Su lay’s interview with MIA – Benefits of doing an internship in Thailand
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Su lay’s interview with MIA – Benefits of doing an internship in Thailand

good afternoon my name is Su Lay I’m
originally from Burma but I was brought up in Thailand and I’ve been here for
the past 14 years I used to teach business classes
marketing department and right now I’m teaching in Thailand I have been
teaching for the past years as media and marketing professor
what’s the benefits for international and Thai students to do internships in
Thailand okay so I would like to say it in two divided two different target on
for two different target audience because for the international students
Thailand is in Asia of Asia in general is exotic there are a lot of culture a
lot of different ways lifestyle and climate and food and cuisines and
everything so it’s different so for the for the students coming from Western
world this will be a very good opportunity especially Thailand one of
the countries one of the Asian countries in the world being the ASEAN member you
can learn a lot and by doing this coming doing the internship here in Thailand it
will be very good in a sense that you can pick up different cultural
experiences that would be the selling point because Thailand being the
collectivist culture the way people do things decision making work cohesiveness
also the way we give respect to the power distance also the way we correct I will see correct or try to
come up with the solution in different miniature style as compared to the
Western world so we can get variety as as the student coming from the Western
world the students will have many opportunities in terms of culture or
even like in political system Thailand being the constitutional or not system
so even you learn how the political system work or even economic as well
economic how the economy the way it operates so they are variety of
experiences depending on your discipline we can pick up the interest as for the
Thai student having the internship here in Thailand because you are a Thai
national or even if you are thai national but staying abroad studying abroad or
your resident is in abroad you can still it is still your country it is still
your your mother land so by doing this you will be able to learn what your
country is good at and you can even contribute as a member of the society
and you can do so much have you ever helped students find an
internship yes I have a couple of times Can you share any experience of students have
done internship in Thailand one specific one is the one at the radio station and
something like a student was overqualified what he or she was looking
for was not exactly the same however in the end it turns out better in a sense
that the radio this individual helped to expect an out
or smooth edges of the program and what owner was doing so it was actually the
student learned something in a sense that this student will have to do
everything on his or her own and so our programming everything then the owner
was quite happy that the results that he was quite good in a sense that
conclusion the experience that the student earned in the experience of the
radio station owner received was very nice because this individual student did
so much provide so much help that’s what if this we just to respect the students
privacy what’s the biggest difference between
working in Thailand to working abroad it depends on your preferences and
priorities if you are coming from the Western world what are you looking for
in a sense that it’s depending on your discipline it depending on your
expectation it depending on your career path so suppose let’s see just generally
speaking if you are going to come here come to Thailand I will say one thing is
culture if you are coming from Western world culture in the sense that
you are learning about culture in general and then organizational culture
the way the working start the working style
it may be group working or group or maybe it is a culture of the
group norm or it may be power distance that will be different and also
sometimes we talk about in your manners mannerism in a sense that how you give
respect while you try to tell the boss or tell your subordinate because in
different in on the other side of the world in Western culture specifically to
generalize is there as a subordinate you have right to speak
up or you have right to say whatever you want but here in Asia especially in
Thailand you cannot talk back to the boss or your supervisor the way you want
to you have to not only the tone in the style also the choice of words and the
mannerism even though you are correct you have a way so that is something
that you can learn from in terms of the work culture and culture and also
experiences wise I think for example even learning the language learning the
language that might be another experience that we didn’t yet in
lifestyle lifestyle generalize our time people and also the working lifestyle
and also the food adjusting adapting to the food so all in all I will say it’s
going for the people from the West it’s going to their totally different

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