STARTUP EP 04 | Engineers Build A Startup MVP
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STARTUP EP 04 | Engineers Build A Startup MVP

Previously on Startup I founded a startup called where you can share 6.1 second videos I then brought in three of my friends to help me build the most innovative video platform, and I met up with Arya We secretly hate each other and constantly compare our dick size. Oh me? I just sold another company I’m just relaxing now. Trying to figure out what you do next Yeah, uh I’m excited but I’m also afraid It’s just getting really hard You know managing all these relationships at once It’’s getting too hard What excites you about the relationship you have with your employees? Wait, what? No, I was talking about my tinder relationship. God you never listen to me But to be honest, I just can’t get Arya off my mind Who’s Arya? Oh he’s just some startup founder. Uh we recently played chess- He’s ‘just’ a startup founder? I think he means more to you than that We used to be best friends But then things changed Things really changed Can you tell me a little bit about your relationship with Joma? You know we were friends then Best friends even How’d you guys meet? He was in the study room struggling with a simple assignment But I knew he was smarter than that He came up to me offering his help Thank God cause I just couldn’t focus. I was about to give up Something else was consuming him. I could see that he was pretty broken at the time So I thought I could bring him under my wing I gave him a better place to stay, better resources, better contacts, a better life Nobody wanted to give him a chance, but I saw the potential in him He was kind to me extremely kind I didn’t deserve it He let me stay with him in his apartment He gave me my own room He even got me all the textbooks I needed for school He really took me out of the dumps You know He even guided me through my academic career Without him, I would have been lost. He’s the reason why I am…who I am today From algorithms to statistics to cryptocurrencies He taught me everything He made sure I knew the right things He made sure I succeeded He would have been nothing without me. All those internships. He got those through me…except Microsoft. That was more him That’s thoughtful I wanted the best for him. I really did I did everything I could for him until the incident What happened? I should have known I feel so stupid looking back I just couldn’t face the truth I don’t know. I mean…he just changed He used to be kind and warm, but… I think one day I just realized that he wasn’t the selfless person I thought he was He even kicked me out of the house. I mean I appreciate everything he’s done for me But I mean come on man where the fuck was I supposed to go. He knew I had nothing You know I should have known…people like him, they don’t hang out with people like me How did you feel? – It was humiliating
– It was humiliating I miss Arya, I really do Even if he had exterior motives to bring me in I was really happy I still don’t know what he wanted from me, but obviously I didn’t have it anymore That’s why he just pushed me away I didn’t ask why I mean, I didn’t deserve his kindness But things just got worse And that’s where he crossed the line I’ve never confronted him about it because it just wouldn’t matter I don’t want his apology I just wanted to break him While making him feel the pain that I felt Until he’s completely broken I’ll make him regret everything that he did Alright guys, so…today I paid a consultant to make this video for us It’s gonna tell us you know how to think about MVPs, so What’s the MVP? You mean like LeBron? – Wait what’s a LeBron?
– Oh he’s the MVP Alright whatever. Alright, let’s just play the video So the biggest problem that startups run into is Creating something that nobody wants to buy This wastes years of work and thousands of dollars only to leave you broke and unemployed Just like a college degree So to stop this from happening I thought I’d go over the concept of an MVP, and how this can help you grow your company So what is an MVP? This often gets confused with most valuable player But I think that comparison is kind of unfair because If you’re trying to start a startup, chances are you have zero athletic ability Instead MVP here means minimum viable product A rough version of your idea that takes a minimal amount of effort But it’s still good enough that users can get a taste of the full product Similar to how dating someone is sort of a taste Of what marriage will be like and in my case I’ve been told it taste like insecurity and an absentee father Now the reason you want to build an MVP is because it lets you learn what your customers like and don’t like as quickly as possible This is a pretty important concept because 90% of startups fail because they have no clue what their customers want Like this one time I was sitting at McDonald’s and thought of a really good app idea. It involved the dating app where girls would choose guys based only on their personality and Finally give nice guys a fighting chance, but then I asked myself “Would I date someone based only on their personality?” I’ll let you decide Now I’m sure you’re wondering what an MVP looks like the answer to that Depends on what you’re trying to build so I thought it’d be helpful to show a few real-life examples Let’s say you wanted to build an app where people could store and share files online You could do one of two things One, quit your job and spend years trying to make the app yourself or two, hire someone to create a 30-second video of What that app would look like and show it to investors for millions of dollars While option 1 sounds attractive The MVP here is too, and that’s what Dropbox did Well let’s say you wanted to figure out if a girl or guy liked you Your MVP here would be a small low pressure invite like “Hey, I’m going out to dinner with friends. Do you want to come along? We’re grabbing pizza -smiley face-”
