Summer Internships Promote Professional Development
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Summer Internships Promote Professional Development

– I remember talking about
the internship grant, so I was able to dedicate my time without having to worry about
scheduling around another job, or how much money I was making, how many hours I was working. It feels good to be a part of something that feel like it’s making
at least a little bit of a change somewhere. – This summer at Goldman Sachs,
it’s been really important. I’m really interested in continuing management afterwards then. It really rewards people
that are naturally interested in it and willing to work hard, and so I see it as a really
good career opportunity. – Just seeing what’s
possible here gives me a lot of options, let’s me realize that there’s a lot of stuff I can do. And we partner Science
educators with scientists, like people here at Fred
Hutch who are working to cure cancer. – There is an aha moment in that, working with history, can,
can’t it be a it’s own job. This is the Washington State
Holocaust Center for Humanity. – Working at ReWA has really
demonstrated and shown me the incredible value of
engaging and participating in your community. – Basically, it fits in
perfectly with my interest, you know, ‘coz I’m coming into it with Environmental Studies
and Physics as my major and then I get to combine
it with whether interest for the environment and hopefully,
we have less of an impact on the national world and
I really enjoy being able to be confident in my self
and know that I can actually finish what I started. – This internship has
helped me kind of embody the scientist, you know,
‘coz you have to like, figure out problems
from all sorts of angles and proceedings, and so like with a crab, you have to understand what
kind of water it likes. – This internship has
given me a lot of exposure into Filming Education. With all the young filmmakers in the area, there is a place for me in the film world. There’s so many courses that I can take, and there’s still a lot of
knowledge that I can gain, and so I’m really happy to have had this technical experience at this position that I can then take with me to Whitman and use in the film making course.

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