Social Media Platform Explained | How To Get Great Social Media Marketing Results
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Social Media Platform Explained | How To Get Great Social Media Marketing Results

– How do you choose what to
focus on for social media? How many different
forms of media should you be using at one time? We’re gonna answer these
two questions for you today on this episode of The
Dave Lorenzo Daily. (upbeat music) Hi, it’s Dave Lorenzo, and you’ll recognize this set
as the set of my video show called the Do This
Sell More show. This is the interview show we
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and ring the little bell and I thank you for this favor. Okay, today we’re gonna
talk about how you can focus on making the most
out of social media. Most of my clients come
to me and they say, “Dave, listen, I need
three things from you. “I need visibility,
I need credibility, “and I need differentiation. “I want more people to discover
the value that I provide, “I wanna develop
deep relationships “with people who trust me, and
I want people to understand “how I’m different from everyone
else who does what I do.” That makes sense to me. That’s what good marketing and good relationship-based
sale strategy is all about. Social media is a fantastic
way to leverage your time, to get in front of as
many people as possible, and initiate new relationships. That’s the real value
of social media, is taking your value,
the value you provide, and connecting it with dozens
or hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of
thousands of people. The question I get most often once people buy into using
social media to connect is what form of social
media should I use and how many different types
of social media do I need. These days, you have
dozens of social networks that accommodate everything
from audio, like podcasts, to video, like YouTube videos, like this one that you’re
watching right now, and of course, written content, which really showcases the
way you think to folks. So, how can you leverage
social media most effectively? What should you do? Should you focus on one area? Here’s my best advice to you. Talk to your best clients. Find out what social
media networks they participate
in most frequently. If you’re in the B2B space, you’ll find LinkedIn and YouTube are probably the most
frequently used forms of online media these days. If you’re in the
business-to-consumer space, YouTube is probably still
a valuable network for you, but you’ll also
find that Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram are really important
forms of media for you. The final thing I’ll
tell you is that podcasts for people who are across
all areas of business have been valuable
ways to deliver content to folks who are super busy. So, for those of you
who are professionals, you’re a lawyer, an
architect, a doctor, a chiropractor, an
insurance financial advisor, or someone who’s out
there connecting people with high-net-worth individuals or somebody who works in the
family office environment and you wanna target
high-net-worth consumers, or you just wanna target people
who can refer your business, there are three places I would encourage
you to go right now. The first thing I would
encourage you to do is do a video show. Whether you do a show once
a week or twice a month, or every day like me on
The Dave Lorenzo Daily, video has the ability
to develop relationships with people very quickly, so I encourage you to
produce video content as frequently as
you possibly can. But focus on quality
over quantity. Deliver good information,
valuable information first, and then work on your frequency. If you can do it once
a week, that’s perfect. Take the videos, post
them on your website, post them on all your
social media profiles, but YouTube in and of itself
is a broadcast network, so frequency of communication
on YouTube is important. Twice a month, once
a week, once a day, however you can do
it with high quality. The most you can do
with high quality, that’s the frequency
you should choose. The second place you need to be, if you’re in the
business-to-business community, or you hope to get referrals
from the business community, I think you have
to be on LinkedIn and you have to be producing
and distributing content on LinkedIn on a regular basis. Again, frequency is up to you. Once a day I think
is really good. Twice a week is
probably adequate. Four times a month,
like once a week, I think that’s
probably the minimum if you want to have an impact on the people who are in
your LinkedIn network. The final area I would
encourage you to explore is a podcast. I take my Thursday video show and I distribute it through
all the podcast networks. I have a producer I work with who takes the content that
I create, distills it down, and disseminates it across
all the podcast networks. The reason I do this is because people are now
searching the podcast networks, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher,
Google’s Podcasts network. People are searching
for good content. And the name of my
show, my podcast show, is the Do This Sell More show. So, if people are searching
for how to sell more, they’ll stumble upon my show and that will be a way
they can discover me. And the hope is that we can
bring them in to my website and to get my weekly
communication via email and my monthly communication
via a print newsletter. So, the social networks you
need to be on at a bare minimum, if you’re in the
business-to-business space, if you’re a professional,
you need to do videos, at least a couple
of times a month. You need to do a podcast where you distribute great
content via interview or content that
you just distribute with you talking into
a mic once a month. And you need to be on LinkedIn. You need to be writing articles, distributing video, linking to
your podcasts from LinkedIn. You need to be disseminating
great content on LinkedIn. Those are the three places
I wanna see you most often if you’re looking to
grow your network, develop more relationships,
and connect with people online. I’m Dave Lorenzo,
we’re here every day with another great
sales tip for you. We focus on
relationship-based sales and delivering value first. I’m looking forward
to seeing you right back here again tomorrow for another edition of
The Dave Lorenzo Daily. Until then, here’s hoping
you do this and sell more. (lively electronic music)

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