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Strategic Marketing Management Lecture and Leadership Training Activities | Tim Levy

A lot of people who’ve seen me at Secret Knock
over the ears think all I do for a living is crack jokes. That’s kind of fair, but not all I actually
do. So, let me start with this. Can you grab out a piece of paper and a pen. Get it in front of you, because now it’s time
to take notes and do a couple of things together. Are you ready? Say yes, excellent! Let’s do this. There are three axis to every business in
the room. Yours and the person next to you. Number one is traffic. It’s absolutely true and it’s true when social
media and online as well as anywhere else. If you can generate content, that is a giving
situation. Then you will get traffic conversion leads
business. Does that all make sense? What if you could drive for example three
or four thousand people to a single post for say 20 bucks? With that be helpful? So I spent my time doing strategy and consultation
and teaching the CEOs of reasonably large businesses. But when I come to a place like this, I love
to do that for free. The first thing is this, if you want to generate
traffic, you need content. Every business needs a slate which is a list
of products and services that makes sense. But what would be good is – could your products
and services start at something cheap and go to something really expensive so people
had some options? Alright, so here’s the first exercise having
drawn the axes. Give yourself numbers out of 10 for each one. You ready? 30 seconds go. Tell me what’s going on. So I work for an insurance broker, mmm boring. So I put a set of two because I think at the
moment having just relaunched the website, we’re really good company but we don’t tell
anyone. Alright, a well-kept secret. So you have an issue when it comes to traffic,
is that fair to say? Absolutely And probably in a couple of other places as
well. Thank you for describing the self-confessed
rubbish website. I appreciate that. A video is suddenly helpful in so many places
beyond social media into YouTube-level only engagement it gets when you’re on for example
your own website. So I get four or five or six different forms
out of the one presentation medium that I can actually share and use to generate traffic
as long as I have a contribution. Something important to actually give. So, if you are looking to generate traffic
just out of this one website and there are dozens that do a good job of this. But this is really easy. Start by clicking that button which is already
available to you now, but you just have never done. Imagine you did a presentation that you could
drive six hundred people to or six thousand people to, let alone expose it to those 42
thousand people. Would that make a difference to how you think
of your presentations? When you walk away today, you have a specific
takeaway that you can implement in your own business. Does that sound good? Yes. Can you see how if you had a business without
conversion, you wouldn’t have a business at all? The key concept that you need to take away
and if you’re going to write down one thing, just one thing today, this is what I would
write down. YouTube is an SEO ecosystem. So, if you don’t do these six things it will
not rank your video. If you do do these six things, it will begin
to rank your video and there are more things you can do after this. I spend most of my time working with CEOs
of reasonably large businesses and it turns out, when you ask them what is the most valuable,
valuable most highly remunerated part of their work, what do they tell you? What is it? What’s the most valuable thing about a CEO,
what is it? Results, yes. What else? Visionary! Have you been to a church where people have
been praying for hundreds if not thousands of years and there is just a terrific energy
in the room. Would you agree and be prepared to say “aye”
loudly, that there is good energy in this room? If you agree say “aye.” Aye! Can you feel it? Yeah. Give me five or ten places that for you are
high-energy places, you are simply there and you feel better. There are people who are around you. They could be friends, they could be family,
they could be colleagues and whenever you spend time with them you always feel just
a little bit, if not a lot worse. If you can’t think of them, just think of
the relatives you see every Thanksgiving and there might be some clues. Here’s what I’ve noticed – there are energy
deficit and energy surplus people. If I want to feel better, I call or connect
with those who are my energy surplus individuals. This is a tool. If I want to feel worse, I know who to call
and I’m not telling you. What you now have in front of you are six
groups of tools that you can use to manage your personal energy level. Does it make sense? So when you have more of the good ones, your
energy goes up. When you have, when you avoid the bad ones,
your energy goes up. If you want to lower your energy, that’s fair enough. Avoid those things and you know you can use
them. Now that is a tool that is your personal go-to list. So, grab a pen. You’re going to be doing some exercises. You’re going to be talking to the people next
to you. All of those things will happen in the next
60 minutes as we focus on traffic conversion and new income streams. But before we do, I want to connect this to
bold leadership. How are these two things connected? Sometimes it’s attempting for business-to-business
companies to say, “this doesn’t apply to me.I don’t need lots of traffic. I need business-to-business traffic.” But here’s what’s happening in the world and
look around this room because it’s happening here too. The Millennials are coming. Oh yes. They’re coming, they’re here already. Yes, I can see one right there. Hi! Nice to see you. The issue with Millennials is that they communicate
and connect differently than we do. And they’re able to assess your company online
in a matter of seconds. Angie, how are you feeling my friend? Yeah, well I’m a little nervous. We saw it. Alright great. Can we type in your website please. What am I searching to get to your site? So that should probably be in the H1 tag. Does this make sense? Thank you so much for your time today, I hope
you found something really useful.

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