social media marketing for beginners, social media marketing definition and principles
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social media marketing for beginners, social media marketing definition and principles

Facebook and Twitter share certain
similarities in that they’re both social networks where you can post and consume
information they’re actually two very different platforms in a nutshell
Twitter tends to be a public real-time feed of short thoughts whereas Facebook
is a more private network used to catalog information and ideas with
friended family twitter is perfect for short rapid
communication and it tends to be a top choice for consumers looking to get
support or provide a shout-out to brands Twitter also has impressive mobile
saturation with around 80% of Twitter users checking their feeds multiple
times throughout the day from a mobile device
Facebook boasts a high percentage of users who have graduated from college so
you’ll find a strong middle class represented and if your brand appeals to
those ages between 24 and 50 there’s an opportunity on Facebook for you younger
users are shifting away from Facebook and joining the reigns of Instagram or
snapchat as for the gender ratio it’s fairly well split between male and
female users you can be on both networks simultaneously but understanding these
fundamental differences will help you determine the right strategy em only
think about strategy consider that Twitter content has a short life span
almost 90% of all engagement on a tweet happens within the first hour that
number might shift if you get a retweet by a large brand or person but remember
that it does have a really short life span with Facebook updates they can live
on for several days Facebook delivers content when it thinks it’s most
relevant to particular user think of Facebook as an ongoing conversation and
Twitter as a real-time instantaneous one as you explore when and how frequently
to post content you’ll find that both networks have different optimal posting
times these times are going to be dependent on your audience your
geographic location and the category of business you operate within if you are
just starting out I recommend exploring both networks
twitter is a great place for handling customer service and providing short
updates as they relate to your business Facebook is an excellent place to share
in-depth content and to create conversations around particular topics
looking at the differences between both Facebook and Twitter is there one that
really sticks out for your business remember starting out it doesn’t hurt to
try both but there might be one that fits a little bit better into your
social media marketing strategy to be successful on Twitter you’ll need
to identify your core marketing objective at a high level you’ll want to
understand what it is that you’re wishing to accomplish by understanding
your objective you’ll be able to quickly identify whether or not your efforts are
successful for some brands Twitter might simply be a customer support hub this is
a place to respond to customers and engage with the community your goals
might be measured on the qualitative scale this means you’ll have to
determine if the quality of your engagements with your customers using
this example are worth your brand’s effort on Twitter for other brands the
focus might be to establish brand recognition
so they’ll spend their time and energy building authority in their niche the
success metrics will be a blend of qualitative and quantitative so the look
at the amount of reach their tweets are getting and the volume of followers in
order to see if the objective is being met the types of responses and mentions
the brand receives will also help determine how valuable the overall
effort is and the last major focus for a brand might be the actual sales or
traffic component so that means that you’ll include links to the website
promotional opportunities for your products and product announcements and
this objective is easy to track so it’s highly quantitative and will be measured
directly through the revenue that you generate you certainly can have multiple
objectives but the key is to identify your primary one and then build your
strategy around that one focus if sales is the goal you’ll need to attract
followers build high quality tweets that gain traction and include relevant calls
to action to encourage the sale you’ll also need to provide customer
service with all that being said and at the same time generate brand recognition
in the process so you can see how they all work together take a few minutes now
to write out your marketing objective for Twitter and decide if you’ll be
measuring the results by quality quantity or a true mix as a business you’ll be balancing tweets
that maintain your community and tweets that are promotional in nature just as
you have a marketing objective for your Twitter account in general I encourage
you to also have an objective for each tweet you create think through what is
the goal a goal might be to drive traffic to your website to encourage
signups for an event or to earn retweets to expand the reach of your brand to
begin crafting a great tweet is to first identify this goal next you’ll need to
decide what the call-to-action is and that is going to be what’s necessary for
the person to do in order to achieve your first goal that might be including
a link to the website or event along with copy that motivates the
click-through or it might even be asking for a retweet and providing an incentive
or inspirational reason to do so once you know what your call-to-action is you
