wisdom and advice to my community. So here are the tools that I use. Now I gotta warn you this
is a very busy slide, I’m gonna put up a ton of tools. And at this stage I’d love
for you guys to share as well. Feel free to share all the different tools that you use when I put up the categories because it can, it takes a lot, right. So first of all you’ve
got Content discovery and that’s predominantly
for as I say the OPC right. Everybody shares OPC,
other people’s content. Which is great it’s a wonderful way to kind of share the love
and bring great value to your audience when they see
that you’re a master curator. So BuzzSumo, shout out to BuzzSumo. I’m actually going to be
there and New York next week. I’m doing a wonderful event with BuzzSumo and my good friend Mark Schaefer. So an influencer event. But they’re a wonderful content discovery engine, you can find trends you can
see what’s hot right now. They’ve got a whole
influencer feature in there at trending like keywords, topics, post types, you name it. A super, super great tool. It’s also great for analyzing headlines to look and see what kind of a headline you might wanna put on your blog post. Feedly many of you probably use a, if you subscribe to blogs
Feedly is a great way to just amalgamate them all. Flipboard it’s a great tool, again for automatically curating
the news or latest posts. I do have several email subscriptions, some are free, some are paid. Specifically this is great actually, this is side note for marketers that, don’t believe anybody if they turn around and say to you email is dead and email it’s really hard to get any traction with these days. We just have to be a
little bit more vigilant about scrubbing our lists
and segmenting our list and always growing the list. So from a marketer standpoint and I’m seeing a growth
area in paid email list. So that you’re willing to pay a fee to get some terrific content. And one of those ones I subscribe
to just the Information, it’s called and it’s really, really well done. And so that’s what I’m talking
about, just looking for news. Facebook groups I subscribed
to several or subscribe them, I’m a member of many Facebook groups. I’m sure a lot of you get different news and whatnot from Facebook groups. Twitter less a little bit. So that’s mostly discovery that’s the bulk of where did I do the discovery. And then of course you want to be able to save it somewhere, right. So you’ve got a lot of
different ways to save, I use Pocket a lot, I love Pocket with the little extension
on your Chrome bar and you just hit that Pocket and save something you’ve got
Google Keep, very similar. And those are kind of the
two that I do right now, I don’t do much more receiving. Planning now then, most
people are probably going to be using some
kind of a Google Doc or a Google Sheet or maybe Trello or some kind of a system where you’re gonna get with your team or if your complete sole practitioner then it would be just
you and your own system that you’re gonna utilize Google Docs, Spreadsheets whatever it might be. But as soon as you start
adding more people to your team and if you have virtual
contractors and our employees, then you really need a robust system to be able to discover all this content, pour it into kind of one place and then be able to map it out and plan what’s going to get posted when. And that’s when I come to the section of doing a live demo of ContentCal you’ll see how brilliant the
system is and doing all that. And then I also have on this right side. Now then we’ve got as far
as discovering content, saving it and planning it. Now also in the creation side this is for, as my previous slide showed, creating content in conjunction
with curating it, right. So Wave video, so I just
made a video earlier today that I loved Wave video, be an ambassador for
them for about two years. And then Canva is a great
one for doing visual, there’s lots of terrific tools at mobile, I have a whole folder on my mobile device that’s just called creative apps. Unfold is lovely for doing stories. So you can do some really
beautiful Instagram or Facebook stories using Unfold app. And there’s just so many
great apps out there, Wave is coming out with a
mobile app later this year. Then we get to the scheduling. Oh my gosh and I’m sure like me for many of you out there the scheduling part is a headache. Because it’s, there’s a lot
of terrific tools out there and I’ve used many of them
over the years myself. And you just wanna be
able to have something that’s very visual and that you’re able to interact with the
content in a intuitive way, a very intuitive way. So for Facebook, for starters, many of you here like
me probably use native. I know if you’re publishing a volume, a big volume of content
probably you’ll use a scheduler. But generally speaking I tend to stick with native for Facebook. For Instagram I do use Planoly, I haven’t used it too much. But now and again I use Planoly and then had to use AgoraPulse for Twitter and LinkedIn posts. And so there’s just some great
tools out there as I say. Then one more section I’m gonna talk about is your team communications. So down over here under planning maybe you have an app like Trello but we use Slack, Facebook
Messenger, Whatsapp for my, out of the US, clients and team members. Email of course, text. So (laughs) when you look at this slide it’s like, ah so many things and this is not even
necessarily an exhaustive list. So in a moment when I get
to the Q and A section, I’m gonna take a peek at some of the different systems you’re saying. Oh great, okay good I’m seeing some great comments too
