Sony | Cyber-shot | RX100 VI – Product Feature
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Sony | Cyber-shot | RX100 VI – Product Feature

ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 24-200mm* F2.8-4.5 zoom lens
* 35mm format equivalent. AA (advanced aspherical) lens / Aspherical lens / ED aspherical lens 24-200mm* high-zoom lens in a pocket-size body
* 35mm format equivalent. 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor Advanced image processing engine 4.0-stop* effective optical image stabilisation
OFF (Simulated) / ON
* CIPA standard, pitch/yaw directions, at 200mm (35mm format equivalent). High picture quality even in low-light conditions 0.03-sec* Fast Hybrid AF
* CIPA standard, internal measurement, at f=9.0mm (wide-end), EV6.9, Program Auto, Focus mode: AF-A, Focus area: Center. 315-point wide-area phase-detection AF coverage High-density Tracking AF Technology 24fps* continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking
* With “Continuous shooting mode: Hi”. Enhanced Eye AF
Excellent tracking performance Eye AF Intuitive Touch Focus Touch Shutter 4K HDR
SDR (Simulated from the HLG video) / HDR(HLG)
* Connect to an HDR(HLG) compatible Sony TV via a USB cable when displaying HDR(HLG) movies. Super Slow Motion* at up to 960fps (NTSC) / 1000fps (PAL)
* Sound cannot be recorded. One-push Access EVF 2.35 million-dot-equivalent Tiltable LCD screen
180 degrees up
90 degrees down Assignable control ring Location Information Link via Bluetooth Wi-Fi
NFC (One-touch remote / One-touch sharing)
QR code Sony, Exmor RS, BIONZ X and other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
All other company and product names mentioned herein are used for identification purposes only and may be the trademarks or registered tarademarks of their respective owners..
Product design, features, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

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100 thoughts on “Sony | Cyber-shot | RX100 VI – Product Feature

  1. I still prefer the old lens found in mark 1&2 tho, who the fuck needs 200, it's a bad trade-off for the f1.8 apperture

  2. No microphone input – mobile phones have them – 5 minute videos – overheating – won’t add a bigger heat sink – this is just the Sony RX100 V with a bigger lens BUT slower – Big price tag and no ND filter – the zoom will be fantastic for vloggers wanting to film their eyeballs


  3. HLG is great. but mic jack, 4k 60, 1.8 aperture and wider lens (like 15mm) would be much appreciated.

  4. Make a micro usb to mic input dongle! Surely that can be done with a software update and you will sell lots more of these!

  5. SO- FREAKING- DISSAPOINTING. Taking away the f1.8 is the worst you could do. Im definitley not "upgrading" from M5

  6. And then still some people would say that point-and-shoot cameras are dead and smartphone cameras are the way to go. Well, a product like this proves that those days are yet to come by, and by a very long margin.
    But the absence of a microphone port is still hurting though. Sony??!!??

  7. Где джек 3.5 мм. Почему в RX 0 есть чёртов вход под микрофон, а в RX 100 нет. Я плакать от ваших тупых маркетологов.
    Остаюсь с RX 100 mark 3.

  8. Thank god finally titling lcd
    Love you sony 💓
    i wanna buy this asap but i live in pakistan, is there any way to buy this internationally?

  9. someone help me please I am really confuse and new in travel blogging, I went to buy sony rx v on 5th june 2018, and the sales man told me rx100 vi is launching today and then I came home, looked into youtube and it has large lense which is I really like about most but I have been keep checking in youtube what others bloggers say about this camera and reading the comments, all I found negativity of rx100 vi and then yesterday I return it and keep the money as deposit for rx100vi. did I take right decision or shell I switch to a6500? please someone give me a good suggestion? I cant effort both at the same time as I am student.

  10. Pretty ordinary promo music… Though something was wrong with my speakers. Worst is offcours that of Canon 80d😁

  11. Basically all that's new is that they made it better for landscape photography but absolutely useless for astrophotography? What a joke, that was the only reason I bought the mark 5

  12. Clearly I’m the only one in the world that shoots in just 1080 with the V.

    It’s always cool to have a camera last longer than 7 minutes per battery.

    Also, probably just me again but I think the mic on the V is ridiculously good. Paired up with a good windscreen fuzz ball or a tethered foam, the quality of sound is solid. And I do car vids, usually the audio in those are garbage.

    Any other audio that I would need would just come straight from my phone using a smart Lav+

  13. This is the reason why Sony will eventually pull out of consumer products. They make quality products but they don't listen to their loyal customers. Goodbye Sony.

