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alright guys here in my villa just joking but seriously you guys came to this video because you wanted to learn more about Tai Lopez and exactly how the hell did he get so damn successful well here's the craziest thing okay I just recently oh my god foliage move moved in to this villa here in Bali I mean if you've seen that episode look at the link in the description I'll show you the house tour of whatnot but it turns out that over here is Tai Lopez's ex-business partner happens to be my neighbor in that white house so we're gonna go actually visit him and find out exactly how I was able to become successful the real truth and how you guys should start implementing it in your business so you can start living the life you want alright with that being said let's go ahead over till the tylo passes ex-business partners house [Applause] you alright guys so like I said Tai Lopez's ex-business partner is my neighbors so we're gonna go get there the best way to get there here in Bali not a car but from one of the moped which is gonna be pretty lit because of the fact that you're gonna get to the bottom of exactly how this guy got so damn successful sorry guys let's go alright guys so we just landed here – Tai Lopez's ex-business partners house and I know I keep on saying that but it's just part of the Clickbank title but it actually is Tai Lopez's ex-business partner and here's this house before we actually get in check it out from the aerial view so we gotta find out if he's home first we're gonna knock on the door like any other Good Samaritan would do and this is gonna be so funny guys because like I said man success leaves clues and if you figure out what other people have done right then you could kind of cut yourself the time and the effort in actually getting to where the hell it is that you want to go my man here is looks oh my look people are already here let's go knock on the door see how it is oh hey man how's it going Bob nice place yo guys more b-roll yeah so it's pretty cool he was over there that was just a little view of his house but really quick like I said here's a picture of him and Tai Lopez back in the day literally like it was like five ten years ago or something before any of them made their multi-millions fun fact the guy that I'm about to interview is also just as successful as Tai Lopez literally makes like I think a million dollars a month or somebody that I don't know it's pretty ridiculous but I'm pretty excited for today because of the fact that I'm gonna twist his arm and he's gonna tell the entire background story on how the hell tylo PES became what it is and the future projects that we have here in Bali Indonesia stay tuned and man like ties house there's always just hella people in this place and uh he's doing his like crazy internet marketing magical Stardust stuff like that also the reason why he's the number one affiliate on Clickbank and his students are also the number one I feel like some guy will find out actually you ready to find out more about this guy cool hi guys so I am actually sitting here in Bali Indonesia with Tai Lopez's ex-business partner Garrett Cramer what you guys don't understand right is Gary Kramer is also the number one affiliate on Clickbank and as well as dude some of his students have generated like how much do your students make on a daily basis uh I mean some of my top students are generating twenty thousand dollars a day or more sum up some of them yeah that's insane guys so obviously you know it's crazy and here's the thing okay before he was all this because a lot of people will look at him and I call man not only is he making a lot of money his students is making a lot of money there was a point in time when it was like before all that success that he was just kind of getting started and trying to also network around the people that are also killing it same with Tai Lopez which is kind of like the title of this videos some but what I kind of want to know is kind of like tell me your background story because what I'm curious about like because before before I knew all of this I looked at Ty and I looked at what he was doing and he was doing something right and I saw your picture with Ty and you could see this image right here kind of bring me back to like Utah Lopez first had like that idea of whatever it was that kind of both made you prop up on your like multi-million dollar business in his million dollar business well Ty and I met at a time when we were both just getting into like super networking yeah like I had lived inside of my cave for like ten years you know building a software company and he had been like 10 years in the dating industry I don't know how many people know that about him but so when we kind of converged it was through like an internet marketing party in San Diego the first ever internet marketing party there we were introduced for each other and we hit it off right away the first thing that we decided to do together was to do create a mastermind and so I had this idea that we would create a mastermind and he's like yeah dude let's do it I know tons of people you know in this space of this space and I knew a lot of people in the internet marketing space and so we decided to do it so we created the first ever millionaire mastermind in the Hollywood millionaire mastermind and we ended up building that up from about 20 or 30 millionaires and successful well-known people from authors like the author of the game to some of the creators of like some of the biggest like like like tinder like containing platforms and Grindr that guy was there you know and we had guys that we're doing as much as like a hundred million dollars a year from the finance industry yeah and so some of the biggest names all across the board kind of fell into our mastermind and then we just built that up to where we ended up having like 50 or 60 super successful guys and then Ty and I both you know the one thing about I mean everybody should be doing a mastermind if you haven't if you haven't done masterminding yourself you should definitely be part of one and if you can't find one that's suitable for you then create your own mastermind really you only need like five or ten