SUSECON Keynote Day 1 Tuesday Michael Miller and Nils Brauckmann
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SUSECON Keynote Day 1 Tuesday Michael Miller and Nils Brauckmann

All right, and now without further ado, it’s my pleasure to welcome SUSE CEO Nils Brockman Hi everyone panels Michael, how are you doing? Very good. All right, let’s sit down Thank you So that was an amazing video. That was pretty cool. It’s crazy. Have you seen this gentleman with the Green, yeah, are you thinking about it? Yeah, you can’t have it. No, I I can’t have it for different reasons. Yeah So that was that was a wonderful video min. Have you done that? It’s amazing. So that video happened right here on site, right? that’s what happens when you take the amazing SUSE video crew and you combine that with a bunch of fantastic SUSECON community this And you guys are an amazing audience have to say that you see it on the videos You see it here in the room there. So there’s a lot of energy coming our way and I like to hear that So give it to us Throughout the week you feel adduction. I feel that already. I saw that when I was ready for you It’s really good. So all Right. So that’s whose account energy, right? We’ve been doing this now together for quite some years and there’s always this special SUSECON energy But I have to say this year there it feels a little different There’s a little something extra there isn’t there there is definitely something different in the air. The green foggy stuff. Yeah bringing around I know that yeah, yeah. Yeah in that sense of excitement It’s to me it’s almost like that feeling you get when you’re just about to go off on some new adventure or start some Exciting new project. There’s something different. Yeah know what that is. I know exactly what you’re talking about And I think the audience also knows what they’re talking about I think both of you have noticed an effort by now that SUSE is now since March 15 fully independent standalone business. Yeah And in fact We are about to be the largest Independent open sauce company in this industry as the rat gets slowly sucked into the blue and transcendent purple. I Want to say that? Yeah So and now Michael you and I the whole SUSE team and quite frankly I think many people also here in the audience have been on this journey since a couple of years. That’s right I mean step by step. We not just expanded the SUSE business, but we also increase the levels of independence Within the within the SUSE business and it was so so exciting and inspiring to see how the SUSE teams across the globe really gathered on our Independence Day March 15 and stopped to celebrate parties, you know, there was SUSE bands playing. Yeah That was there was Green little bit information everywhere. There was green colors People celebrated with with mega cakes. I mean as green cakes Yeah, the the the Chinese team I think had the largest cake. Yeah I’ve ever seen I think they will still eat from that when we celebrate our first anniversary of the independence versa. I think so But lots of fun seriously, the chameleon was a display everywhere on public places. So and Honestly, and you see some of those pictures I think I saw some of those pictures behind us it was very inspiring to see this level of Confidence pride passion. Yeah belief in the future of SUSE. So it was a was a great day for us and you know, the timing of it couldn’t have worked out better You know in all these things the timing it’s hard to know how the timing of these things work out But it couldn’t have been better to have finalized the launching of SUSE as an independent business really just days before SUSECON is just perfect and audience. I have to tell you you don’t know how much we were sweating. You know that people hold it Oh, yeah, but March 15 date as SUSE come became closer, but we made it, you know, so well But the most important thing now being an independent business, there’s really only one agenda left and that’s our own agenda That’s right And it’s about understanding needs and the requirements of our customers and business partners and then as a business Try everything that we can do to really meet those requirements and it can promise all of you that we are very focused hundred-percent focused around that and super Single-minded, you know and it feels good inside of SUSE You know as part of the SUSE team Being able to have that laser focus on our mission and our customers is such a great feeling But even more than that, there’s some really great Advantages to this in terms of our new structure. Maybe we could talk about that more Well, one of the advantages certainly is that we now have a growth investor at our site Eqt and actually with with that Support and expertise. It is actually impossible to enlarge our strategic Pursuit I would say so for years we have been heavily investing into the engineering organization and and Expanding the business via organic growth and we will continue to do that by the way, because after all we are technology business But now in this new constellation we are able to complement that organic growth with a set of strategic acquisitions to help us to advance our strategy even faster to Deliver a new open source innovation to enterprise customers with an increased degree of speed So this this build and buy? strategy that we now can execute in the new set up with with the growth invest at our side is Really making a big difference for us in the future Yeah, and that ability to use both of those strategies to develop the business is great And I’m really excited about that and I think the whole SUSECON audience is going to be excited to hear throughout the week How that’s going to