here it’s wonderful. Yes indeed we all need help. So this is my kind of list of
tools that I use right now. And then comes the planning part. Now yesterday I asked the members of my leading entrepreneurs group what different tools that they use for planning their content. And I wanted to share a few of those before we get to the
live demo of ContentCal. And Google Docs and sheets
are popular choices. So I’m just gonna put a few
folks in the spotlight here. So Donna Gilliland a longtime
friend and colleague. She says she uses Buffer
and Excel spreadsheets and she uses Trello, she
says use Trello before. Shout out to Kathy Pop, she says for the initial planning I used Blog Energizer’s content planner and then schedules it in Facebook. I was not familiar with Blog
Energizer’s Content planner, so Kathy turned me on to that. And that looks like an
interesting calendar, it is a great generator of ideas. If you find you’re kind
of getting writer’s block and you want to have new
things to write about, I thought was a great tool there. Mike Gingerich, shout out to Mike. Longtime friend and colleague too. He says he uses Agora
Pulse for scheduling, Google Sheets for planning
and Lately for curation and new blog post sharing,
wonderful thanks for that Mike. Adam LaFaber, now he’s got
a whole slew of tools here. They use the combo of Contentstudio, not familiar with that one. Or Storychief, there’s BuzzSumo, great. AdEspresso, was actually
purchased by HootSuite, so that does paid posts,
automatic paid promotion. Yeah really clever a
great platform AdEspresso. And then Content,
Samarai, Lumen5, RelayThat and Crello for creative. I have to look at Crello, so
many tools so little time. And then we have Jovita. She uses Trello for planning. And Dorien, and good old Google Drive, she says Google Drive
and folders and docs. Now that’s the interesting thing here because I believe that so many of us use like Google Drive
and Docs and spreadsheets that because it’s easy to
share with clients right. So if you’re an agency or
you’re creating content, you’re scheduling content, whatever it might be planning of course that you want to be able
to have specific clients accessing specific Docs. And so it definitely does work well in Google Drive and the
folders and et cetera. But wait till you see ContentCal, oh my gosh I’ve got it’s
really, really exciting to show you the planning element. And one more here Deb Laflamme says she’s a users Post Planner to curate most of her content and then Post Planner
integrates with Canva, that’s pretty cool, I’m
able to curate and create. And then she drops
content ideas into OneNote and on her desktop to
get them out of my head. I know that’s the thing is we just we can’t ever use
our heads as memory devices. Get it out of your head
and into your system. So this is where I wanna
talk about ContentCal, beautiful simple social media software. I wanna give you a little live demo and take a peek, see what you guys think. They do have a free account
which is pretty cool. And they call themselves a
visual calendar for planning and auto-publishing your
social media content. One of the key features for anybody here that does content for clients. So you’re small agency or do
social media done for you, you maybe create or curate or both content and then you schedule it
but there’s there needs to be an approval process. And I know with my own team for years we would struggle in this area. The whole approval and review process, and that’s one of the key features that really sets ContentCal apart. It’s kind of like a traffic system you’ll see in a minute with the lights or the lights, there’s flashing lights. No, it has colors, a
colored color-coded system. And the real key is to help
you to maximize your content as I was saying earlier. Not so much just post and done. I think so many of us over the years were just like okay get this out, publish it as scheduled all
right move on to the next thing. But remember that in that sequence of your content process, I talked about analytics. The analysis piece of how important is to look back and see what’s resonating what’s doing really well,
and go back and repeat that. Repeat it or make a
different version of it or maybe have a blog
post that did really well with top tens and you create
that into 10 micro videos and share them on your stories. And so lots of different ways that you can get creative with maximizing and repurposing your content. So with that let me
switch over to my desktop and I will show you what this
beautiful app looks like. So right now I’m just simply looking at my main entrance point. And these are wonderful
tutorials, video tutorials, and what you see right here
is my different calendar. So this is my one here and I put my little Scottish
flag there if you can see it. Mari Smith master social calendar. And these are just some tasks calendars or epic project calendar,
awesome client calendar. I’ve just, you can have
numerous calendars, you can have numerous team
members but watch this, I’m gonna go into my
own calendar right here just click that guy and it opens up. And now we see this glorious visual drag-and-drop scheduler and you see where my cursor is? I’m gonna draw your attention
to down the left here that what this is across, this is today, today’s the 29th and then this is for this week. You can like where my cursor is, I’m looking at the week view. And here’s Facebook I come down here and here’s Twitter, all right. Here’s LinkedIn all across
there and here’s Instagram. And then look at that I can
