Storytelling: Not the Best B2B Content Marketing Strategy
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Storytelling: Not the Best B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Storytelling: Not the Best B2B Content Marketing
Strategy Storytelling, or adding value by becoming
a publisher, rarely creates sales for B2B marketers and sales reps because customers
don’t care about your story or how funny or entertaining you are! What they DO care about
is PROBLEMS you can help them solve or GOALS you can help them achieve. B2B marketers and
sellers are being given bad information about creating sales with so-called content: blog
stories, videos, white papers and such. So resist telling prospects all about your company’s
“unique story” as part of your social media sales strategy. Instead, promise them
a cure for an expressed pain AND (this is where most of us drop the ball) take them
on a journey toward the remedy. Create micro-transactions with potential customers that lead them toward
(or away from) whatever it is you’re selling. Help them make decisions in ways that build
confidence in themselves and trust in you. Because let’s be honest. What do potential
and existing customers care about more: Your culture, how funny or “human” you are
OR your ability to solve problems innovative ways that help them create distinctive market
position and grow? Sure, your corporate culture might help create a point of distinction that
INFLUENCES their decision. But it likely won’t get you in the door or under serious consideration.
So if you want to generate more leads in general, start focusing social and content marketing
on the problems, goals, fears, aspirations or skills your customers need to develop—help
them DO something that is important to them. Yes, for free but in ways that benefit YOU
too. Use stories to make a point or bring an idea to life–or prove something to clients.
Make stories serve a PROCESS that gets you what you want! That’s how social media is
selling for leading B2B marketers—and will sell for you too. I’m Jeff Molander.

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