lead to more innovation for you You’ll be hearing a lot about that on this stage as well as in the various breakout sessions? And then another thing that that’s different is there’s some implications about this about how we operate the business that are really interesting as well Yes, and and I hope I hope you guys are curious about it because you should so first of all Generally speaking We are we are pursuing our independence with a combination of continuity and also refinement because there are many things in this business what we call the SUSE foundation that made our success possible and will continue to Make our success in the future possible. So everything in our foundation that Keeps us strong open open source open source in general our business culture events like the SUSECON These kind of things we will definitely continue Maintain and at the same time as the markets are changing as customers are changing as the business is changing We will also refine in certain areas. So everything that needs to change In order to be a better business a more agile business to react to market requirements in those areas We will actually do changes probably at a higher higher pace that we did in the past, right? Yeah, and that there’s so many different facets there that we could talk about but let’s just pick maybe one or two examples Yes, that’s what we decided Obviously we can’t talk about all of those elements and let’s talk a little bit about about the leadership because I think also if I use interesting to see how this company will be run and let in the future so If you think at the leadership team to a large degree, we are talking about continuity. So the team that brought us This far this fast will also take on the next additional steps. We’re developing. This was a business So so stability to a large degree in that area now at the same time obviously We also recognize that there are certain functions certain expertise certain capabilities that we need that we have to add to the business So we actually start to compliment our leadership team in several levels to add these Capabilities and these expertise to make the team even stronger and subsequently who’s a better business so again a combination of continuity and change and you guys probably all seen recent announcement about that about some of the new new SUSE leaders that have joined us you’ll see that in our recent announcements and I think that’s a great example of some of the things Going on inside the business as a result of this change and then We also came up with another example that was more of outward facing that we wanted to talk about today And that’s probably the example about our our partner Ecosystem. Yeah Technology partners business partners go to market partners have always been Deeply ingrained in our strategy from day one and that’s something that we obviously will continue no doubt about that, right? so at the same time, we also recognize that as Partner types and relationships emerging that we want to pursue and develop so we will also seek for new Opportunities to engage And examples of that would be working closely with the global system integrators Do even more with the public cloud service provider channels around the globe and that can take the form of go-to-market Collaboration it can take the form of collaboration around service models But most certainly also around optimizing technology jointly together To offer to our actual customers great examples of that as well So with this announcement, obviously, there’s a lot of things that are new for us there’s also some things that are staying the same so that balance of continuity and and Adaptation and growth is really exciting Now one of the things that does stay the same is what we do at SUSECON Which is great and one of those things that the SUSECON Audience has always told me they really appreciate Nils is to have a chance for to hear directly from you some updates about what’s happening with the business and how the business is doing how the business let’s talk a little bit about Yeah, so first of all, we came out of 2018 and moved into 2019 with quite a healthy business momentum. So the the SUSE story of growth and momentum Continues and and the business continues to be very healthy and I can give you a couple of pieces of information to illustrate that so our our revenues Firstly 18 grew at a rate of 15 percent actually a bit more than 15 percent And we are about to surpass the four hundred million dollar revenue mark. Yeah as a business Okay, that’s a great milestone it is. Yeah now even though I’m glad for that And maybe also interesting to know that all of the four world by geographies that that we support Actually showed growth again like every year also firstly eighteen So it’s again very homogeneous Growth from different areas of the world contributing to that and what I I love about that that growth momentum is it’s also profitable growth And that continued profitable growth sets us up to do more and more and more over time It allows us to reinvest back into the business, which is another thing we often share here with our audiences What are some of those those investments that we’re bringing back in? Well, we continue to invest heavily into the team and build out the team So just alone in the last twelve months If you look back the last twelve months we added more than three hundred net additional people to the SUSE business across functions and across Gio’s Now the the entire team of SUSE deployed worldwide is now exceeding one thousand and seven at 50 people So quite a sizable team that we have then and most of the investment get went to engineering. No surprise, but you would be