Social Media Marketing Strategy for a Restaurant
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Social Media Marketing Strategy for a Restaurant

If you’ve tried social media marketing for
your restaurant in the past and have been disappointed with the results, let’s fix
that right now. How? Let’s get into the right way to start a
Social Media Marketing Strategy for a Restaurant! Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s Stacey
Storino from Restaurant Shortcut, with another video that’ll help you grow BOTH your restaurant’s
social media AND its profit margin! Welcome back to the channel. For the new people here who have no idea who
I am, over the years I’ve worked with multiple six figure and seven figure food service establishments
to help them grow their businesses via social media. My work has led to features in the Wall Street
Journal, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and more. If this is your first time here, and you want
to learn the tips and tricks of commanding diners’ attention—which is ever more focused
on their social feed where your restaurant needs to be found—start NOW by smashing
that subscribe button and clicking the bell notification so that you don’t miss a thing! Let’s get down to how you start a Social
Media Marketing Strategy for a Restaurant. Now as a Restaurant Owner, you may already
know that establishing a restaurant’s brand is critical, because a brand really is an
experience that you’re promising to your restaurant’s ideal customers. I call those people your restaurant’s Taste
Tribe. So, perhaps, you may also know as a Restaurateur
that your restaurant’s brand is actually a multifaceted entity with a life of its own,
instead of some two-dimensional flat, boring concept that consists of nothing more than
a logo, a color scheme and a selected cuisine…and maybe a distinctive font for the text on your
website and menu. There are actually seven elements that you
need to get established in order to flesh out a three-dimensional restaurant brand that
will actually speak to your Taste Tribe when they encounter your restaurant’s posts online. I’ve done a playlist covering all seven
branding elements, one per video, to keep things in bite sized chunks for you. This video covers just one of those elements. That said, I’m pretty sure, from a restaurant
owners’ specific perspective, you may NOT have known how much effort you really should
put into crafting your restaurant’s creation story. What is it? It’s the origin of your brand and explains
why your restaurant got started in the first place. That “Why Factor” is critical. Nobody wants to buy from some nameless, faceless
corporation or franchise if they can align themselves with a branded experience that
feels like it’s got a WHY or a purpose behind it. Too many restaurant owners are stuck in a
time warp where they think that good food, good service and a good location is enough
to really rake in the business. With all of the competition that’s out there
clamoring for attention where diners’ attentions are most of the time (meaning in their social
feeds), well…it just doesn’t work anymore. To stick out of the sea of sameness in your
potential Taste Tribe members’ social feeds, you should do what many of your competitors
don’t do…or won’t do. You start your restaurant brand by giving
it a personality so that when people come across it online, they are attracted to it. Not just ANY personality though. It’s the backstory and resulting attitude
and vibe that comes from roots that run deep in terms of the thoughts, feelings and emotions
of your Taste Tribe members. If you’ve done your homework and know specifically
WHOM you’re trying to attract to the product that you’re selling (in this case, your
restaurant’s cuisine, service and atmosphere), then you know WHAT kind of experience they’re
looking for. So your creation story plays into that experience
and WHY your restaurant, above all other choices in the area, will create the experience that
your Taste Tribe wants and needs. As a restaurant owner, you may find this next
piece of advice surprising. I wouldn’t put up another post online anywhere
on social media until you’ve got your restaurant’s creation story set up to your satisfaction. Why? Because it should, either directly or indirectly,
influence every post that is put up on behalf of your eatery from now on. Your creation story will inject those posts
with personality that will make it pop out of the virtual sea of sameness in bass relief
so that it’s pretty hard to ignore by the Taste Tribe you’re attempting to attract
to your restaurant’s door. If you’re trying to sell people on your
restaurant’s cuisine by merely spitting out data and facts about the food you eat
or the location your restaurant is located at, well, facts tell BUT emotions sell. You’ve got to balance information with emotion
so your restaurant’s brand has a personality that your Taste Tribe can make an emotional
connection with. Personality comes from being personable. Your restaurant can become more personable,
if you will, when you share its backstory and why it exists and serves the cuisine that
it does to the people that it does. See, your creation story humanizes your restaurant’s
brand. Then people want to experience your restaurant’s
brand when they encounter it in their feed or in search on a platform, because they relate
to your brand. They’ll explore your restaurant if it’s
otherwise new to them and/or they’ll keep coming back because they relate to your restaurant’s
creation story and fell in love with it in the process. The more they know, like and trust your restaurant’s
brand, the more they will patronize your business. Period. But other than telling your creation story
on, say, the About page of your website, and maybe popping it somewhere in print inside
your actual restaurant, how else can the creation story be woven into your social media marketing
strategy? Maybe the creation story will inspire the
meme or quote card that you’ll post next on social media. Maybe the creation story will be part of the
narrative for your live streams and/or your YouTube videos. Maybe the creation story will be woven into
the next micro-blog post that your Instagram posts should have going on. Definitely, though, you’ll have evolved
your restaurant marketing and branding to a whole new level in a way that leaves your
local competition seeming lifeless, eating your dust in comparison. Yeah, that sounds nice, right? Go get ‘em, tiger! Want my Restaurant Shortcut Quick Start Guide
that’ll cover some of my most effective tips and tricks to build your restaurant brand? You can find it at the link below this video. Check it out and you’ll learn tips on how
you can be efficient and effective with your restaurant’s social media content so that
it acts as free advertising AND so that you’re constantly building your list of customers
while ALSO building your restaurant’s fan culture that’ll support you no matter what
the economy looks like. And learn even more ways to grow your restaurant’s
social media by hitting the Like button below, smashing the subscribe button and clicking
the bell notification so YOU don’t ever miss a thing! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you next time my Restauranteur-Entrepreneurs!

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