can work to weave it into a message that a follower will engage with people are
more likely to share and respond to tweets that inspire or entertain them or
tweets that solve a problem or even answer a difficult question also
including a photo or video will add to the variety of your message regardless
of your goal try to keep the tweet conversational work towards a
communication style that is genuine and approachable if the marketing objective
feels natural and unforced it’ll gain better traction with the community let’s
review what makes people share content especially on Twitter people like to
share something that is funny either helpful it might be newsworthy and they
also love to share inspiring information so these are the key topics that you’re
going to want to focus on take those into account when you craft the tweet
and then you can look at the goal of the tweet with the intended action and think
about the proper language that you need to surround it with that surrounding
language or the inclusion of a video or image is what’s going to cause your
followers to interact with it but keep in mind a well-crafted tweet is
only as good as a is delivered so pay attention to timely
delivery to take advantage of key trends existing conversations or the times your
followers are most likely to be checking their feats take a few extra minutes now
to think through a couple tweets that you want to send out what is your goal
for each individual tweet understand this and you’ll gain valuable insight
into what works for your customers in order to achieve your goals on
Twitter you’ll need to attract followers the more followers the more exposure
your messaging will have a follower or someone who is chosen to receive your
updates in their timeline and this is the main focus of businesses on Twitter
gaining followers is similar to getting likes on Facebook the difference here is
that a hundred percent of your tweets will be delivered to the timeline of
your followers in chronological order and you can see how many followers you
have from your Twitter profile now when you’re just starting out it’s going to
take some time before you generate momentum the first hundred or so
followers will be very challenging but if you continue to distribute meaningful
and interesting content that number will rise I like to call your first hundred
followers your seed followers they’re likely going to be the people that you
planted or intentionally sought after they’ll help you reamp Liffe i your
message to their audience and in turn help you find new followers and if you
have an email list of customers or a close group of colleagues don’t hesitate
to reach out to them even a meet-up leverage those contacts that you already
have and share your twitter handle with them it’s not that big of a commitment
to follow someone on Twitter so you shouldn’t see it too much resistance
when you ask with your initial audience in place it’s time to grow and attract
new followers and here’s five guidelines to help you on your way first tweet
often and this means tweeting frequently every single day as much relevant and
exciting content as you can you really can’t over tweet as you’re starting out
so feel free to try new things and experiment with lots of tweets and on
that notion it’s important to tweet out interesting things your audience
especially your new audience has a lot going on in their feed they’re only
going to be interested and excited about things that are new novel and relevant
third join in on conversations and retweet content so get active on Twitter
begin exploring it and retweeting content responding replying to people
and create conversations and follow hashtags will
immerse yourself in what’s happening on Twitter next use your Twitter handle
wherever you can to drive attention and awareness of the fact that you actually
have an account this way you can spread the word and find other relevant people
from other profiles other mediums and other networks you might be on and
finally follow relevant users the key is to find amazing people in your space or
niche these people are going to be sharing information that’s already going
to be interesting for your own followers so by following them you can retweet
their content you can see what’s happening and stay up to date it will
take consistent efforts to grow and attract new followers on Twitter but
keep tweeting as if you have 10,000 followers and if your message is unique
and you’ve targeted the correct audience you will begin to see some impressive
gains over time anytime you begin using any social
network it’s critical to define your core marketing objective let’s go over
how you may wish to leverage Facebook to meet your marketing goals Facebook has a
very different audience and the way that people interact with content is slightly
different than with Twitter with Facebook you have the opportunity to
present long-form content that is anything that exceeds 280 characters
because if you recall a tweet cannot exceed that many characters but Facebook
posts they’ll let you have longer content also you’ll find that Facebook
doesn’t demand the quantity of updates at Twitter does so you can get away with
a couple of posts per day the lifespan of Facebook content as well is a lot
longer than that of Twitter so you can consider that as you define your
objectives and decide how much time and energy
you’ll put into various content pieces at a high level your main goal in
Facebook is likely going to be generating a fan base and that is done
by getting people to like your Facebook page
whereas on Twitter you’ll be gaining followers on Facebook they’re called