Surprised how much also went into sales and services because we want to do a better job to also find and service our customers Around the globe, right? One additional note and I think that that became also obviously when we showed some of the videos is yeah We are pretty global and very international company. So those 1000 750 Embry’s are distributed across 34 different countries and hold your breath from 75 different Nationalities so isn’t so truly international team that we have within the solution and I think that that diversity and international nature of the SUSE employee base itself all of us at SUSE that’s really a direct reflection of the International nature of our business and our customers because our businesses Our customers are all around the world and we want to be there with you to engage with you directly wherever you are Yes, and maybe those good time not just to engage with you, but also to thank you Yeah, all of those that came along but not just for coming and joining us. It’s Seussical We want to thank you for being our customers. Yeah and giving us your business. We know that you have choices We want to thank you for your business but also for the fact that you engage in those lasting productive relationships That actually make us stronger and hopefully make you strong as well. So thanks for that. Thank you All right Now in my opening I promised that we would talk a little bit more about how SUSE’s referred to as an open open source company And what that really means? All right, so maybe we could hear a little bit about that Isn’t you and your own words? Let’s talk a little bit about that so first of all many times we said that openness means Much much more than just the way we innovate the way we share the innovation the way we license our source code, right? You know So openness for us is really philosophy Co it’s cultural and you also realized that it’s actually very practical Openness drives the way we work with each other the way we achieve something together the way we solve four problems together ultimately It is what brings us together What powers the community what drives innovation and the value-add that’s what openness is all about so I think you know a lot of people are familiar with how Open-source as a development model has great advantages how you can rapidly innovate and do more do more faster together Which is great, but there’s so many other aspects to open source and and for us there’s more aspects to the concept of openness Correct, which we by the way apply? externally and working with us, but also Internally, that’s a concept that yeah, that’s right And I have been asked to share my thoughts my personal thoughts about oh blues by Michael actually So that’s what I will do now, right? so so first of all honestly openness means that you generally engage with people and you listen and try to understand and Consider their their their ideas their needs and then act accordingly So that’s the first element of openness and like we said that that’s independent whether its internal or external working with your partners or customers now the willingness to Understand and consider and then drive your activities accordingly based on that understanding creates an an element of connection and Harassed or connectedness and trust that is really unique Yeah and honestly III as the leader of the SUSE business practice that day-in day-out internally as well as externally and what we have realized is if you find people that engage in those Relationships be directly on the same principle than the amount of value that you can drive the things that you can achieve The genuine benefit that you that comes out of that Just is worth the extra effort of that openness. And that’s why we hold on to open open. Okay? Yeah, that’s great And I think it’s SUSECON is one of those great places to have that Engagement in that sharing where we can not only share information with all of you about our technologies and solutions But we can listen and consider and understand what your goals are and what your plans are So that’s where that that bi-directional activity can happen right here this week Correct, and and maybe an interesting way to look at that is also to understand actually how how SUSE is currently Experiencing the cap or the setup of a standalone bagasse. So you’re all aware. We are launching Sousa as an independent business and In a business that is chartered to help our customers to to achieve their journey or successfully go their journey of a Transformation digital transformation now the truth is that we as a business are facing the exact same Challenges and tasks that our customers are facing at the same time a lot of it’s a lot of work all of those things that you experience actually true for us as well as we are setting up the business for full independence For it, for example we absolutely had to create our own IT stack that supports our employees across different functions to be really agile and to keep pace with the market changes and the changes of requirements that customers have And and that stack actually needs to be accessible from the street It needs to unlock the the value of our data it needs to provide intelligence about our customers it tell us about how our customers use our solutions what kind of solutions they use and Correlate also with the kind of activities that are currently having with us. So so the stack that is a trial Accessible unlocks the value of our data. That’s what we have to achieve and quite frankly That’s exactly what many of our our peers in the industry and our customers are experiencing as well Yeah, and that’s the same thing I hear from customers and partners that