St. Louis Fed Careers Marketing Yourself Video Series, Episode 3: College to Corporate
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St. Louis Fed Careers Marketing Yourself Video Series, Episode 3: College to Corporate

MARKETING YOURSELF – COLLEGE TO CORPORATE Making the leap from college to the real world? Follow along to learn five things you need
to know about going from college to corporate from the St. Louis Fed. One: Dress for the job Ditch the jeans and tank top for pants and
a button-up or similar professional attire. Most workplaces follow a business-casual dress
code, a style of dressing that is professional yet comfortable, and allows you to be yourself. It’s your personal brand and presence, which
are ways to communicate with people at work and often the first thing people notice. Make a good first impression by dressing professionally. Two: Communicate professionally Communication is key in the workplace. From reaching out to clients… to coordinating with coworkers… to reporting to supervisors. What you say and how you say it is important. When sending an email at work, avoid using
texting shorthand. Opt for more professional language instead. An email to a colleague shouldn’t look like
a text message to a friend. Additionally, be watchful of how you present
yourself on social media. Keep your online profile consistent with your
real-life personality, and don’t post anything that would cause your employer to question
your character. You control how you show up online and in
person, so make yourself look good. Three: Practice proper meeting etiquette When you’re in a meeting, focus on the topic,
pay attention and avoid distractions. Make sure you are actively listening to what
other people are saying. Avoid checking your phone for personal reasons. Make eye contact, acknowledge when you understand
something, and ask questions when you don’t. Four: Work with a positive attitude While there are no letter grades in the workplace,
you will be regularly evaluated based on your performance. Understand that it’s not just what you do,
it’s how you do it. Do your work with a positive attitude and
strong conviction-it’s a major part of how you’re evaluated. Five: Own your career path Networking can be a huge part of the workplace. Every time you meet someone new at work, there’s
an opportunity to network. Think of it like Wi-Fi. Anytime you go somewhere new, your phone asks
if you want to connect to the new network. Anytime you interact with a new person at
work, ask yourself, “Do I want to connect?” A career path is rarely linear. There are detours and U-turns, peaks and valleys. People you meet outside of your field could
turn into a an important resource Keep an open mind, constantly reflect on your
experiences and refine your skills. So remember: Dress for the job. Communicate professionally. Practice proper meeting etiquette. Work with a positive attitude Own your career path. These five steps will help to make sure you
have what it takes to go from college to corporate. To learn more about career preparation and
to explore current opportunities, visit

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