Social Media Influencers Marketing Strategy – What & Who are influencers in marketing?
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Social Media Influencers Marketing Strategy – What & Who are influencers in marketing?

Closed Caption by YouTube yes it’s fresh morning here and
something that I’m paying very much attention to right now as we move
forward you know I said kind of things like that
I’ll bring it to you it’s called influences marketing
strategy everyone has been talking about it to be honest with you for probably a
few years now but influence our audience has been a very caress it is a very
important part of you know the marketing industry marketing in general for
business owners for artists for coaches and things like that so influence is a
big part of the formula you know the the formula to create another six-figure
business I do have a very distance formula that I use here when I create a
new business and you can see here that influences is a part of it okay however
you know part of our influences your audience you know like people see or
people will look at the numbers of views on your page and that becomes social
proof becomes or you know if you’ve so many people are watching maybe I should
watch too you know that kind of effect on your audience right so a big part of
influence is the size of your audience so I always look at this business not
just this business I was look at entrepreneurship generally in terms of
influence and audience size of both okay and everything else like the product
people process attraction marketing create capture convert trust equity in
the market place your brand equity all of that can be can be traced little lead
back to influence and and an audience okay so now I’ll be the reason why I
brought you this is because there was a just an example here I’m going to go to
my Instagram page okay now if you’re not follow me on Instagram to follow me you
can see a little bit more my personal life there you know I don’t I try not to
be too serious um Instagram page I have 22,000 followers
okay and let’s see here I have this picture here okay I have this picture
here and so this is the music that I just paid attention to this morning by a
guy called Maya Kuhn the name of the song is mama Nigerian songs but the hit
single right now and is playing somewhere around within the top ten so I
wanted to give this example as you know just to show you what’s possible when
you really start paying attention to the reverse engineering marketing to your
favor to put more money in your bank account okay so if I want to open this
guy’s pages okay I’m literally going to open them so you can see what I’m
talking about clearly well yes influence audience the size of audience matters
analytics matters details matter okay now I’ve been addicted to details
it can be a negative just as much as a positive right so let’s go here so this
is this guy right here I am my reports it’s a verified account
he has six hundred fifteen thousand followers on Instagram right pretty
decent right but then this morning there’s this other guy here who is an
actor he’s an upcoming rapper as well as an actor in Nigeria in the African
market and he has 125 thousand followers right but this was the I don’t even
follow these people but I checked my discover page from time to time and the
discover page is experimenting suggest suggested to you by Instagram you know
based on the previous videos or or images you have seen before
Instagram continue to show up stuff in your your discover page you know just in
case you want to decide to follow so but everything I’m interested in pretty much
shows up in my discover page so I don’t follow
I don’t follow everybody that is we consume the content that that if that
makes any sense but anyway this guy has only 125 thousand the main guy would did
the song has much more followers but how did that discover his new song was true
the guy with the less follower okay and I wanted to point something out for you
there both in life and business okay the lesson here is in both life and
business okay you should never look at people based on the size how little they
are and you should never like gauge them on that okay
in terms of analytics yes you should okay in terms of resources manage your
resources yes if somebody has is these two guys where to help me promote I will
go with the 615,000 of course and going with him but from 6-10 point six hundred
fifteen thousand followers that’s a limit okay so if you get if he goes to
six hundred twenty thousand follows which is additional five thousand
followers that’s additional followers this additional five thousand that it
doesn’t have yet this one twenty five thousand here there will be people that
follow this guy that follows him at the same time but there will be people that
follow him that are not necessarily waking up to his music and it’s hot yet
okay and this is the brilliant part about
influencer marketing okay influencer marketing right now especially on
Instagram and Twitter on the social media is on the price because even the
corporate America is not paying attention to you right if you go to
Facebook copied America is all over Facebook they’re advertising on it in
other words you’re competing against the price point for marketing on here bigger
guys are marketing on here right so they have a deeper pocket is you know the
people the advertiser have deeper pocket but if you master you want to be ahead
of the curve there there are a couple of things that defiles what I’m telling you
right now and that’s email marketing search engine marketing and the reason
for that is because it takes a little bit work and consistency okay
it takes some work and suspense II and anyone is like when it
comes to putting in work and consistency it’s an even playing field for everybody
okay it’s an even playing field for everybody
anyone with any type of budget even if it’s zero budget can get into a game of
I can get into the game of such engine marketing okay but now can gain the game
of influence marketing too because the corporate America are not paying
attention to it yet but this case artist has six hundred fifteen thousand people
if he puts your product on blast here people are going to go check it out okay
and he could do that for their influencers with that will charge you
250 dollars just to put you know they have okay like for example this guy
right here let me give you an example millennium mentor right it’s one of the
guys and one of the masterminds of that in it right
millennia mentor I think media mentor I think that’s it okay not sure let me
find him let’s do on the school okay this is him right here so he’s on the