need to to be agile to scale with growth To meet those changing demands of their customers It’s really interesting to be having to think about it from our own infrastructure point of view in our own IT point of view so One of the things I think would be interesting to hear about is as you talk to two leaders around the world What are they what are the drivers at? What’s driving them? What are they trying to accomplish? So so this exact same need for adapting and scaling and being agile in the business Is what I hear from other business leaders as well as what drives them as well. So they need to be ready They need to prepare to master their future going on That future is often influenced that by factors that we have in common So the requirements the expectations of customers and the markets in general are changing right true for everyone then many of us have to deal with competitors competitors that are maybe disruptive competitors and we absolutely want to stay ahead of them and the Application stack and the way you engage with with the outer world how you serves and support them? How you how you take back in information is actually very important to that To deal with those competitors and stay ahead of them And then obviously you want to prepare for your own growth story to develop and grow your own business And in many cases people rely on merger and acquisition activities to underpin that strategy and get it done which then need to be Integrated into that new agile stack. So these are the the things that you hear repeatedly in the industry And where where there is a requirement for agile scalable solutions That customers have yeah and with you know with all those drivers and all those demands there’s no way you can just sit still right and my philosophy is that that Technology doesn’t emerge on its own the technology actually emerges in response to the need Of the world around it and there’s all these great technologies that are now emerging to help us address Those drivers in those requirements well in response to the needs but also in the response of the business realities that you maybe you have inherited and that’s one of the other things I’ve been need to talk a little bit about because while those customers are really ready to explore the benefits of hybrid computing a computing of Cloud and multi cloud computing and software as a service and all of the benefits that come with it Which is the scalability the speed to market the economic flexibility, which is the advanced part They also have to deal with all of those customization requirements that they have maybe on-premise that they cannot just lift and shift to the cloud or that maybe Software as a service providers don’t provide this kind of customization, right? So so what you really need is the ability to move To those new computing models and paradigms and at the same time be able to fulfill those demands with regards to customization That you sometimes have to run on premise. So it needs to coexist. It needs to connect it needs to be linked Linked to each other. It has to be those things have to live together and actually integrate with one another correct choose Which is really quite a challenge and that’s why I think for many enterprises this concept of hybrid is is not just a buzzword It’s a reality if you’re going to embrace all these advantages of these new technologies that are emerging to help you You still have to get the most out of that on premise assets that you have today? so you can’t you can’t have Just 100% one or the other and and that’s exactly what you see happening now in our own IT stack that we are choosing Right. There’s the the need to to support those homegrown applications while you go cloud So yeah at the end of the day that resulted in Anasuya IT stack that is that is that is a combination, right? It’s it’s a mix it sits on premise. It’s hybrid and multi cloud. So we’re working with different Providers in this space right now. Now you mention another term there that makes really interesting We were talking about hybrid cloud. And then we also shifted into talking about multi cloud and I think that’s really interesting because when I talk with with customers anytime we’re talking about hybrid cloud cloud we seem to always Also end up talking about multi-cloud. Yeah, so let’s let’s take into that ocean and actually we learned the tough way that it’s a reality because we wanted to achieve the degree of flexibility that only best of Reid was was was giving us so I should we decided to work with Several software as a service providers and also several cloud providers So at the end of the day that is a multi cloud strategy that needs to be managed Orchestrated and again needs to fit within your own Let’s say homegrown IT that you are if you have to inherit. Yeah, and I think that’s a Reality for for nearly any enterprise as well? That’s correct Now I want to grab another term that you used there which was partners partners. And as you alluded to earlier partnership is such a Fundamental element of our culture and how we do business. Well, let’s hear a little bit more about that so as you embark on this digital transformation journey You definitely need a partners at your site that are willing to engage and understand what your requirements really are And also mirror this requirement for the multi or the mixed idea approach so right so we definitely had different providers we were talking with and we picked those that are Willing to also support for us as a vendor best-of-breed solutions because they are they were deeply engaged they were dependable trusted advisers to us in that case and understood the need for mixed IT environments there