Studio Chat: Long-Tail Marketing-Five Things to Consider When Growing Your Business
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Studio Chat: Long-Tail Marketing-Five Things to Consider When Growing Your Business

this is Eric Branner from Fons. I
just got off the phone with a music teacher from Cincinnati Ohio looking to
build their studio They have about five students right now they’re very
passionate about teaching Their concerns are “there are lots of music schools in the
area lots of competition so I’ve been making business cards working on a
website I grew up here” there’ are so many things that we can we can garner from
these little tidbits of knowledge about how to grow your studio and how I
encouraged her was to think about longtail marketing if
you’re gonna plop yourself into a community and establish yourself and
make a living as an independent music teacher or a tutor or a personal trainer
any of any of these things where you’re adding impact and contributing to your
community it’s longtail and what longtail marketing to me means being
awesome to the clients that you have and diligently working to contribute to your
community and I’ll give you a couple ideas that we mean about that so it’s –
in order to create trust and have your name be the name that comes up when
people think about looking for a piano teacher or looking for a personal
trainer right so a couple things that I think are really important about this
one is I mean this is be awesome and an anecdote I like to share is that I’ve
been teaching in Seattle a long time about 20 years and I have a waiting list
and a really great active clientele of students and it’s my favorite thing to
do is to teach and I have I can literally draw a map of almost all my
students back to one or two families that I started teaching about 20 years
ago that we’re very connected that I have really loved one day I showed up
for a lesson I pulled a gigantic splinter out of this kids foot and
something about they’re on their way to the ER yeah a splinter in his foot I
pulled that thing out and I don’t know the next thing you know I was teaching
half of that neighborhood and yeah I just remembered this splinter thing but
it’s true and this is the idea of longtail marketing it’s not like I’ll
sign up now and get this deal we don’t want to attract those type of customers
the big idea is we’re making an impact on our community so what can we do one
and the most important thing you can do is charged more than your competitors
which I know is a hard thing to think about I’m gonna make and talk about this
in another video but if you’re going to establish yourself you must find clients
that are awesome that can afford to pay you what you are worth and you often
these kind of clients can only differentiate your services by your cost
because they’re not artists or they’re not you know academics and so they will
choose the provider based on what they’re charging and so you want to
price yourself competitively above your market sounds crazy I’ll tell you
another story about that another time it’s another conversation but ask me
that promise it’s true um to is you ask your community if they
can help you you know if you know people send out an email with your you know
that you’re offering some new spots this this time you might want to also
consider grandfathering in your current clients right raise your rates just for
your new clients it’s a great it’s a great way to go so this idea
longtail marketing we’re gonna we’re gonna raise our rates we’re going to
really focus on our community right and we’re gonna start to really we’re gonna
start to see things really ramped up because of that so anyway I hope this is
helpful and I hope that this encourages you to
build your studio organically longtail marketing what other things you do for
longtail marketing well I’d go to every one of my students recital I show up I
hold public events you know every time I go to one of my students talent shows
and recitals I end up getting a couple new phone calls which is great I also I
host an annual or semiannual events I host my big guitar Baku they’re welcome
to bring a friend you know many of these ideas are outlined in David Cutler’s
awesome book savvy music teacher which is it just essentially being really
awesome creating a wonderful community through through what you do so long tail
marketing I’d love to hear your ideas on what you do for a long tail marketing
and what that means to you but I think it’s the most effective way I think it’s
more important than just having a flashy website or handing out business cards
it’s word of mouth it’s having people say oh I have to study
this person it’s creating relationships in your community and all of the
providers we work with that are crushing it throughout the nation and the world
they all use this right they’ve been around a while they’ve been patient
they’ve been caring they put their clients first one more thought about
this is that yes you’re gonna raise your prices to be competitive because it’s
going to attract clients that does not mean that you have to leave other
clients out right what that means is when a single mom shows up at your
studio and wants to take lessons and they say I can’t afford this then you
work with them because you’re charging a rate that allows you to have a
compassionate empathetic business model that works to where you’re feeding
yourself you’re supporting your family whatever you need to do and you’re able
to optimally contribute to your community so anyway I wanted to make
this quick long tail marketing I hope it’s helpful I hope you have a great day
take care

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