  14. Why the bottom plate is never shown? Something embarrasing there they don't want the viewers to see?

  15. I don't understand how a GoPro Hero6 can shoot 4K 60P for hours but the RX100 at 30P overheats after 5 minutes?

  16. They called it the Smallest Best Vlogging Camera, I wonder if they even Vlog at all – maybe yes but with built-in Mic. Mthrfckrs.

  17. Well, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought the MK V. have been filming my shooting videos and VLOGS on it, and love it! However I wish there was a mic input. The 4K overheating isn’t a huge issue with me, if I need to film for an extended period I’ll use 1080 anyways. But damn, maybe the MK VII!
    Great cameras Sony, just add the mic input!

  18. Yêu sony lắm. Nhưng tiếc là máy ảnh sony khá đắt. Cố gắng một ngày nào đó có thể mua đk chiếc RX100 Mark V

  19. Per quanto mi riguarda avete sbagliato
    In pieno….. i punti forti erano proprio il 1.8 della mk5 dello zoom a 200 sl 90% degli utenti non frega nulla!
    Come sapete questa rx100 è tra le piu quotate per il video vlog ebbene con la mk6 avete toppato alla grande, nessun ingresso per il mic, nessun live streaming, luminosità peggiorata da 1.8 a 2.4 anziche puntare su un angolo maggiore mettete un teleobbiettivo che si sa… o perlomeno chiunque abbia un minimo di basi di fotografia Sa quanto sia sbagliato spingere un grandangolo a supertele…. insomma al momento mi tengo la mia mk4 e se cercheró altro saró costretto a cambiare marchio…. mi spiace davvero con la mk4 mi avevate stupito , con questa no, decisamente no!

  20. This looks cool, but it seems they haven't tackled the existing problems or potential improvements. Instead focusing on other ways to keep the RX100 series on a positive note. No ND filter is a bit of a joke, considering it has a fixed lense. The zoom is nice but wasn't massive floor for a camera of this size. Still need better battery life (as do all Sony's) and to solve the over heating issue. I would personally choose the mark 5 over this any day. I have the mark 4. If you have time, please check out my recent travel video in New Zealand on my channel! Hope you like it!

  21. Sony you are totally clueless. We wanted 4K without overheating in 5 minutes, and we needed a way to record better audio…because making videos for YouTube requires good clean audio… We are using these cameras for VLOGGING. Is that beyond your comprehension Sony? You offered absolutely nothing a vlogger wants on the RX100 VI. All you have done is make the camera even worse with a downgrade in low light performance. The RX100 V was just barely usable at night time, and now you have made it twice as bad… Seriously, the lack of insight is very deep at Sony

  22. Really impressive for it size and capabilities but, you missed a big part for vloggers the microphone input

  23. I just bought this Camera yesterday at Best Buy locally….. When I opened the box the camera inside is the Mark V verion it's the Mark V inside of the Mark VI box…. it had the Mark VI tag dangling off of the Mark V camera. I went straight back to Best Buy to return it, long story short they say they won't refund it because once I left the store and came back with a camera that had a different serial number than the box they wouldn't help me any further. Even calling my bank I was told by the bank representative that MasterCard would probably side with the retailer. I am SO upset I don't even know what to do…. I have the Mark V and paid for the Mark VI…. I didn't want the Mark V I bought the Mark VI for it's Mark VI features. VERY UPSET and DISCOURAGED fan here. Does ANYONE have any advice on what I should do? I called Sony and they are going to start an 'investigation' in a few days on Monday.

  24. Quick Question… Who agrees that A Sony designed 5 Axis stabilizing gimbal with a battery and wireless server like their WG-C10 would be a perfect addition to their RX100 line?

  25. Sony created the vlogger toolkit long ago. People are still complaining about mic ports missing but they have plenty options for better audio quality. This camera adds to the RX100 lines value in my opinion. I sold my A6000 & I plan to purchase this and the RX100 II. I really wish they created a camera similar to the FrontRow camera for Vlogging and livestreaming and A 5 Axis stabilizing gimbal with a battery and wireless server like their WG-C10 would be a perfect for the RX100's Yes im A sony Fanboy deal with it and here are some great options if you still need better audio from A RX100

    Wireless Mic System

    Zoom Mic System

    Remote Tripod Grip

    Remote Compact Tripod

    Universal Wireless Mic system (yes other camera brands can go wireless with a Sony accessory too)

  26. 😡 I had to switch to canon 200D SL2 because there is no mic Input in my Sony WX500 camera why no mic input still Sony 😡

  27. I had bad accident and I can't use heavy camera, thank you #sony you always think about professionals 😘

  28. i dont get it why everyone ask for mic input in point and shoot camera
    thats why they sell a6400 for those all vloggers that have interchangeable lens+mic input

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