fans you can leverage this audience to accomplish your business objective and
as much as we saw again with Twitter this might be to generate brand
awareness increase sales drive traffic to your website and so on your objective
will dictate the type of content you promote and with what frequency as with
most social media a main objective is to publish content that not only meets your
business goals but is also unique enough to be shared and liked these actions
help to promote your content to a broad audience so your first step is to define
your objective how will you use Facebook to support your marketing goals the first step in creating high quality
content for Facebook is deciding on your goal put another way what action do you
want your reader to take after they consume your content
what will compel them to take action and what supporting information can you
provide to help combat any doubts that they have take a minute to answer these
questions because doing so will help you put together a framework for building
that high quality content high quality content really requires connecting with
your audience with the right message at the right time and as you go about
developing that content consider that more than a third of Facebook users are
viewing your content on their mobile device this means that the amount of
content displayed on the screen before it truncates
is going to be less there’s just less screen real estate so that means you’re
going to want to find that sweet spot in the amount of characters you use with
that said aiming for 250 characters or less is a great principle to test test
it out and see how it works for your business but it’s a great starting point
it is by no means a rule and your audience might enjoy long-form content
or even extremely short status updates but it is a great place to start also
consider using eye catching images with any Content that you post you can even
experiment with using links or videos as both are something that Facebook
supports when you’re just getting started it’s really a good idea to try
all kinds of different posts to see which ones get the most attention from
your audience visual posts tend to look better and also get a lot more likes
shares and comments than other kinds of posts and that is the case for most
brands you can also try posts such as offers or even creating an event for a
special occasion use a level of responsiveness on each particular piece
of content to gauge how well it does this way you can compare how well a
photo does for your audience versus say a strictly text post and then experiment
try throwing in an info graph fake a quote maybe a behind-the-scenes
photo change it up from time to time and see how your audience responds with your business on facebook you’ll be
looking to gain those all-important fans as you increase your fan base you’ll be
increasing your reach so the more fans you have the more opportunities your
content has to be seen and shared when a Facebook fan likes comments or shares
one of your posts their network of friends and family will likely see that
endorsement on their personal newsfeed the first step to gaining those initial
fans is by letting people know about your page and that’s fairly
straightforward and don’t be afraid to let people know that you want them to
like your Facebook page and that it does indeed exist so from your Facebook page
you can scroll down and on the right hand side you’ll see a lot of
suggestions from Facebook as well as how your page is performing if you keep on
scrolling you’ll see your community and this is where you can see the activity
of your friends on the page it’s also where you’re able to invite friends now
another fairly obvious way to get more people to like your page is to do an
individual post when you do that it makes it really easy for people to click
the like button so I always suggest making an opportunity or some sort of
incentive for people to like it you don’t have to create all these
promotions and all these contents but if you can come up with a unique
proposition then you’re really going to help encourage people to take that
specific action next another great way to get more likes is to put a like
button in your website or your blog or other locations that you are online it’s
super easy if you simply Google Facebook like buttons it’s gonna direct you to
the developers of page and from here is where you can configure
various buttons like button a page plug-in you have a Save button a share
button so with the action type I can choose a like or I can choose a
recommend it’s just gonna change the languaging in the button I like having
like displayed I can also choose a button size small or large and then I
have the option to show friends faces as well as include the share button the
once that’s complete super quick and easy I’m going to select get code
this is a code that you’re going to need to place where you want your plugin or
your like button to show up so this would be on your blog this would be on
specific pages on your website so you can get really creative and take a look
at what other people are doing and where they’re placing these buttons the
biggest thing for growing likes on Facebook is to not be afraid of letting
people know that you want them to like your page create interesting and
compelling content and be confident in that your Facebook page is helpful and
is a place that people want to go to interact and engage with your brand take
steps now to create those new likes whether it be a like button inviting
friends or a simple post from your Facebook page you

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