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T Level industry placements – business & administration, YMCA

When we decided that we wanted a student… what we were looking for is somebody who’s teachable… who’s got a good attitude, who is willing to do their part. And I thought, in the nurturing environment that this is… Luke would be able to be brought more into himself… and realise a bit more of his potential. It was nerve wracking at first because everything was new… new experience, new surroundings, everything. When I met Jonathan the first time, he took me upstairs… introduced me to all the team members… which made me feel so welcome. I mainly did advertising to potential hosts to get more hosts in. The main reason I did it was to get young people off the streets. If they can see what they’re doing has a purpose… and how they fit into the bigger picture… that really makes a successful, meaningful industry placement. When they can see the longevity of what they’re going to be doing… and the impact that’s going to be having on the company… the business, the people around them… that’s really what makes it successful. I think Luke has really gained confidence while he’s been here… and he’s learnt about working as part of a team. Communication has been quite useful as well. I know it seems small, but for someone… who might not speak that often, it has really helped. Employers always want to see… that people have relevant experience… and what better way to gain the skills. I believe that by having a student here… it’s been beneficial for the student to gain… the experience in the work environment… but also we’ve benefitted from being able to do… tasks that we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

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