Social workers reflect on the value of mentoring students
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Social workers reflect on the value of mentoring students

[Students chatting] ELLEN SMITH (background): When I look around the room, and I see how many students that we have that are getting ready to launch into the world of social work, and so many of you, many who are graduates from UW-Madison, taking all that time during the whole year
to supervise students, it’s just really, really heartwarming, and I know gets all of us — keeps us going. I’m Jessica Wilson. I’m with Columbia County Health and Human Services, and I’ve had title for these students for the last three years. I really enjoy having the students come in. Not only do they help you with your workload, but they keep you fresh. I’m Andrea Phillips, and I am the staff trainer for Rock County Human Services in the Child Protection Division. I actually was a Four East student as well. So, I have a personal investment in the students coming in to intern with us. I see students as a resource for us. They do teach us, and they provide, um, good opportunities to learn what’s new with social work, and they do great work. And we’ve hired quite of few of our interns. I’m Kathy Kinnecky, and we have supervised students for the past three years, and I have to say that it’s a wonderful, wonderful experience and opportunity. ANDREA PHILLIPS: The students do bring an energy. They help with our everyday job, and they take some of the responsibility for case loads while they’re learning, and they do bring a different perspective for things,
and everybody brings this new, unique, fresh, um, excitement to the field for us that have
been in the field for a while. It – it is a new direction and a new light, and we always learn something. [Music]

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