even have other channels, I’ve called this Mari Smith Epic Blog. Because you can use it for planning so many different other channels. They could be social channels, it could be using it like
an editorial calendar for your blog, whatever you want it to be. So let’s do this just for fun and today apparently is biscuit day. And in the UK a biscuit
is not a little puff thing that you serve with your
stew, a biscuit is a cookie. It’s a cookie, so watch
this if I was to do, let’s go like this I’m
gonna go right here, I’m gonna go new post and let’s say. I actually think I’ll put on, no it doesn’t matter
let me put in Facebook but I’ll put it right
here yeah I mean Twitter. I’m gonna go add media,
this is super cool, because if I go add media
look at all the sources you can pull from. Obviously your computer
directly or URL web search. So this is I’ll show
you this one in a second that ContentCal is actually integrated with all different
royalty-free image sources, so how cool is that. Directly from a Facebook Instagram, Drive now then ding-ding-ding earlier when we were saying this is probably one of the most common
ways to create content and share it with clients
and other team members, you can still use Google Drive. When you’re going to
bring it into ContentCal and you could have specific drives, company drives shared
with specific clients through ContentCal. Dropbox of course you can
take a photo right now you can record a video right now. So let’s do this web search and I said today is a hashtag biscuit day. I’m gonna search for a cookie, I just hit enter and see
what it comes up with. I did do this yesterday, spinning come on don’t fail me now. It’s warming up, come on you can do it. Oh come on, it’s baking them, that’s what it’s doing is
off baking the cookies. (laughs) Worked perfectly yesterday,
not fair come on. That’s the trouble when
you’re doing a live demo yeah. I know it’s stuck, drats. (laughs) Sometimes it happens with the resources on your computer that
you’re using that you’ll… Because I’m, it’s live,
I’m broadcasting live at the same time with a desktop app that might have something to do with it. But let’s do this, I’ll come back to that we get a chance for loading in the, for searching directly searching. Here’s one I created earlier, right. So this is a post that
you’ll be doing here. Spell right should you switch to an Instagram creator profile, whatever narrative you wanna put in there. And then I put the link, I’ve automatically pulled in Bitly, so you’ve saved through your Bitly. Now right here’s where
the little tag is, right. I can see this draft, blue
is always gonna be draft. And I can see that I’m posting
this on my Facebook page, I can put the date and time obviously whatever I want it to be
2:05 p.m. that’s fine. Now I could just send this for approval, working right now I’m just
going to hit Save Changes, ’cause I had already had it
scheduled right in there. But if I go let’s say I’m
gonna take one right here, Facebook isn’t secretly listening in on your phone conversations
and I could go like this. and any of these little, the
airplane the paper airplane that’s me sending it for approval. now watch it change color. It just went from, if you
can see that in your screen, it might be really small if
you’re watching a mobile, but the blue turned to amber, okay. So that’s now waiting for approval. And so those little icons change to a little checkbox or an X. So let’s say okay that ones great, that’s going tomorrow absolutely
Friday at 12:52, fine. I might wanna just click into it, make sure it’s how I want it. Everything’s fine it’s got a tag on it that I want, pending approval you see. Next to approve is me, so then I just hit the little check mark and
watch this it turns to green. So if I go like it, if I
look at all of my posts in, I can go list order and just scroll down and to see a glance the different colors and see what’s scheduled and what’s what’s waiting for me, right. Back to my week view right here, perfect. So now another super cool
part about ContentCal and I don’t profess to be an expert, I am very new to ContentCal, I am taking it for a wonderful test drive just like I encourage all of you to do. Is super, super visual it’s drag-and-drop. They have a free trial,
a free 14-day trial, they also have a free plan
for a real light user. But then as you saw what
we got today (coughs) excuse me is a special 20% off the monthly and even more off the annual actually, well for the company plan I’ll show you that in just another second here. So a couple other great
features I wanna show you, down here on the left see that Pinboard? Love this you can turn
it toggle it on or off, but these are like ideas, these are ideas. And you can hook it up through Zapier, you can do zaps and pull
in from like Pocket. So earlier I said I might
do something like this and go to Flipboard and
I’m looking for content, click on my Facebook
channel here, find out, find a post, I don’t know
maybe I’ll just grab this one. Adweek and I look at the source, always Adweek is one
of my trusted sources. So if I open that up and it’s a very short post. Okay there I want to go to the longer one. So I read through this post and then I’m gonna just hit on this little magic button right here in, my pocket. Now that is set up through Zapier that when I click on that it’s gonna land in my channel down here. I didn’t quite get it
configured properly yet, but it lands in this channel here or over, actually over here from
Pocket in my Pinboard. And then you can just
like drag and drop it over to where you want. That whole drag and drop
