Students speak about the value of internships
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Students speak about the value of internships

Interns have become a huge part of our
talent acquisition strategy. We’ve now got interns working in almost every
major function in our business and we’re looking to continue to expand that. We’ve
got now interns who are transitioning into full-time roles for our
organization which is so exciting and that’s where we really want to go and
grow in the future. When I was first approached with filling my open
e-commerce content roles with interns, I was very hesitant. I did not want to take
the time and energy to train interns that I figured we’re not going to stay
here at the company. My thought. process was, this an intern they’re just
here just to learn, but they’re not really going to stay once. I finally
became more open-minded about the process and I thought about it I said okay,
well maybe let’s just give it a try and boy am I glad that I did give it a try. I
have been very lucky and I was a blessed to be able to get two wonderful interns
who filled the e-commerce content role. They have really exceeded my
expectations as far as what an intern can actually offer in a company. They
have been very helpful, willing to learn. You tell them to do something and they
do it. I think they like the fact that they can
actually grow and continue to learn and to apply what they’ve learned in school
to their actual position and I never took the stance of making them feel like
they were less than I wanted them to feel as if they were a part of the team
because they may have been I appreciate to me for giving them the opportunity
but I was really appreciative of them them to come and to add to my team I
absolutely believe that interns have room to grow here I mean there’s so much
opportunity in this building in the master data team that we have we have
quite a few interns former interns and just about anyone else who isn’t started
out in the warehouse so we’ve always had a culture of finding talent and growing
that talent and the internship program is no exception
so my experience interning at or has been just like a regular job I didn’t
really know what to think when I was offered an internship position I didn’t
really know what to expect because internships you generally think okay I’m
going to be doing like back-office stuff I’m gonna be kind of doing small tasks
when I got here they told me what my job was gonna be and I was doing the job of
a full-time person I’m actually contributing to the team so it was kind
of different than what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised because I
didn’t feel like I was just an intern I felt like a part of the culture here and
a part of the family so the crossover from my classes and my internship
there’s a lot more crossover than I actually thought there was initially
going to be when you’re in school it’s kind of hard to see okay well I’m
learning these things how is it really gonna apply into the real world so when
I got here I was like oh my gosh I remember learning about that I’m
actually using something that I learned about and I’m still in school right now
so I’m already seeing how things that I’m learning in my capstone class
integrate into a full-blown company how it actually applies to different things
so I’ve definitely used a lot of the knowledge from my classes into my
internship and it’s really helped me have a better understanding
one of the main things I’ve learned here throughout my internship at or is that
it is okay to make mistakes everyone makes mistakes n of us are perfect and
there are gonna be times where you try to solve a problem and the problems not
solved and you got to keep trying and trying and even though you might not do
it correctly eventually it will get fixed with the help of other people so
teamwork is very important here I think it’s very important for any students
take an internship because I had no idea year ago what I wanted to do
coming to aura has definitely shown me all the operations of business how each
set or section of business works together so accounting works with
finance the marketing works with overall everyone sales works with purchasing and
marketing close together and it all just actually fits in and I think it’s
definitely important for any student to get an internship because it’s gonna
grow you as a person and everyone needs to keep learning and constantly keep
improving themselves and it really does give you real-life experience to see
can actually see yourself in this business or doing this specific job it
tells you what you do like and what you don’t want so when I was an intern I was
basically working here three days a week and I knew I wanted to gain more
experience so I asked Melissa if I could during the summer do it full-time and
just to try it around to see if I liked it and it ended up I enjoyed doing the
database and doing the marketing for it in the content and so she told me in
December when I was about to graduate she asked me if I wanted to
do it full-time and I told her of course I wanted to I love the people here it’s
so welcoming and I just enjoy it

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