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Start your Marketing Experiments | Measurement Fundamentals | App Marketing | Udacity

You should start your experiment
by choosing what it is you want to focus on. For example, do you want to improve
traffic or the number of sign ups? Do you want to increase the number of
people who are actually buying your product or service? Or do you want to increase a sharing
between people on social sites? Once you choose what
you want to focus on, you can start coming up with ideas
on what you can do to tweak it and actually move that needle, on those
metrics that you’re interested in. I think about things that would
really make a difference. So Ronnie and
I went to the drawing board for a aBARKment,
to come up with a list of ideas. We decided to focus on increasing
conversions people just visiting our site to actually signing
up to use aBARKment. Some of the ideas we came up with were
changing the text on the landing page to explain aBARKment differently. Changing the color and the size of
the sign up button, trying a different messaging in our emails, adding
a video showcasing happy customers. Highlighting a few positives
reviews on the landing page, or even designing a whole
new landing page. Now we need to narrow down our ideas to
three maybe four of the most important ones that would make the biggest impact. We also want to think about which ones
we can actually implement easily and what are some quick ones. For example, designing a whole new
landing page may be harder than just moving the sign up button
to the top of the page. Next as any scientist would,
you should create a hypothesis and measure your base lines you actually
know if you’re causing change. For your hypothesis think about this,
if we do blank, our blank will grow by blank. So for aBARKment, if we move the sign
up button to the top of the page, our conversions will grow by 8%. Now later on we can try the rest of
our ideas and experiment on those too. But we should test one thing at a time,
so we can isolate the specific change and
move the needle that way. For a baseline, we can look at our
conversions through Google Analytics before we make the change
to see what they are.

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