same mastermind in with these two audited and he has 2.5 million followers
so the other day I checked his pricing and I said how much is it to for him to
put it to put a placement I think he said I’m not sure for a day or something
like that my but remember you’ve been exposed to entrepreneurs with 2.5 he
would do it for 250 dollars that’s pretty cheap okay that price point is
going to go up eventually to a thousand two thousand dollars but because it’s in
this infantry the idea of influencer marketing is literally in a factory if
you master that game you can dominate okay now the thing with search engine
search engine is an evergreen place where you can always come in and
dominate because again its content and consistent content and if you’re good at
what you’re saying you know the topic people will follow you and you can
become an influencer as well it’s only a matter of time and amount of putting
into work so this are this channel I just really became consistent
mostly in the past three months but it’s been live my channel has been life my
youtube channel is in life for like a year right and it has let’s see how many
subscribers here 375 subscribers are saying here right so I just off of I
don’t know about maybe a little bit less than 400 videos but what content to put
in videos this video right now is going to go into Channel right and somebody is
going to see this video and say let me go take a closer look at influencer
marketing right so this is the part of what I’m saying let me go back here for
example so this guy let’s go back here right let’s go back to I am my own right
so he has 650 thousand followers but this guy decided to put a funny video
out about the music and literally what he did was keep shining keep keep so I don’t know if you guys heard that
hopefully you heard some of it but bottom line here is that that’s funny
last part or lesson I like that so this guy’s just stupid funny guy in the nest
and I went I went to my Apple music downloaded the music and I’ve been
jamming to it all morning okay and now this lower follower guy is
increasing by the way now what he did is that he put this guy’s song on blast
I started blasting and I went on this guy’s page I noticed it’s been promoting
it somehow someway I had missed it and actually followed mature music a little
fairly you know so but the saga on top hate is promoting it but you know one
thing I noticed to 615,000 fall out this guy did not mind helping him with the
bigger followership promoted stuff and that’s an abundance mindset when you
don’t mind pushing stuff for other people within your space again be
mindful sometimes people just don’t have the resources to help you promote your
stuff or they have their own thing going on and you know it could be that but
sometimes before just a know tight about doing that okay and because they had the
lack of abundance mindset okay they feel like somebody’s gonna steal people or
followers away from them so see what IO did higher or my own
rather my own right what he did is that he decided to repost this guy’s video
right he reposted the video because this guy is promoting his music and he tagged
him now what’s gonna happen is that somebody is gonna tap on this guy’s and
go follow him so just because it helps somebody else he’s getting help and
that’s influencer marketing that’s his best and right now like I said it’s
completely on the price it’s kind like an honor price talk that’s when you pick
it up in the beginning by the time they become an apple stock it becomes a
Google stock you’re a freakin more time Milania that’s what this is about that’s
what marketing attention to marketing and paying attention to where people’s
attentions are is very very important and that’s influencer marketing for you
right there okay and what happened what happened was that this morning when I
was jamming to the song I went on my little
20,000 followers right I’m not expecting I’m not by the way I’m not expecting
them to pick up man and help me I was genuinely and during the song but I also
give an example to my marketer followers here and I said my new jam right here
right here and but the more interesting part is that this guy chose a culture
and this movement exposed me to it and now 20,000 more are
exposed so in two thousand people which is are my followers and now exposed –
New Age marketing influencers marketing are cheap and on the price now but
that’s not going to be forever okay and besides the movement all of you
beautiful so on you can go check it out – but I thought you can get grabs on
Mars simple marketing lessons from that and because I did you know and unless
digital marketing it’s very much in this infinite area you gotta pay attention
alright so again um let me go back here really quickly and just tell you what
I’m off to what I’m up to is still helping you build your audience and your
influence organically and you want to go to my free mastermind class all I talked
to calm slash mastermind to learn of how I’ve helped a lot of people over the
years do that to the tune of 250,000 dollars a
month four million dollars a year many people
are taking this skill set and leveraging them the simple formula I use this
product people process and we break down the process into it’s got to be
attraction marketing okay what I just showed you with the influencer marketing
is completely attraction marketing nobody’s chasing anybody nobody is
becoming a needy or becoming a nuisance to another person and then the process
is broken down into create capture converts we create value they like for
example this video you’re learning from it and that automatically builds
influence brand trust equity we use the investor in do and teach if you feel
like you don’t know what you need to create invest some time into learning
something learning more about something you’re already passionate about learning
to do it and teach it okay and we do that capture some audience in other
words have people ask you to subscribe so right now please subscribe to this
video if you want to get more videos like this just click Subscribe below the
video and in you know you want to capture your
attention you want to build a list and then all of that stuff byproduct of all
of that is by converting into sales bringing money into your pocket and
please never ever forget multiple streams of income you should never ever
depend on one streams of income and if you never depend on one source of
knowledge either okay so free traffic free leads go to a lot of concise
mastermind that’s what I have for you this fresh morning I have more content
coming for the rest of the day and I will see you on those toxins bye now

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