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Stages and Marketing Objectives | Pre-Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

So now that you’ve set your two
marketing goals to work off of, let’s explore this a little bit more. Now make sure you’re thinking about
what you hope to actually achieve and what outcomes you’re really looking for.>>You need to think about
different objectives for different stages in
your product lifecycle. Is your goal now branding,
or drive traffic? Increase ad downloads? Improve engagement? Is it a call to action? We don’t have to be too visionary here. These are not our
startup’s high level goals. And we’re not going to change
the world with our marketing goals. We want you to set goals that
are down to Earth and attainable. So think short-term goals,
like within the next few months. That way, you can break them
into smaller pieces and can track them easily. Also be authentic. Pick a goal you actually care about, that will be meaningful
to your business. This will help you to stick to it and
achieve it. To be able to track your goals, they have to be measurable and
aligned with your performance.

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