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videos so what comprises winning social media marketing strategy let me share an
example with you Christmas is a hyper-competitive time for the travel
industry and WestJet in order to differentiate themselves utilized social
media along with employee engagement to create 12,000 different miracles within
a 24 hour period for their passengers traveling home to see their families it
was a simple strategy that employed social media along with on ground
activation and in doing so created over 2.2 million dollars in earned media
revenue the strategy employed radio video
Airport integration along with social media and earned a combined audience of
over 1.8 billion people obviously this is a example of a winning
social media marketing strategy and you can do the same for your brand as well
in this video I’m going to talk about a few techniques that you can use to
develop winning social media marketing strategy
to build excellent social media marketing strategy we need to begin by
creating customer maps that we had created earlier this gives us a much
more detailed understanding of the target audiences that we wish to talk to
we also need to understand the benefits that community members are looking for
and in doing that we can actually make the brand come closer to them thereby
achieving our goals we should also analyze various price points that
members are comfortable paying nothing is worse then a brand where customers
are loyal to it but charges such high price points that you are not able to
afford it this pushes people away from brands it’s always better in business to
understand which audiences will pay for what particular product and obviously
adapt to them because over a longer period of time this actually can gain us
more revenue and more profits we also need to analyze and prioritize
social and online channels just like WestJet did to understand the time spent
engagement and response of different target audiences and thus engage them
accordingly we should plan content on the basis of
the interests and the type of response that is expected from the target
audience in doing so the brand obviously is able to interact and build
relationships with these audiences to execute all of this a simple five to ten
action point plan is more than sufficient anything more and you might
actually end up complicating strategy and as we’ve discussed earlier
keeping strategy as simple as possible in line with our goals is what we need
make sure you follow up on these action points every day and are flexible in
order to understand the response that we are gaining from our target audiences
and adjusting those action points flexibly in order to work towards the
goals social media marketing strategy is a game and we are definitely here to win
it in this video I shared a few simple tips and techniques for building social
media marketing strategy and I hope they’re really helpful for you hey
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