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Supply Chain Management at WIU

[Music Playing] [Music Playing] Choosing a major can be tough, there are so many choices. You want to prepare for a career that is interesting, where there are good and plentiful jobs, good pay, and where you can make a difference. A degree in Supply Chain Management from Western Illinois University can put you on the path to the future you want. Supply Chain Management can put you in a career track with great opportunities. SCM is one of the fastest growing employment fields around the world. Because of Illinois’s strategic location as a center of transportation, Supply Chain Management is especially important in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Labor has identified the Supply Chain field as the greatest priority for developing a trained labor force. The question comes up a lot, what is Supply Chain Management? Supply Chain Management is the coordination of a number of business activities to allow us to move products and services from where we create it to the actual customer. Purchasing is one these activities, as we purchase materials, raw materials, components, tools, machinery, we use these components then to create products that we will give to the customer. Supply Chain Management deals with transportation among other things. We transport things, we move things. Transportation is more complicated than putting a box on a truck or sending a train out. We have different modes of transportation and even among these modes of transportation we have different types. We have express, or overnight, we have large volume transportation truck load, rail car, barges things like that. We often times have products delivered in truck load or rail car loads where we will actually use the products over several days. So we store products sometimes in warehouses, distribution centers where the product stays only a few days. We also store products at our factories, at our retail stores just like you store at your house, in the kitchen, your garage your closet. Companies have to store products in a number of places and a big part of that is managing the inventory. Today we have far more vendors then we ever had. We have far more customers than we ever had on a worldwide basis. So one of the things that we really get involved in Supply Chain Management is dealing with international, dealing with the global market, the global customer and globalism makes it more complex but much more exciting because now I am dealing with cultures, dealing with currencies, dealing with desires and products that we have never had to deal with before. We have far more demands and that gives us far more opportunity to customize our product, to customize our services. To give us that advantage, to give us that niche in the market. In Supply Chain Management we talk a lot about the five rights: delivering the right product, to the right place, at the right time, in the right condition and for the right cost. Supply Chain Management is about expanding, globally oriented profession. Simply put, people who work in SCM strives to insure that everyone throughout the supply chain has what they need, when they need it, both inside and outside the organization. [Narrator] One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a career in Supply Chain Management is an education in WIU’s Supply Chain Management program. In addition to general education courses courses that all university students take, a Supply Chain Management student completes business core courses such as: finance, accounting, economics, marketing and management. Plus Supply Chain Management courses such as: transportation management, global supply chain management, warehouse management, operations management, supply management, inventory strategy, and an internship in Supply Chain Management. Several prominent companies recruit at Western Illinois University for graduates of the Supply Chain Management program. These and other companies look to the WIU SCM program for skilled Supply Chain professionals Supply Chain Management impacts our whole existence at DOT Foods from start to finish, from the time we procure a product to the time it’s manufactured, to the time its being transported to our facilities to the distribution network which is our wholesaler, and then it goes to our retailers and so forth. Managing that whole process does help you control the risk and the success within the organization. Supply Chain Management is important to Monsanto because we understand that our competitive advantage is not just with our brands and our products but also in insuring that we have a process that is competitive and insuring that we are doing everything in the most cost effective manner. Like most companies we recruit for Supply Chain Management students to insure that we have the most profitable and and competitive operations as possible. We want our students to have the right knowledge and skills when they graduate from Supply Chain Management program. To do this we teach what our students need to know in order to succeed in today’s job market. Our students are active learners; they use computer simulations, go on facility tours, and receive help from us to find internships and jobs. We also make ourselves available to our students in our Supply Chain Management Association. The Supply Chain Management program offers many opportunities such as scholarships, internships, and Supply Chain Management day which basically brings the companies to talk to their students and recruit them directly and also I like how the professors teach. They go exceptionally above their duties to help the students succeed academically and professionally. [Narrator] If you’re a high school student and your interested in the Supply Chain Management program contact the WIU admissions office online or by phone. You’ll need to apply to and be accepted into the university then declare as a pre- Supply Chain Management major. The admissions office can also tell you why Western is such a great choice for many students. Come join us and explore the exciting career opportunities awaiting you in the Supply Chain Management program at Western Illinois University where our focus is on higher values and higher education.

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