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Social Targeting Ads®: Run Ads On Popular Social Channels – Marketing 360®

– In this video, we’re gonna talk about our social targeting ads program, why you need it, and how it works. (pleasant electronic music) So what is a social targeting ads program, and why do you need it? Well, the social targeting ads program, is very powerful, ’cause it allows you to advertise on the most popular
social channels online. Such as Facebook, and
Instagram, and Youtube, and LinkedIn, and even Pandora radio. And, so what do we do? Basically, we do everything for you. We do the ad campaign creation, the optimization. We do the design of all of the ads, and essentially everything needed to execute powerful, and
results driving campaigns for your business to help grow. And so, to really understand it, let’s really break down four reasons of why you need social
media marketing today. Reason number one, why social targeting ads is so powerful, is because when you’re
building your presence on social media from
an organic standpoint, through a product like
social media marketing, it’s gonna take time. You’re gonna take time,
you’re gonna post content, you’re gonna engage with your community, and start to gain followers. But, it’s a long term play. You’re gonna have a lot of followers a year or two years from now, it’s gonna drive a lot of sales. But, what if you need sales today? Social targeting ads allows for that, because it allows you to
take advantage of audiences on social media instantly, based on your ad
campaign, and your budget. You can get in front of a certain demographic of people that’s the perfect
demographic to be in front of to increase sales within minutes, with social targeting ads. And so, it’s short term, and allows you to get
those results, instantly. Reason number two, social targeting ads is so powerful, is it’s because it’s where
people’s attention is. This is where people are today. They’re spending more time on social media than anything else. And, because of that, that’s where you need to be. You need to be where your customers are. And to do that, you can take advantage of social targeting ads to get
in front of those people, as they’re spending their
time on social media. That’s gonna result in
you getting more sales. Reason number three is, social targeting ads is a great way to build brand awareness very quickly. You can target pin-point accuracy, of the certain demographic
you wanna be in front of. And because of that, it creates
awareness to those people, who you are, the products
and services you provide, in a very quick format. Which, is gonna result in
increased brand awareness, increased trust, and increased sales. And the fourth reason
why you need to invest in social targeting ads and
your social media presence, is because if you don’t,
your competitors will, and you’ll fall behind ’em. Because this is where everybody
spending all their time, it’s absolutely essential for your brand, that you’re there, you
have a presence there, and that you’re able to
take advantage of that to grow your business,
and capture market-share in the future, instead
of your competitors. So, now that you know what
social targeting ad are, and how you can use ’em
to grow your business, let’s talk about five
steps on how it works. Step number one, is to have a kick off call
with your marketing executive, to really talk about
what you’re looking for, and what your goals are
with social media marketing. So, that we can build a
social targeting ad campaign to drive you the best
return on investment. Step number two, is to decide what social platforms we wanna target people on. Whether that be on Facebook, or Youtube, or Instagram, or more. We’re gonna wanna understand, what are the most effective
social platforms to target for your particular customer base, or potential customer base. We’re gonna wanna figure
out what those are, and start there. Step number three, once we understand where we’re gonna be running these advertisements, is to design the ads. The key there is wanna
design compelling ads, with compelling call to actions, to drive the highest results. We’re gonna also wanna make sure we have landing pages in place, and a good strong conversion funnel, so that take advantage of this visibility to drive you more business. Step number four, is we’re gonna monitor your ad frequency, and make sure that you’re
not getting ad fatigue. In other words, your ads
are being seen too much by the same people. We’re gonna watch that, and we’re gonna actually update your ads on a frequent basis, so that they’re constantly fresh. They don’t become wallpaper to people, so that ultimately they’re eye-catching. They’re gonna drive you the best results. Step number five, is we’re gonna track all of the results of your social targeting ad compaign, and make adjustments along the way to ensure that we’re doing
more of what’s working, and less of what’s not, to optimize your marketing dollars, to drive the highest return on investment. You, of course, have 100%
access through Marketing 360, 24/7, to see all of your ads, and how they’re performing, and all the campaigns
with full transparency. Whenever you like, as well. But, we’ll proactively reach out to you to make sure we’re giving
you the information that you need to understand
where the campaigns are, how they’re performing,
and how they’re working to help you grow your business. Bonus tip, is to be patient. Your marketing executive
is gonna constantly be looking at the data, month over month, week over week, day over day, and optimizing those campaigns to drive you the best results. So, by looking at the
data, every single month, the campaigns are actually get better, and drive a higher return. So, give it time, and make sure you invest enough to be visible enough, to achieve the goals
that you’re looking for. Now, we can help consult with you to understand what
those budget ranges are, to ensure that you’re reaching your goals. So, hopefully this video
helps you understand what social targeting ads are, and how you can use them
to grow your business. If you have any questions, give us a call. We’d love an opportunity
to earn your business. So, please talk to one of
our marketing consultants, and happy marketing. (pleasant electronic music)

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  1. Being able to put your business in front of just people that will be interested and not in front of everyone sounds like a great way to stretch your dollar!

  2. I hope more people get to understand why this is so important. Social ads are the best way to reach an outbound market that is demographically targeted.

  3. Makes complete sense- No-brainer! This is absolutely the best way to generate new exposure to a targeted audience. There is absolutely no business who wouldn't benefit from these campaigns! I love these tips- Thanks Marketing 360.

  4. Social is the best way to place yourself in front of a target market that may not be aware of your product or service!

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