Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing for Passive income
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Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing for Passive income

I’m revealing an affiliate marketing system
that helped me boost my monthly income four-times over in just a few months. Not only will this funnel strategy make money
but it’s completely passive and works with any blog or YouTube channel. I’ll show you step-by-step to setting it
up and making money today on Let’s Talk Money. Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s Talk Money. Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel
here on YouTube. I want to send a special shout out to everyone
in the community, thank you for taking a little of your time to be here today. If you’re not part of the community yet,
just click that little red subscribe button. It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode. We talk a lot about making money on the channel
but if I had to pick just two videos as the most important, with the most potential to
make you money online, it would be this one and the previous. That’s because I’m taking you step by
step into a funnel system you can use to SELL ANYTHING. You can use this system to sell your own products,
to get commissions on affiliates or for anything you want to sell online. Best yet, after setting it up it’s completely
passive income so you can move on to creating the next sales funnel and the next and the
next. Each one is going to work for you continuously
MAKING MONEY EVERY MONTH. Now in our last video, I took you through
the basic process of this affiliate marketing funnel. We talked about that biggest problem in selling
online is that people just aren’t ready to make a decision so putting your affiliate
link in a post or a paragraph about your course just doesn’t make any sales. We talked about how this funnel sales system
guides people through that process to buy a product. We talked about how it nurtures the relationship
through multiple videos or posts and through a series of emails to build that trust in
you as a resource. I’m going to link that first video in the
description below so you can see how we created the lead magnet and that three post process
that gets people in your funnel. I’m also linking in the description below
to a free checklist that will walk you through everything we’re covering so you can use
this system yourself. In this video, I’m going step-by-step into
setting up the most crucial part of your affiliate sales funnel. I’ll show you how to set up your landing
page and email sequence to completely automate the system. By the end of the video, you’ll be able
to replicate this system to earn money online every month. If you’ve got any questions as we talk through
this, make sure you ask them in the comments below the video. It’s critical that you get every step down
and I want you to be successful. I want you to be able to use this system and
I want you to be able to create that financial future you deserve. First you’ll set up a landing page, this
is the page that people will go to from your blog posts when the want to download the free
handout and where you’ll have the email capture form. These can be a regular blog page but more
common is to set them up with a special plugin that let’s you create a page on your blog
without the menu or sidebar. What that does is focus the reader’s attention
completely on the page and that signup, without distracting them with links to other pages
or anything else. This is a landing page I set up for my build-a-blog
series and you’ll see that these do not have to be long or complicated. You want just enough information here to convince
them to give their name and email for that free handout. A few things you can do to grab someone’s
attention. Use bold or italics at different places to
focus their attention on a point or callout words like free. You can use bullet points and graphics like
these arrows to kind of guide them into the email form. What’s great about using a landing page
plugin is it will connect directly with your email provider so I can click on the form
and connect it to ConvertKit. Then I’ll connect it to a specific form
in ConvertKit, I’ll show you how to create this form next. This is going to make it so people signing
up on this page are put into a specific, separate list in ConvertKit. It’s going to make our system automated
from signup to emails and a great source of passive income. I can also change some of the text in the
email boxes, maybe make the wording a little more persuasive. I don’t like to put too much information
on a landing page. If they’ve clicked here, they already know
they want the free handout or whatever you’re offering so don’t try too hard to sell them. I do like to put in some testimonials if I
have them, something from past customers or bloggers that relates to the handout. Then you can put in a short bio about yourself,
just something to build a little credibility and then one last form to capture the email. You link this one up to ConvertKit just like
you did the first and that’s it. Short and sweet. There’s an important point I want to stress
here. In any of these steps, these pieces to your
sales funnel, they don’t have to be perfect. You can always go back and refine them, ask
someone else for their input and improve them later. Don’t get that analysis paralysis where
you never get started on something because you think it needs to be perfect. Get these done and start making money, then
worry about perfect. Then you’ll create a form in ConvertKit
and you can actually create your landing page here so you don’t have to have a plugin
on your site. It makes it seamless but I already had the
landing page plugin so I’ve kept with that and just using the forms on ConvertKit. I’ll click on inline which is going to be
a form that is static on the page versus this option for modal which is like a popup I can
create. There are a lot of features and options on
ConvertKit, it really is an all-in-one marketing tool for your blog. That’s why I use it over the other email
providers and I’ve used them all; MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact. Besides using it for this affiliate marketing
funnel, you can create lots of other forms to get email subscribers on your site and
really grow your community. The platform offers a two-week free trial
if you want to try it out so I’ll leave a link to that in the description as well. You’ll also have the option of choosing
