Stevens Business: Where students get internships as freshmen
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Stevens Business: Where students get internships as freshmen

The technology aspect of the major has
really prepared me for a lot of different internship opportunities, as
well as interviewing process in my career. At my internship at Vbout, I got
to make some amazing friends, I got to build a wonderful network, and I got to
build a data product that the company is going to be able to use forever. Being
able to take initiative and step out of my comfort zone was something that came
from Dr. Lombardi and he actually recommended me for an internship the
following summer, which was amazing for me because I was talking to a couple of
my friends at different schools and it was unheard of that a freshman would
have an internship right away. You’re right next to New York City, which
is the global capital of Finance and the global capital of marketing and the
global capital of advertising so our students have access to the best
internships, the best jobs. Because we are so close to this city, it was really easy
to go to a lot of recruiting events, both in the city and for employers to come to
recruiting events on campus. And that’s something that’s really valuable when
trying to find an internship or a career. My internship at PwC this summer – it was
a great experience especially because I got to speak with people who were a
first-year associate or a partner and getting to have all of that different
feedback helped me map out what I want my career to be like.

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