Sydney Digital Marketing Agency –  3 Game Changing Tips
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Sydney Digital Marketing Agency – 3 Game Changing Tips

It’s like I’ve got a confession I think we’re live we are Guys, I’ve got a confession to make But for those of you who don’t know me first, I’m Simon Gould I’m the Managing Director here at Sydney Digital Marketing and at the end of this video this Facebook live I’m going to give you three tips and at least one will be a game-changer for your Business and your your online business now my confession is I’ve got it all wrong all year I’ve been going into too much detail about how to improve your digital marketing and I’ve been wrong I just realized this last week when we gave a presentation You know in our office just up here at Barangaroo with Google We talked about some high-level stuff which for us I thought was going to be a little bit light on and for some of you It was Bruce appreciate your support and your your feedback apologies. We didn’t quite live up to your expectations But here’s the thing at Sydney digital and and all other agencies We’re all living this stuff every day. And we think that most people get it and that’s not the case The majority of people are too busy running their own businesses or their departments and don’t get it when it comes to what’s possible Now don’t get me wrong clearly there are some very smart people out there way smarter than than Myself and us at Sydney digital and they’re smashing it but it’s a very tiny percentage of those That of those that are actually grinding it out day after day trying to crack or trap trying to crack the code so for their businesses And that’s why you need to be even more on your game when it comes to this sort of digital stuff or social media stuff over the next couple of years if then over the next few years now if you’re only 40s and you don’t have a grip on Digital platforms or processes or even in your 30s. It was a matter of what age you’re at to be honest You don’t have a grip on these processes. It’s a whole generation of kids born between 1990 and 95 we’ve just finished uni or their third or fourth year Working for you or your competition and they could they think they know they can do a better job. They can work less hours They can set it up with little or no capital investments these barriers to entry these days are almost non-existent My own son even has pulled together a group of kids at uni Young adults at uni, they’re presenting their prototype medical devices to backers willing to willing to back them So you can’t afford to say I just don’t get all this social media stuff If you want to survive let alone thrive in business and now and in your business and now into the into the next decade So where to start here’s the three tips do a course that teaches you the basics of Google Analytics This will help you understand if your website works or not ad murder a DMA Admah hold courses regularly and if you don’t have time to do a course and go and research Google Analytics basics on YouTube It’s dead easy secondly research a customer journey and look for the friction points of Doing business with your brand product or service remove the barriers to entry in sure that all your points of contact are manned and responded to In a timely manner if your business is reliant on leads Ensure you respond within two hours. I requested a test drive booking Of a car just for something to do over the weekend. I thought the weather was going to be worse than it was Via via email from a dealership website, and I’m still waiting for a response 48 72 hours later if you’re a small business owner and you’re under the pump running the business book an appointment With yourself in order to get this stuff done in order to work on this stuff Lastly number three is your house in order Are you easy to do business with are things easier to find think of your website like a retail shop? You’ll you’ll have customers browsing your store And if they can’t find what they want easily they will turn on their heel and walk out most likely and never to return Now according to Google if your website takes longer than 6 seconds to load you’ll lose over 40 percent Of visitors before they’re even in the front door. Hey, yo Chris. How you doing, bro? Happy Monday So if any of the above resonates with you choose one and fix it that’s all from me i’m Simon Gould We are sydney to marketing. We help businesses grow Revenues self grow their revenues and profits using smart digital marketing strategies. That’s all for now. Have a great week

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