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Student Spotlight | Ariana | Why CU Denver

My name is Ariana Lily Nikmanesh. I’m a
senior here at the University of Colorado Denver majoring in marketing minoring in political science and obtaining a certificate in strategic communication. I chose CU Denver because of the diverse environment. I was picking between CU Denver and a couple other campuses but when I came here I could feel that everyone was so different they thought differently they were so much more focused and I wanted to be in an environment where I knew I could really grow and I knew that CU Denver would give that to me. I also wanted to come to CU Denver because it’s in the city and a part of being in this city is that you’re next to the businesses and the governmental entities
that can really change the world because of campus involvement I’ve become really good friends with a staff and students here so they’ve become almost like my
family and CU Denver has become my home away from home.

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