thing as I say it’s so cool. Like I said oh no I want this to go here, you know what and want
this one to be over here. And you just can do so
many cool things with it, so many cool things. Let me go back to my slides ’cause I’ve got a list of the features. So the features include that Pinboard as I just showed you, that’s the Pinboard. This is just for storing ideas and you can see the
person that created it, you can see the social
channel that’s checked where it’s probably going to get added to. You got that drag and drop rescheduling as I mentioned, love that, love visual. You can do push to Facebook
drafts which I really like because remember we’re seeing earlier does it affect your reach on Facebook if you are publishing
through a third party. They’re really nowadays, in
the last couple of years, there’s just no conclusive
evidence to say that. At the same time you might prefer to see what a post looks like exactly inside of your Facebook native. And so you can do that
with that ContentCal, push it over to Facebook drafts. It’s got your link shortener whatever one you use I got the Bitly. And so as soon as I drop a link in it will automatically shorten it. You’ve got even saved hashtags and the category tag is it helpful to understand how your
content is performing. So see here I’ve got like breaking news. I wouldn’t really schedule breaking news but I just put that there. Inspirational quote, I’ve got one inspirational
quote each day and so on. So those little labels
when you’re looking at them over on the right here you can do filters. So I could filter just
by my different tags in the different colors that I have. They’re also extremely good for looking at your analytics, alrighty. So and I love the ContentCal say that they call it the COPE model. Create once publish
everywhere, how cool is that? COPE, create once publish everywhere, but not necessarily at the same time. And this is what I really like about being able to schedule and drag and drop to get things just exactly the way you want them. And then to reuse to
go into your analytics and repurpose and reuse
and duplicate posts. And just maybe refine
the wording a little bit. So and then the Zapier or Zapier, whatever you wanna say
is Zaps, Slack, Trello, Pocket, Feedly, all kinds
of great integrations. You can schedule through
to Facebook Groups and to Pinterest as well as
all the main social networks using these ones, these
ones are from Zapier, zaps. And so then let me just
describe the special offer and then we can get to any Q and A and any additional demos. Let me see if that cookie
post will work for us, I wanna make my cookie
post, hashtag biscuit day. So actually what I’m gonna do is this, let me open up incognito
window just so you can see what the prices are normally. If I go to pricing you’ll see that, and by the way I mentioned there in the UK so you’ll see some British
pounds there as well. The special that I have
negotiated for you guys is the company plan,
so that’s for two users and to calendars, it’s pretty awesome. But if you’re you know brand new and just like you know getting going you might wanna try the free account. They also have the pro account. But the deal that I’m
getting you is this one is for the large teams
and larger businesses. And what that is is 20% off, it’s normally 42 a month
as you can see there, $42 a month but we’re
gonna get you 20% off, which is $33.60. You could just take it
for however long you want. Do the 14 day trial and
then maybe utilize it for a few months and just wanna try it out for a month at a time
and then you can upgrade to the annual plan. But you can see right here
that they say is 20% off if you pay for the annual plan. So 12 times 42 is 504, so
that would be 20% off is 403. But then you’re getting another 20% off, so it’s incredible deal. So it’s only $322 for the whole year, is really a 36% savings on that. Just go to Make sure to .io friends,
and then save this code. I put it in the description CCMARi, for ContentCal Mari 20. All right friends and that is
valid through the end of June. And but go ahead just
start the 14-day free trial if you want to, all right friends. So I love it, I think is
super, super intuitive. The founders Andy and
Alex over there in London they actually where, I have a small agency
a social media agency and they basically designed
this entire platform to be able to just be intuitive and that really have that
content approval process and flow really, really down. So let’s see if I can add a new post, let me try my media again, let’s see if it’s there, it is, it’s playing nice now,
that’s the cookie I want. You know what I used to live in the UK as many of you know and that
if I hover over that image it says McVitie’s, McVitie’s
chocolate digestive biscuit. See biscuit, I googled for
cookie and it comes off biscuit. Now these are all integrate, these are not Google images. These are images that you can use, they’re royalty free images. So let me go ahead and grab that guy and you can edit a little bit in here just cropping it mostly. And then upload that and
then I’m gonna go woohoo, it’s national biscuit day, who wants a cookie? Wouldn’t really post
that, I’m being goofy. But maybe I’m just gonna
leave in the Pinboard or maybe I’m gonna push it over to Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Oh actually I need to
go ahead and get the, I do that you can publish to Instagram. I have the app but just downloaded it, so I’m playing around with that. Then you’re gonna select
your date of course, your time, whatever you
