Students describe Stepping Into Internships
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Students describe Stepping Into Internships

So I first decided to get involved in the
program to get a lot of exposure to the workforce. As a uni student coming out of an accounting
degree, one of your aspirations normally is to work at one of the Big 4. And when I heard
that PwC was offering this program I thought it’d be a great chance to really work with
them and see what it’s like. Hearing about the program I thought it would
be a really great opportunity to get some hands-on experience in the workplace. Coming out of uni it can be a little bit scary
knid of working out where you want to go from here. So I thought I may as well apply again
and see where I can – where I can go with it. I got to meet many different kinds of clients,
work on many different kinds of problems, and my networking definitely improved. I came
out of the program with a lot of friends who I continue to keep in touch with. I had such a wonderful time really, and I
learnt so much that I didn’t realise I would be learning. And even though it wasn’t totally
in line with what I’d been studying, I still saw it as a great stepping stone towards career
development down the track. So I feel like often the graduates, they come
out of uni and they’re sort of, very intimidated and they think, “Oh I have a disability, that
means I’m already not going to get a job.” But the way I see it is that everyone’s got
their strengths and weaknesses. Disability has been something that has psychologically
held me back. What Telstra did is that they put me into a situation where there were no
barriers. My confidence has just, you know, gone up
after the program. First of all because of the environment of the company is really,
really open. It’s really – they recognise me as their peer. FACS have actually been really good at accommodating me. Before I started the internship they asked what adjustments I might need. I think probably the best advice I could offer
is to be completely open-minded. And not to doubt yourself and your abilities, because
you learn so much when you put yourself in a new space. Don’t overthink it, just do it. To be honest
you have nothing to lose but everything to gain with this program. Give it a go. I think you’ve got nothing to
lose and I think you never know until you try. I think it’s a great opportunity and
I think everyone should give it a go.

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