Strategic Relationship Marketing Alumnus Profile – George Brown College
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Strategic Relationship Marketing Alumnus Profile – George Brown College

Canada definitely seemed
like the perfect place. It, it was, uh, welcoming.
It was multicultural. It was safe. My goal was to live here, and,
and in order to live here I wanted to be, uh, prepared,
uh, to be able to support myself and how best to do that
is by getting an education. My name is Sheldon
and I graduated from the Strategic Relationship Marketing Program
at George Brown College, and I graduated in 2010. Before I came to George Brown,
I studied at, uh, University of Mumbai I did my bachelor’s in commerce
and I graduated in 1999. I learned about George Brown
mostly through online research, through forums and, uh, and communities,
online student communities and so on. As soon as I, uh, arrived to Canada,
we started off with an orientation at George Brown College,
within the first week I was here. So that helped out as well,
because I got to meet my future lecturers
and professors. I met my classmates there. And that helped to break the ice
and meet people, uh, a bit in advance before we actually get in class
and start making friends. And getting around is easy,
especially in George Brown. It’s in downtown location
at St. James. Uh, you can, you know,
use the public transport, TTC, just to, uh, to get anywhere in the city,
and it’s very convenient. As for my experience
at the International Centre, uh, they assist you
with finding a place to stay and, uh, you know, you get
put up with a Canadian family. And the best thing is when you come,
you don’t have to worry to- worry about looking for a place. You already have one,
uh, even before coming to Canada. And, of course throughout the year,
it went on in terms of all the people that’s needed post-, uh,
education as well, and post-graduation
and, and during the year. Every time I went there,
there was never a queue. Uh, they were very prompt
to answer your questions, uh, the forms
were always ready. Definitely, I’ll give them
an “A.” [laughs] They, they have been pretty helpful
every time I needed them. Enjoyed my experience
at the school, I’ve enjoyed my experience
at my internship, and I’m currently enjoying my experience
at my current employment too. [music rises and subsides]

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