want and then add post. You should see that popping, there it is. And see it’s blue so it’s not gonna go until I check the little approval, right. So really cool, cool
features in here, super cool. Very cleverly made. Let me get to any
questions or clarifications that you guys might have. Let me pull up my comments,
I’m using Ecamm today, Ecamm Live as many of you maybe know. I think we might have some
of the ContentCal team tuning in here so they’ll be happy to answer any questions. The customer service is
super, super awesome. They are very, very responsive
and if you want a demo, they’re happy to bring bring
to bring a demo for you. They’ve got a lot of great
video tutorials as well. Thank you Paul that’s kind of cool, he says as a user of ContentCal, I can tell you it’s the best thing it’s totally changing my business. Wow Paul I’d love to
know a little bit more, would you be willing to
say a little bit more about how has it changed your business. Have you been able to
bring more team members in or add more clients or
I’d love to know that, it’s really really great, great. (laughs) Annalieza says my faves, banned myself from buying
them McVitie’s Digestives. Yeah, I know, I know. Yeah, let’s see. Dijana, Dijana what a pretty name. If we try for free now, can we still use the annual
saving code later on until the, yeah absolutely until the
end of June, absolutely. Try it for free now. Hook up a couple your social profiles. And maybe test it out on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram
or all of the above. Do the 14-day trial and
then just make a note of that code CCMARi20 and you can use it all the way up to the end of June, really great team. Yep and Chandra’s asking
about links shortened? Absolutely, absolutely. In fact Chandra let’s do
a quick live demo on that. This was one, this was article we found earlier on Flipboard, right. We got that from Flipboard, watch what happens when I grab that URL. Go to my ContentCal, let’s say
I want to put it on Twitter. I’m gonna scroll down here and
just go new post on Twitter. And then if I just, also it
I got that URL my clipboard, I’m just gonna hit paste. And as soon as I hit the
spacebar watch what happens. Spacebar boom turns into Bitly, now that’s my Bitly account, right. So then I would just probably
just copy the headline, just pop that over here, and there we go. And then schedule it and add
it and whatever I want to do, I post, yeah then you can see your analytics with Bitly as well. Thank you Chandra for that great question. Great any others, oh now
Deborah’s bringing up a really good point here. She’s saying I found that Facebook doesn’t like it when I shorten links. And there is a really interesting kind of, an interesting like thing happening behind the scenes. Because I saw it, I don’t
know if it was last week, or week before that we were all having a very in-depth discussion
in various groups and on my page about Bitly links. And as Facebook doing
something with Bitly. And so I don’t know
it’s really interesting, what I’m finding is
that I actually go ahead and put the Bitly link and then I might put the the full URL in as well, but the best to use
the UTM tracking really to do that use your own UTM parameters. Dijana says using Preview,
Preview is great for Instagram. And Ripl is a great one too, yeah Ripl for my business and Planoly for partner business, very nice. Yeah and Andrew is saying yeah you’re referring to that same comment. I use shortened links all
the time and it’s just, I use Bitly all the
time on across Facebook. And I think that maybe what happened is there was a period of
time just a week or two ago where Facebook’s, maybe there was a glitch or a bug or something like that, yeah. And Pam no problem I’ll get you my slides for those tools, you betcha yeah. Okay and then Lauren and I know that this has been addressed. But Lorne’s asking this very question that we started out with, but I know you might have
come in part way through. So he’s saying I’ve often
heard how Facebook reduces the visibility of posts
from third-party apps, will that be a factor with ContentCal is that not the issue that it once was. So you’ve kind of answered
your own question indeed, it is not the issue that it once was. Facebook’s come to the realization after many, many, many years that like professional, businesses, brands, social media
marketers we all use tools, we use third-party tools. Back in the day like
literally five years ago, 10 years ago or eight years ago probably wouldn’t Facebook
pages first came out. There was possibly where
Facebook was like they didn’t, what it was is they didn’t want us to just be like set and forget. Just shove content out
on our Facebook page and we’re nowhere to be found. But nowadays businesses
are just much more savvy in terms of we know as I
had in my slide earlier that content is king
but engagement is queen, right she rules the house. So we want to make sure that when people are engaging with our content
that were there to reply that we’re there to respond. I need to hire more people on my team as I’m not able to personally keep up with all of the comments and I love it. Live I could do lie but
yeah there’s definitely a lot more that we could do. Very good. Thank you Ana. Thank you Tristan. Mavoluos, thank you. Yes, now see because it’s
biscuit day we’re having our tea and we can dunk our tea
and put our pinkies out and everything’s marvelous. Yeah good there’s a vote for Bitly, Darlene saying she doesn’t have any issues with her Bitly, it’s good good to hear. Yeah and then some people it’s not working at all, that’s wild. Okay yeah. Just checking some of your questions. Oh there then Paul you
