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Sony | FX9 | Product Feature


Full-frame creativity
Sony’s full-frame 6K sensor camera 4K Super35 sensor 6K Full-Frame sensor
(FS7 series) (FX9)
Full-Frame oversampling for stunning 4K recording 15+ stop wide dynamic range with high sensitivity and low noise S-Cinetone(TM) inherited from VENICE digital cinema camera 180* fps full-HD HFR image from full-frame scanning
*HFR adove 120fps is available in future firmware update Enhanced Fast Hybrid Auto Focus with 96% x 94% coverage E-mount
(Lever Lock type)

Ideal for Professional Shooting Full Frame Power Zoom Lens
comes with FX9K kit
(6.1x zoom)
F4 Constant Various choice of E-mount lenses Unrivaled selection for creative users
All of E-mount lens support auto focus World’s first Full-Frame
Variable ND Filter Wide Range of Exposure Adjustment Auto ND Multiple
recording formats
XAVC Intra 4:2:2 10bit
XAVC Long 4:2:0 8bit

Full HD
XVAC Intra/Long 4:2:2 10bit
MPEG2-HD 4:2:2 8bit

*DCI 4K REC is available in future firmware update Extension Unit

16bit uncompressed
RAW output Dual Link mobile dongle ports

RAW output DWX wireless audio slot
Dual Link mobile dongle ports

RAW output V-lock battery shoe
D-Tap power supply
RAW output Wireless monitoring, control and more
Built-in Wi-Fi and free CBM mobile application enable;

-Wireless monitoring and control
-Uploading clips to FTP, FTPS, or other servers
-Downloading clips to mobile devices Network Solution

Dual link reliable network connection
Speedy news workflow
with XDCAM air cloud service
High quality Sony QoS live streaming Newly designed hand-grip
for more comfortable handling New HD resolution EVF bundled FX9

Full-frame creativity
Sony’s full-frame 6K sensor camera Full-Frame Creativity Sony and α, α Mount System, ExmorR, XDCAM, XAVC marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Product design, features an specification are subject to change without notice.
Product availability varies depending on market. Accessories are optional.
Screen displays and effects used to illustrate some functions are simulated. Some feature will be available in a future firmware update.

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100 thoughts on “Sony | FX9 | Product Feature

  1. Seems dope, I need a smaller camera thoooo! I need a Sony mirror less that’s shoots 4k60p!!! 🙂 I’ll be patient! Just waiting patiently for the day to arrive

  2. this is where SONY "mirrorless" Alpha fans will complain about …
    lack of mechanical floating sensor-shift IBIS (which is what makes their consumer SONY Alpha MILCs so "great")
    lack of Eye-AF for humans + animals (which is what makes their consumer SONY Alpha MILCs so "great")

    and never ask why their "so great" consumer (down-rezzed oversampled) 4k SONY Alpha MILCs never can fit SONY'S own ELECTRONIC Variable-ND-Filter with same FE Lenses, on their "so great" 6k, 7k, and 9k FF sensors used in Alpha MILCs … and dismiss need for Vari-Angle Swivel-Screens, or Vari-Angle Swivel-EVFs so common on Sony's own cinema+videocameras.

    hypocrites, attack other mfr cameras … and go silent on Sony cameras.

  3. Finally I feel like you heard us. I remember telling Tom Antos… Sony needs an FS7 LF

    Its already in my B&H availability notification. Christmas just came early!

  4. i was waiting to know if i buy a PANASONIC EVA1 or the next sony , now i know… EVA1 is the best product in terms of capabilities and price

  5. 16 bit raw output .. this is interesting .. But what recorder is available that will be compatible with this quality?

  6. I stopped video when i read 30 FPS and Maximum 60FPS
    Come on guys
    Must needed 4k 120 FPS and 3k 160 FPS 2k
    2k 240 FPS.
    Now this must needed for good slow motion videos.

  7. People are rushing too much… Sony's probably thinking of a way to make the a7s iii stand out, 'cause there are a lot of cameras these days that do the same thing.

    The bar's been set really high

  8. Time for 7nm chip production and a competitive at least A7SIII 6K please. Elements of this beast are troubling for our prospects. Bionz X must be the crutch? What processing is Panny using maybe espionage they ass!

  9. Well that pretty much means we’ll have to wait at least another year for the a7s3… because there is no way Sony releases that thing with 4k 60fps 10 bit and than after that an a7s3 that can do the same stuff.. who would buy this cam than? So bye bye Sony a7s3 near future hopes

  10. 6K is great for reframing, but I don't want to deal with the storage and processing requirements. Your clients give zero fucks about 6K. Think about this before you complain.

  11. Эту вещь может позволить только мажор я вот даже не в состояний купить фотоаппарат

  12. It's not very professional using that laptop, how embarrassing. Use Windows Sony, or have you lost your way since you sold off Vaio?

  13. Now I'm going to enjoy seeing in more detail all the skin blemishes of all the t.v. anchors! Can't hide those lines anymore.

  14. This definitely confirms there won’t be a7siii lol they’re not going to sacrifice this camera with a pro/consumer level type of camera. Maybe they’ll use the same sensor as the a7riv, but definitely not being able to record 4K 60 at 10bit, there would be no point of releasing THIS sony fx9, sales would just plummet down

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