And a few things can happen here One, she won’t respond to you. Two, she says something short like haha or lol. Or three, she says “No, I thought I told you I’m not interested” when this happens you might try to convince yourself that she’s still into you, but chances are… she is into you so just wait a few days and try again So by now you’re probably wondering how to actually build an MVP And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you Now the steps I’ll be outlining might seem simple at first, but there’s a bit of math involved So you’ll need to pay close attention And just before we start I thought I should mention that these steps are approved by the International Board of start-up venture capitalists Which means rest assured It’s coming from a source of authority so without further ado, here are the steps to building your first MVP Step 1. Don’t, we have enough startups already So I hope that was helpful and best of luck in your startup journey -Clapping- John, no Alright, so what do you guys think? We need to start off by building our back-end infrastructure We can leverage Amazon CDN’s, load balancers and lambda’s. Modularize our infrastructure by using micro services so then we can set up elastic scaling AND save money. I don’t think we should do that. It’s the most cost efficient solution Well, we don’t even know if we’re going to get that many users. It’s a total overkill Yes, it might save some capital but development time is our most limited resource and we can’t waste time thinking about Scalability on an MVP Right now our most limited resource is my patience with your shitty ideas Why can’t we just have a Facebook page and let people post their videos there and see if that grows That’s actually a really good and smart MVP, BUT for the sake of this web series we have to do something more complicated Alright, so here’s what we’re gonna do – Wait why do you have the final say?
– Because I went to Waterloo LOL Alright, here’s the plan. So as an MVP we’re just gonna make a purely consumption site The reason why? Is because we want to validate if there’s actually demand for our website so that’s why we’re just gonna make a simple web app. What we’ll do is that we’ll pretend that Invite only to be able to produce on our platform, but in reality we don’t have a production side but what we’re really gonna do it is just that we’re going to steal old Vine videos and post them on our website That way the consumer side will think that we’re producing videos using the mobile app which is invite only For growth, we’ll have a Facebook page, and we’ll put only the best of the best vine videos there And then we’ll just boost the shit out of it with ad credits Alright, so here’s what we need. We need someone to build the whole web app, front and back-end We don’t have enough resource to separate them That’s why we need someone to own the whole full stack – I’m on it
– Alright Who wants to write the crawler to get all the best vine videos and then write pipelines to funnel them in website? Got it John can write the fake nine in page for a mobile website? And also can you set up the CDN so it could surf videos faster? And I’ll manage the Facebook page and start growing it. Alright, let’s do it Alright, what do you think of this? – No, we can’t launch that, it looks exactly like Vine..
– No, this is perfect Alright guys, this is really good. – Alright so next what we’re gonna do-
– Guys! I think you might wanna look at this Oh shit It’s not good What’s poppin, so I hope you enjoyed this episode I definitely had fun making it as I hope you guys had fun watching it I just want to give a shout out to Matthew Cho he’s my new cinematographer he’s amazing so I want you guys to check out his stuff because um.. I don’t know he’s probably one of the best cinematographers I’ve ever met, and yeah, he deserve a shout out Second shout out. I want a shout out to The Sinful Engineer. Thank you for giving me that clip about MVP. This guy’s hilarious Yes, you should check that out I put his link on the description and also of course if you liked this video And you haven’t subscribed to my channel, subscribe now. C’mon, what’re you waiting for? And yeah Thank you so much and see you on the next episode. Peace!

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  1. What is the intro music I not YouTuber please tell the music the websries you are creating are are awesome and there many parts made me laugh in previous episodes now watching the series

  2. Jokes aside: don't waste time and money on going full scale immediately. Rather, build just an MVP. See if there's a demand for it. If it is, still, don't build the product. Do some market research, see if there's something similar out there. Main steps of a lean start-up. Cheers!

  3. dude at first i thought it was uninformative nonsense i really like and enjoy watching. now i'm learning… you're really g00d brah

  4. Man, I'd love to see all the attempts you had to perform to make Mayuko say all of that without laughing!!!

  5. This was actually very funny. I was just wanting to learn about MVPs but left with a smile πŸ™‚

  6. Bayes theorem of love <33333 . Now this is the bleeding edge mathematics that should be taught at all universities.

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    It's really helpful to detect the problem immediately and work on it rather than wait until the survey that comes once a year.

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