the deployment across Hybrid, multi cloud environments. Ok, yeah, ok so to sum it all up if I if I just try to boil it all down this what we were just talking about in the combination of our open source technologies combined with an open engaged Considering Consultative approach to our business. That’s really what makes us the open open source company if I want to sum it up quickly Yes, it’s important to notice that these are the kind of partners we look for to provide service to us and in return That’s the type of partner that we exactly Are aiming to be for our customers. Yeah So we’re kind of the loop starts to close because we are the trusted advisor and consultant partner to help customers achieve their own digital transformation a journey With with agile open source solutions where they can deploy and manage workloads across all of those different Environments, so that’s basically what we bring to the table but also consumed from the market. Yeah now let’s uh, let’s pause and shift gears a little bit here and talk a little bit about technology now tomorrow as you know, I’ll be talking with dr. T. Dr. T about his point of view And we’ll go into a whole bunch of technology trends But maybe you could help set this up set us up for that and share your views on just just high-level What are some of the the the handful of major technology trends on your radar? I think we had them on the screen before already so broadly speaking So if you think about big strokes the journey to digital transformation is supported by all of those software you find Solutions so that continues to be the baseline and then enhanced but all of those application delivery application deployment solutions that the open source communities also develop together So that’s really the the near-term the things that we see shaping up and that that obviously includes topics like container container orchestration cluster some Service oriented architectures and stuff like that, right? So that’s that’s more on the near-term and then obviously if you want to think a little bit broader in the future Then it’s those topics that you all said on your list like machine learning artificial intelligence or maybe before that also those concepts of function as a service right servant is computing which by the way still requires service Called service This industry sometimes is a little bit funny. Does that mean that cloud computing happens in a cloud? Yeah, and there’s no server service So anyhow yeah serverless function as a service machine learning artificial intelligence are the topics that are shaping up Also for us as a vendor And really driven by all those things you just mentioned all driven by open source innovation Sort of the point of origin and the the driver behind the technologies now, I’ll dig into that more tomorrow with dr T and I look forward to that Now it’s really exciting that to be an independent business right where we can we can really be completely Focused on our customers and our vision mission and strategy. So why don’t we talk about that a little bit? And that’s exactly what we will do You know we like I said in the beginning we will only have one agenda and that is focusing and our vision mission and strategy and hope We will help and add value to our customers so actually our vision is really about the success of our customers of you and to make sure that actually you can be successful that you can be innovative agile and competitive with with agile open source solutions so that the end goal and how we how we actually get there is Ensuring that you get the best of breed Enterprise ready solutions that that help you to deploy to create deploy and manage workloads across everywhere basically on-premise In hybrid and multi cloud environments ultimately that’s where we want to go and and how we want to deliver That is through our independence and being a long-term trusted adviser in the open source industry but paired with the with the with e but if Open source communities that give us this innovation and with all of those Partners and our ecosystems that help us to take that innovation and bring it As a real valuable consumer technology our customers. So it’s it’s us together with our partner ecosystem Yeah and I think that that summarizes really nicely the vision and mission and strategy and we’re so well positioned now to focus 100% on that and on you our customers correct now Nils I know our SUSECON audience always loves having you here and how open you are and how Accessible you are and all the information that you share. So thank you for that and Yeah, and I like that obviously about Seussical myself as well no doubt about that and like you I will be around until the end of the week and We are in the sessions We’re walking the hallways and the good news is not just Michael and I that are wrong But in fact the whole SUSE leadership team in addition to the broader team Is he available as well and episode and the beginning? There’s continuity in our leadership team So a couple of people that are with it with the business since a while and in some cases have new Responsibilities and then also those people that we add to the organization here as well All of us are available approachable open. So make best use of our time grab speak to us We actually display hopefully. Yes, we are a couple of pictures and I see actually people are taking photos of the pictures that are Get trapped Because that should help you to track us down and spot us in the big group Effectively and that’s why we’re all here. That’s why we’re here. Yes, sir. Really honestly to engage and have conversations with all of you

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