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(upbeat music) – I chose sports marketing because I really kind of fell in love with the marketing part
like the analytics, really what makes consumers think, what makes consumers
buy, how to sell to them, building your own brand so to speak. – I’ve always felt like
I was a creative person. And I love sports and I’ve
always been involved with sports, so I feel like it kinda
just plays a part together. – Sport marketing as a
profession has completely evolved when we look at all the opportunities in not just major league, minor league. On the company side, the brand side, engaging with sports, sponsorships, sales, fan experience, customer journey. When I created this major,
the first thing I did was put together an
advisory board and said, “What do these students need
to be ready for internships? “What would differentiate them “when you’re hiring
them after graduation?” And consistently, every
person that I talked to in major league sports
and minor league sports across the country, experience, so that’s what we have
built into this degree. – I was excited to get involved
in an advisory board role. To be able to speak to students, to be in a class once or twice a year. To host students here at Victory Field and to showcase what we’re
about and what we do. – The fact that he is an AU
Alum as well as a President of a major sports team, is
pretty awesome to have him to be able to just come
and talk to our class. – [Anna] Every class in the major has an experiential component. We’re very project based. – We’ve done Raven Media Day where we took over the men’s and women’s basketball socia media
such as their Twitter. We created so much content
and we got to work with the men’s and women’s basketball
team and with the coaches. – I’m in the sales and sponsorship class and we are trying to develop a new brand for the football team. Coach Rock is really adamant about getting people into the stands, whether that be getting
the fans more involved, getting the community more involved. – Internships are not only required, but I place so much emphasis
on those with my students. I send several emails a
month with opportunities. – I did four internships
while I was at AU. I was an operations intern for the Fuel and I was an intern with the Indians doing premium services and events. – We’ll receive four to 500 applications for 15 intern positions. And that’s annually. With AU students, they fit. They’ve come prepared, eager, and we’ve been really excited about that. – [Emily] We went and visited the Colts and their marketing team and
get to meet with all of them and ask them questions
as well as Indy Eleven, Indy Sports Corp., and Pacers Gaming. And so we got to talk to them all day about experiences and what to expect going into the sports field,
especially sports marketing. – You really don’t know
what people’s jobs entail until you actually go meet them. – I sit down with my students and we plan their four-year schedule. We talk about internships. I’m with them the whole way. And having them come back and confidently sitting
across from you as a senior and saying, “I’m gonna
apply for this job,” my most rewarding moments
of having this major is to watch them grow into their dreams.

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