Strategic Planning: Strategic Marketing an Online course with David Parrish
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Strategic Planning: Strategic Marketing an Online course with David Parrish

Strategic Marketing The term ‘Marketing’ is widely misunderstood because many people think it’s purely
about advertising and promotion. But this is just one element of marketing that we may call ‘operational marketing’
or ‘marketing communications’. Strategic Marketing is much bigger than this. It looks at our business in the whole context
of the wider marketplace. And therefore it addresses
some of the bigger issues. Such as: how we can compete in this marketplace? At what can we excel
in relation to the competition? Who exactly are the customers
we should be serving? What exactly do our customers want? And importantly, which segments
of the market should we NOT deal with? By looking at these wider issues of marketing, we can devise our
unique business formula which is based on our vision
and our definition of success but also takes into account competition
and the strategic view of marketing. In other words, choosing the markets
in which we can compete. In short, strategic marketing involves
a change of thinking. Instead of saying: ‘Let’s produce everything
we can and sell to everybody we can’, it moves our thinking towards ‘What can
we excel at in relation to competition and exactly which markets want
this thing at which we excel?’ It’s only when the big issues of
strategic marketing have been resolved, that we can then turn to the details
of marketing communications, of communicating precisely
with the customers we chose to serve. Furthermore, by having chosen
precise customer segments, we can then listen very
carefully to those customers to understand better exactly what we want
and how we can serve them even better. In this way I describe marketing as looking at things from the
customer’s point of view, understanding the customer’s perspective. Management guru Peter Drucker wrote: ‘Marketing is not only
much broader than selling, it is not a specialised activity at all. It encompasses the entire business. It’s the whole business seen from
the point of view of its final result, that is, from the customer’s point of view’. In the end, Strategic Marketing
is about aligning our businesses to the changing needs
of our carefully selected customers, focusing only on these
selected customers and ignoring the temptations
of the rest of the market so that we can achieve the success
we want or we deserve. Strategic Marketing is about
maneuvering within the markets, avoiding competitors we cannot compete with
and choosing our battles, going to those markets that we can
serve better than anybody else and focusing entirely on those markets. And so Strategic Marketing is about
looking at the whole business in relation to selected markets. And that’s why David Packard from
Hewlett Packard famously said: ‘Marketing is too important
to be left to the marketing department’. And that’s why strategic marketing is a
very important element of strategic planning. We have other resources online
that you can follow to learn more about strategic planning, to apply it to your enterprise so that you
can become even more successful.

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  1. Thank you very much, Mr. David Parrish. I really liked the course, all described consecutively. A good rate of speech, and very crisp English.

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