were asking about that. Paul’s the one that said that ContentCal has changed his business. I use it to show clients what’s happening in a transparent way, love it. Clients like feeling involved
and they give feedback on our content directly in ContentCal. That’s right because they
have that comment feature. Yeah that’s really cool Paul,
that makes a lot of sense. That makes a lot of sense. So let’s go back to my my biscuit post, my giant cookie, cookie post. And so you see here it says comment and then if you were to go like this. Like if you guys can
see that small writing. And let me do this I’m going
to take Paul’s comment off because it’s covering up I think. Yeah you see we’re everywhere
so I can add a comment. This is a comment and
I could check this box as Paul was just talking about where it says clients
can see this comment too. So you can have a whole dialog, right. And say, wow love this post, love this post. Let’s get some McVitie’s in the house. And then there you go add that. So every post could have its own dialogue. Now these are private they’re not gonna get published out into the network, this is private for planning, and that’s as I mentioned earlier where ContentCal really is, sets itself apart in the marketplace. Is having that wonderful planning and content approval and as Paul said they’re like co-creation. Like you’re able to really co-create and get in the trenches with your clients all in one one space, so that’s awesome. And see are there comments here? Nicole yes it does work with Pinterest through the Zapier, Zaps. Yeah Shari is asking my favorite magazine. I’d really just use it for
my own Facebook magazine. And yeah well gospel so the approval, you set up the approval flow. So let’s say that you had
a social media assistant and then she or he is off curating content and finding posts for you
and putting them all in and having them scheduled but not actually going to go out until you’ve approved. So you would come in and you approve it, you had that checkbox review it. Or another example would be let’s say that you’re
a social media agency or you’re doing done-for-you
social media services and you have created
content here in ContentCal you laid it all out and you
can get specific clients access to specific calendars. You can have numerous calendars and that client would
only see their calendar. And so they might be
the ones approving it, you’ve scheduled it and drafted it and then they approve it. So hopefully that makes sense. Yeah at the moment Nicole she’s asking how many calendars I have. I have the one main one, like I say I’m just like you
guys I’m in the trenches. I’m just a few steps ahead because I’ve been really,
really kicking the tires and taking it for a really good test drive and hooking up the different day peers and just really getting a good feel for all of the the features in here. And I just love it. And Nicole on my team men that
she just loves it as well. We’re both very very visual. So the moment I have three
calendars I’m just using one. But I do I don’t really do done-for-you social media services for clients. For a few select, I’m
kind of on the boutique’s. Yeah and that’s a great question and it has those holidays
there or is that something, I added it, but there is a place. I forget what’s called
like national holidays or something, national days of the year. I forget what it’s called but you you guys can look that out. Days, oh there you go it’s
just called Yeah See, today’s biscuit day. It’s also seeing your
health and fitness day. Put a pillow on your fridge day, good grief some of these
things are just wild. And Wave I mentioned earlier, my friends at Wave video they have a built-in calendar so that you can see all
the different national and international holidays too. You can decide to add them in. Because that’s always great you could have someone on your team just go right ahead and
across the top there where you’ve got a place
to put the notes in, right up here is where I’d put that. See that says note, so each
day you could put these notes. Birthday I don’t know
just put that in there. So or whatever it might be
reminder of somebody’s birthday or the reminder of,
this was a new reminder, start of a new month. You’ve also got campaigns here. You’ve got campaigns that you can set up. Well let me show you the
set up too by the way, if I go in here and to set up you see I’ve got all of my social channels the main one, the big four connected. And then this is really nifty here where, if it just zoom in a little bit hopefully you can see that better. The channel this is what talking
about the planning channel. So let’s say I’m going
to add a new channel and it’s going to be for video ideas. And then I’m gonna go here and just pick a little icon. There’s a little camera, you can make it whatever color you want. And then that if I go
back over to my content. And then I scroll down and this view, in this view they’re all left to right in terms of the calendar. There’s LinkedIn, there’s Instagram. There’s the one with my M, my epic blog. And there’s one I just added, video ideas. So it’s so cool that it just
our minds work like this. We’re kind of a spreadsheet we’re used to having columns at the top and then headers down the side. And you can utilize it to plan out all kinds of great things. All kinds of great content
across, all kinds of channels. You’ve got your saved hashtags. You can customize the navigation color. Here’s that little setting right here to allow post to be
