Social Media Strategy: Create a Social Media Content Calendar For 2019 With This Template
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Social Media Strategy: Create a Social Media Content Calendar For 2019 With This Template

Today you’re going to learn how to create
a social media content calendar template that you can use over and over again to centralize
all of your social media efforts. Ton of good reasons why you’d want to do this. If you have a bunch of people on your team
that are stepping on each others’ feet and posting thing in erratic and weird ways. If you don’t know when to post, why you’re
posting, how successful your posting is. If people are asking questions like, “Hey
guys, where should I post this? What are we going to post today?” These are all terrible places to be. Creating a social media content calendar template
and utilizing it is the most effective way to amplify your business goals through social
media. So we’re going to cover all that today. Make sure to watch the whole video, we have
the entire step by step process on exactly how to do this. My name’s Tommy Griffith from,
let’s get going. How to create a social media content calendar. We’re going to dive into the ClickMinded SOP
library for this. SOP stands for standard operating procedure. It’s just a fancy way to say a really comprehensive
checklist. We have a ton of digital marketing SOPs on
our website at Let’s do a brief high level overview of everything
we’re going to discuss today before we dive in. First, the goal, what’s the goal? The goal here is to create a social media
content calendar that helps you plan and track your business social media activities. What’s the ideal outcome? The ideal outcome is to avoid saying things
like, “Hey guys, what goes on Facebook today? Where do we post this? What should I say? Does anyone remember where that gift was that
I posted? What’s the password? Why are we only posting on Facebook? Should we post on other social media account? Was this approved? Who approved this? Why is there a monkey eating a banana on our
LinkedIn page?” All of these are absurd problems but actually
happen all the time. So centralizing all these effort into one
place actually very, very advantageous for you and for your business. Couple of prerequisites or requirements. You just want to make sure all of your social
media accounts and access to Google Sheets os some kind of a central repository, central
database where you can put everything is really, really helpful to have. All your social media account and a Google
Sheet should be fine. Why is this important? All digital marketing efforts should be accounted
for. We should be measuring everything that we
do in digital marketing. So they should be planned, they should be
numbered, they should be aligned with your brand’s goals. It shouldn’t be about what you feel like posting
that morning. A social media calendar can help you plan
and manage what often comes out be a very chaotic part of your business which is social
media posting. A lot of people just don’t have a plan and
this is super straightforward template on how to create a plan that everyone on the
team can follow. Where is this done? This’ll be done mostly in Google Sheets. When is this done? If you decide to run your social media marketing
through a calendar before posting, it really helps you a lot because you only have to create
that calendar once and then let that be your guiding light going forward. Our advice is to make a new copy of this calendar
every week otherwise it gets a little bit crowded, especially if you’re posting daily
on more than one social media channel. But once you have your calendar set up you
just need to update as you go along which shouldn’t take more than five or 10 minutes
a day. If you’re posting on social media daily to
update your clients or whatever it is, this can be a really, really helpful process. And then who does this? This’ll be your social manager, your social
media manager. You or maybe your community manager. Something like that. Pretty awesome free downloadable here for
you today. We’re actually going to provide you with the
ClickMinded social media content calendar template so you can take it, download it,
copy and paste and get this going. We’ve done the work for you. You’re welcome in advance. Every business is going to be a little bit
different. Everyone’s going to have a little bit different
needs but this content calendar template should solve most of those needs for you. Pretty awesome so we’re going to do quickly
kind of go over these even though a lot of it’s very self explanatory. First and foremost, the publish date. Pretty self explanatory. The date that you publish the actual content. Next is the content type. Just in our example we have whether or not
it’s a course, a marketing campaign, maybe something’s that’s evergreen, something that
you can agnostic of the season of agnostic of the date. And then a right time type of content. That’s something opportunistic like a holiday
or maybe you have a current event. Something like that. The topic or the title, that’s pretty generic
and straightforward. Obviously the title of the post if you have
one. The content details. So what is the content about? What’s its purpose? If there is a purpose. The social network, drop down option here. Basically what social network you plan on
posting it on. Next is the post type. This is very important because it dictates
how the post and copy will look. For the purpose of our example we’re including
the following options. The normal post, that’s like text and a picture
maybe. A link post, that’s text and a link to an
article. A chain post, this is usually for Twitter,
like a tweet storm or thread of tweets, that would be a good example of that. Those are all of the post types. Next is the content type. This one’s pretty important because it dictates
the tone, style and length of the copy. The examples we have are photo, graphic, gift,
video, user generated content or no asset, that would be just text there. And then copy, the actually copy that you’ll
be posting. The asset, that’s copy and pasting the asset
that you’ll share in the post. If it’s a picture you can actually upload
it into this spreadsheet and minimize it a little bit so that it fits the actually cell. The link, obviously if you have a link you’re
going to go ahead include that there. The shortened tracked link. If you shorten links with something like Bitly
or Google’s link shortener, you can use that URL here. Then the publishing time, pretty self explanatory,
that’s just when you plan on publishing it. And then any approvals. Kind of depends on how big and slow and lethargic
your company is. But if you need multiple approvals to do that
you’d go ahead and put that there. Finally once you’re done, we have one more
column for live link. You can go ahead and post the actual link
to the post once it is live. That is it. That’s how to set up a social media content
calendar template. I hope that was helpful. If that was useful and if you learned something
today go ahead and click subscribe down below for even more digital marketing information
from us. If you’re watching this on YouTube would love
a comment from you. How are you going to use this? Was it helpful? Do you do your social media content calendar
template in a different way? Would love to hear what you have to say. Every single comment. Finally if you want this exact template along
with all the resources we talked about, everything for free is a downloadable, we have it for
you in the link down below. Go ahead and click that link right now to to grab your free template. Thanks a lot.

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17 thoughts on “Social Media Strategy: Create a Social Media Content Calendar For 2019 With This Template

  1. Do you have a way of scheduling your social post in a calendar format w/images? For example I want to plan out my posts for Instagram but i want to see them visually in a calendar format. I want a color scheme for every month. It would help me if could see the images in calendar format. So in the calendar, by day, all I see is the image I want to post… but when images are laid out by day/by month it helps me to visualize the entire month. Hope that makes sense?

  2. I'm looking for something to help strategize enterprise social media accounts over 150 social profiles. I think this is a great start! Thanks. Also looking to add in KPIs with objectives and metrics.

  3. Thank you! I am going to try this template out! It's straightforward and nicely organized. One thought that came to mind while watching the video is if the drop-down lists can be edited. I will poke around once I download. Thanks again for creating and sharing!

  4. As a social media manager, I find content calanders with more than some strategic key sales dates limiting. Often times, with a calander, ive found that posts tend to be less creative and authentic – as well as hurried. I find it better to plan general content ideas around key sales cycles or events and fill in the gaps as needed daily, then go back and track KPIs and continue to create posts based on what worked and didn't. I tend to be the only person on the team, so maybe that's why.

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