from different form templates. I use some of these others for general email
signup on the blog but we just need the basic template to connect with our landing page. Setting up your form, you can show signups
a message or just redirect them to a page after they’ve signed up. I like to redirect them to a welcome page
where I can let them download the free handout. Here they’re also able to kind of look around
the blog and I can put in other links. You can also have ConvertKit send an incentive
email, so those confirmation emails that will deliver your freebie handout. I like to click this auto-confirm box as well
just in case they don’t click confirm on that email, I still want them getting the
email series. If you do send the confirmation email then
you can have the same redirect page or an automatic download when they click on their
email. So you’ve got the landing page and it’s
linked up to ConvertKit, now you just need something to send people once they’ve signed
up. Let’s look at how to create that email sequence
and set it so it’s completely automated. Setting up your email sequence is really easy,
you’ll first name your sequence and everything is on one page here which makes it very convenient. In each email, you can choose the delay for
when it goes out. I like to send the first email out immediately,
so when everything is still fresh in the receiver’s mind, and then send each of the following
emails out one day after the other. Since we’re only talking about two or three
emails, it’s not something that’s going to get annoying because we’re only talking
about a few days. You can enter your subject line and any of
the content in the editor here. On the left side, you’ll be able to add
as many emails as you want in the sequence. We’re only doing three emails here but I’ve
got sequences of up to 12 or 15 emails for general blog visitors. They go out once a week pointing out old blog
posts and really just building that relationship with the reader. So you type out your emails for each blog
post or video. You want to include a personal story or some
kind of story or anecdote to make that connection with the reader, something to help them relate
to the problem. Remember, the email series is meant to guide
them through this decision-making process so you want the first email to be about the
first blog post and make it a progression until the last email is about the affiliate
and that last post or video. Within each email, you want to link the blog
post a couple of times. So I’ll usually do that early in the email
and then again towards the bottom, just to give them a couple of chances to click on
it. You click this little link icon and then add
the URL address to your post or video. Then there are a few options here. You can make it so when they click, it opens
up a new window which is nice if they want to come back to the email. You can also tag anyone that clicks on this
link which puts them in a special group in ConvertKit. This is a great way to customize your email
list, putting people in groups according to what links they’ve clicked so you know exactly
what people are interested in and what they’ll respond to best. Before you move on to the next email, you
can move this one from draft to publish so it’s live and then do the same for your
other emails. Finally you click save all and your email
sequence is ready to go. Now the only step left is to tell ConvertKit
who to deliver this email sequence to by connecting the form you set up with the emails. So you click on Automation up top in the menu
and New Automation. Then you want to say anytime someone signs
up to this form, so you select joins a form and then find your form here in the dropdown. Then click on add action for what you want
to happen and select this email sequence, find the sequence in the dropdown here and
click add action. There are a lot of other options here to segment
your email lists, really customize the path for each person that comes to your blog, so
it’s a great tool to have. This just allows you to give each person that
personalized feeling and they’re going to be a more engaged subscriber. One last note on the automation here, make
sure you go up here to turn on the automation. It’s one of those little things you can
forget so just double-check. Once your email sequence is live and delivering
to people, you can always go back in to make changes or check on how well it’s doing. The reporting in ConvertKit makes it easy
to see how many are opening your emails and clicking on links. You can even re-engage with people that didn’t
open an email so you make sure you reach as many as possible. Before your blog posts or videos go live and
you actually start this funnel, you want to go through it yourself and ask a friend to
go through it as well. That means going to the landing page and entering
your email. You’ll receive the email sequence and make
sure that all the links work. Don’t neglect this last check. You don’t want all this hard work to be
wasted because a link didn’t work or maybe you forgot to change an email from draft to
publish or whatever. Now I know this all seems like a lot of work
and it is. You’ll create multiple blog posts, a landing
page, an email sequence and that free handout all for this one affiliate funnel. But these funnels do work and they work like
magic for making money every day. You can’t expect to just drop your affiliate
link into a post and have people clicking through. We’re overwhelmed with links and commercials
every day, people have ad blindness and will just ignore your affiliate links. This process creates and builds that relationship
with your community. It keeps them focused on that one topic while
they’re making a decision and it guides them through the buying process. Take it from someone that’s been blogging
for more than six years, you will see your income jump as soon as you use this process. Make sure you watch that first video with
the basic how-to of the affiliate funnel and click on that link in the description below
for your free checklist to setting up your own funnels. Create just one new affiliate funnel a month
and I GUARANTEE it will start building passive income for you just as it has done for me. We’re here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
with the best videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for
you. If you’ve got a question about money, just
subscribe to the channel and ask it in the comments and we’ll answer it in a video.

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