sent to Facebook drafts. Which is kind of nifty, kind of nifty. Let’s see anything else? Yeah it’s pretty cool, it’s pretty neat. Oh yeah I have I have
workflowy, that’s right. As another team schedule
and browser-based app. Yeah it’s just a schedule. I don’t think those guys schedule, they’re a Productivity app, right. I use them I have the desktop app that I use all the time
and April, my team, she uses the web version of WorkFlowy. And she’ll send me URLs
and and we use ClickUp for our project management. Okay great. Okay good Andrew is
saying I use Simplenote to organize most things in
Google Calendar and Photoshop. With your Photoshop then you’re definitely on the advanced side, that’s great. Steph says she likes that Ripl, yeah I got to get back into it Ripl more. This is great, good comments folks. Oh Michael is using InShot. I should try InShot too, have heard good things about that too. Yeah Francis is asking
about email service. I use Infusionsoft, now called Keap. I just did a webinar with
those guys yesterday, and another one tomorrow. Keap, K-E-A-P, been using
them for like 10 years. So very good yeah, Ed
good high five on that. Yeah I just find I just
find there’s so much, every day there’s like
hundreds and hundreds of possible topics
related to social media. Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube,
Facebook you name it. And I just feel like my job,
my role for my community, part of it anyway is to be discerning. Discerning about choosing
what’s gonna move the needle in your business today? How does this new announcement
affect your business, your bottom line? So yeah and Ed’s saying
such a great layout. We can step back and
visually see everything. Oh I know many of us are visual learners. And that is the definitely the beauty of having a platform like this and just drag and drop them. I think I want to go that
on Monday for that one. Yeah that one looks like it’s ready to go. No I better click into it just make sure you know I’m gonna add
something else in here. Not very inspiring and right here I could just hit approve. And then when it’s saved it’s now green. By the way they have another
little feature up here, under actions. Let’s say that something happened There was a major catastrophe
or some kind of a situation where you felt the need to pause all of your content. You just instantly press the pause button, everything will be stopped. I thought that was a really
good feature as well. Yeah. Great friends. Hi Jim, yep LinkedIn absolutely. I’ve got my LinkedIn set up there. ClickUp is like Asana or Asana. Or what are some other ones? Monday or Basecamp, Asana is probably one of the main ones. Teamwork is another one, Teamwork yeah. ClickUp is fun I like it. And I am definitely using Ecamm, this is Ecamm Live they just
keep getting better and better. They are only for max, they’re for max. So if you have I’ll
pop that link in there. If you have a PC you might
wanna try V live, Vlive.TV. They’re great browser-based. Francis that’s a really great question. He’s saying here it would be great, we’re really interesting to
see how you manage your time. Clients versus content creation versus test and learn and
keynote presentations. Brand ambassador work
is a lot of what I do but and I’m not kidding I actually have four different landing pages waiting to launch some new courses. They used to be my absolute day to day bread-and-butter income was online courses and it’s a it’s kind of shifted priority a little bit in he the last 12 months or so. But I still I have a
lot more I want to do. I’m expanding, was expanding
looking for new A players. New great people to work with. You’re welcome Steph, I’m really glad that you
got some value today, got you thinking. Yeah and Francis you could plan your YouTube videos without uploading it. Yeah exactly was ContentCal, exactly. And then you can kinda see it how it, if you have all your content
planned out right here in one one glance one view, yeah. Oh nice Stacy says I love this tool. We’re a dietician practice so
to have our staff be involved in content creation and
approvals will be amazing. I’ve been struggling to create a system where this works in our team. Good that’s awesome Stacy. I’m excited I’m excited to hear
you get on, yeah very nice. And Anna is saying, yeah I
like the whole month view. Good for planning and reusing content. Yeah and so I’ll do a
follow up at some point and we’ll just be able to kind of dig in and see somebody so my
own analytics and results. Because at the moment we, I think I only just did
a week, yeah this month. But you can see like you can imagine if this is all laid out and you can see all your different social logos and you can see the
status just at a glance. Oops hang on a take off Anna’s
covering up a bit there. But yeah so then and then the analytics will get into that the next time as well. You’d be able to see
the difference it makes. Excellent yeah, and Shari says
let’s give her a test drive. Annalleza is ready to join my
team, just send me a ticket. You wanna fly out to San
Diego is a lovely area. Yeah exactly, oh you’re welcome Justin. Tea and biscuits exactly right. Hi Darren good to see you, yeah excellent. Okay friends so it’s someone who’s asking another question here Anna. How far in advance you plan your content? Now then the interesting thing Anna and everybody is that there are days when I’m like, oh my gosh I
would love to be in a career where the content is evergreen. I create content, I create a course and create an article create video. And it’s just as valid six
months or 12 months from now. Or I write a book I stopped writing and Facebook marketing
books back in like 2012. And so because of Facebook,
just changing so often, I tend to be a more kind of week to week with my my actual content. We schedule like on Twitter week to week. I tend to go and I have a whole routine that I do every morning before
I really kind of start my day in terms of my workday. And I will go and check all my sources for what’s happened overnight with Facebook and Instagram
and Whatsapp and Messenger. And then just across the board, the whole social media landscape. And so that’s really a daily process. But then in terms of
doing blog posts or videos or Facebook lives or joint ventures, brand ambassador presentations and I can plan those out usually a month to a whole quarter. And then my courses there usually gonna be about three to six months in advance. But then I make the
content very last minute because I want it to be super fresh. So yeah, oh no absolutely not Milos. No the only way to see, if somebody’s account got banned more than likely they were going crazy. They were doing way too much automation and they were publishing
like every few minutes or something like that. That’s where we have to be careful of not not overdoing it. In fact on Facebook it’s
much better to publish less and just as I talked about going deep into the ROI of each post, all right. Yes YouTube is Facebook’s major competitor when it comes to video,
only when it comes to video. And there probably never be a day where Facebook video is
bigger than YouTube video. Here’s the thing we’ve
all jus become trained that YouTube it’s just the go-to place for anything how to. You can discover how to
do anything on YouTube. Facebook which is very different. Facebook has a different video mission. They want it to be
about creating community and a sense of belonging and having people watching video together. At the F8 conference
just a few weeks back, they announced that
they’re gonna have a way to do kind of like a watch
party inside of Messenger. So they’re really building that Messenger. They’re kind of building a
social network around Messenger. Because Zuckerberg says
the future is private, the future is private. Yeah exactly Tiffany’s,
so many awesome tools so little time. And Colleen says this has
been fabulous informative, I appreciate that,
thank you for tuning in. Deb yeah you’re asking abut recycling, absolutely you can just
simply duplicate a post. And no problem at all about that. You can’t like add it to a queue just have it automatically
go out at a whole bunch of different times but you
can definitely duplicate which is super, super easy to do. Yeah exactly that’s precisely
what the goal is here. Francis has got it right on. ContentCal would be really interesting to have an automatic dig up. Well and because I haven’t
used it long enough to be able to show you the specifics. But you know where I showed
you guys and girls here where you could have
your little topic tags. If I go into setup and I’ve got these colored tags, here they are. And you can add category tags, you can add as many as you
want, they’re different colors. And and so then when
you’re doing your analytics let’s say doing my
analytics and I see that oh my gosh questions questions perform the absolute best on Twitter. And breaking news is the
best on Facebook all right. So you’ll be able to see
with those category tags and then exactly like Francis is saying it just you know, repost or repurpose the, your best performers. Yeah, yeah Dijana that’s it. That’s what Zuckerberg is saying. That was the huge theme at F8, “The future is private,” he kept saying. And they’re now building a
social network around Messenger. And Emarketer just brought
out a study that said that Facebook time on site is going down by like by a minute. It used to be 38 minutes a
day now it’s 37 minutes a day. But that’s because more people are spending time on Instagram which is owned by Facebook
not everybody knows that. Milos, you’re so welcome. Really thank you, can’t wait
to try it is a time saver. Yeah, yeah email automation. I mentioned that earlier
it’s Infusionsoft, well now known as Keap, K-E-A-P, Keap. So they’re great I just did a
webinar with them yesterday. So I think I got most of your questions. Crystal wouldn’t schedule YouTube
videos for business pages? I’m not quite sure what you mean on that but you definitely do not
wanna post YouTube videos onto Facebook anyway. I don’t know if you’re
meaning Facebook business page but I would just absolutely
avoid at all cost doing any kind of YouTube
videos on Facebook because it’s just gonna get dismal reach. Listen if you have the
video you’ve already, you’re the one that made
the video then you own it Just upload it natively,
right upload it natively. So anyway friends so really
lovely to be with you and I love these tools,
tools are always fun. Especially ones that save time and money. So just to recap on the
special that I’ve got for you with ContentCal that allows
you to schedule content across all the social platforms and really go deep into the approval flow and the planning and
have clients be involved. Have other team members be involved in the content creation process. So you get 20% off both
the monthly or annual. Right so you can take it
for free 14-day trial. That’s just Okie dokie friends so with that I will see you the next time around. Thanks for tuning in and you
don’t mind coming to San Diego. Good I’m gonna have a
whole group of new hires. Many blessings friends
go take for a test drive we’ll
see you again real soon, many blessings.

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