people you know that you can bring the room that are like-minded and you can leverage off of those people so Ty and I learned that together you know the power of leveraging but also if you throw a mastermind yourself well you know if you the 10/2 mastermind you're one of say 12 people yeah and everybody you know something you know like there's two or three guys that you might connect with and build partnerships with you know so if you get in a room with a you know with say 50 millionaires you want to be the guy who like all of all these people around the table are looking at you they all know you and like two or three other people that they bond with but we tie and I put ourselves in a position where everybody in the room knew us and looked at us as the leaders of this group so we stepped into to the role of leaders within you know this this mastermind arena and we both leverage off of that we both you know created super power powerful relationships and that's how he and I you know started working together yeah yeah yeah that's amazing cuz like I I didn't really like when I went someone was like telling me earlier on when I first got an entrepreneurship they're like yeah you know you're your network is your net worth and I was like I thought it was just like overplayed stuff so I would actually stay at home like literally just hang on my mom hang out my dad in Chicago like doing Facebook ads and stuff like that and I mean I was doing really well for myself but I was kind of stuck like in that business and it wasn't it until you know I like got influenced by people like you and other people that we've met while traveling did it really just change my entire paradigm so that's kind of what I'm like curious about like so for example when someone creates a mastermind for themself because this is like your secret sauce for how you're able to build all of this is that you have and that's Tai Lopez's secret sauce for how he's able to create his thing that he has over there if someone was just starting how would they get to the point where they know nobody they have no skills whatsoever but they want to tap into the power of the mastermind well first of all you you need to attend events so that's really important I think if if you you know if you want to get into whatever it is really there's an event forever you just go to Vegas mean there's an append for everything there but go attend events bring a skill with you you got to develop your skill too I always tell people you need to develop your skill whatever that is it doesn't really matter what it is but you need to become the best at something and then when you do it is something valuable to something that you can bring real value to people whether it's you know like our cameraman here you know who's great at you know doing these video shoot some stuff he becomes as he has a skill set that people need you know and if it's marketing whatever that is but you got to pick something and then you got to go where there's other people that are more successful than you you know people who are ahead of you and then you got to tap into those people and you got to understand another thing too everybody wants to level up everyone so your job I mean if you're doing a mastermind it you know the challenge is to attract the best people like you you want to attract people that are gonna that are gonna lift you up and the only way to do that is to get one person who's you know the highest level guy that you can bring into the room and then leverage off of him so if so what what we did I think that our first mastermind is we got we got the creator of like 99designs Matt Nick wits he's like worth 100 million dollars you know super successful he was I think he's a millionaire at 16 he sold his company he was sold by a guy design it's collect thirty five million or something that year he was on the cover of Forbes magazine I think is like the top 30 under under the age of 30 millionaires or something he was on the cover of the magazine I think so we use that to bring in three more guys that we just told them you know like hey you know we're gonna have Matt there Ty and I are gonna be there and we have these three or four other like you know successful guys and then we then we leverage those five guys to bring in five or ten more guys at the same level and we we made sure that we were really careful that we only brought people in that were at the highest level and then that just that just it just snowballs into the next thing you know we have like some of the most sought-after master lines in the world you know because everybody in there they're all like authors or well-known famous we have like the creator of MySpace was there you know we have we have yeah some really high level do this there so and then from that you really only need to have liked I always says you really only need to have three three business partners in your whole life three people that you can you know call partners and that's all you ever really need so if you can't pull three good relationships out of a mastermind then something's wrong with you know yeah so no it's honestly insane because like for example a lot of people I feel like everyone's biggest problem is they kind of want to be like the top person in the room they don't want to be the dumbest person and I'm like because it might be like some ego thing you want to hear a funny story yeah so the case so this I think was like the second or third mastermind we did there we had this this guy I mentioned is from the finance industry and he he I think he had made like 90 million dollars that year and he had said that a first of all an interesting side note he said that his AB the average age of his clients is 12 years old like Saudi Arabia and he he's like representing these 12 year old little you know like from the prince these Prince's in Saudi Arabia and they give their son like you know like a hundred million dollars to go invest and then he comes in there and invests for them but his you know so we'd have this round table I mean this ring this room circle in the room and he go around and everybody has like 18 minutes to talk about their biggest problems and we we leverage our minds together again the the idea of a mastermind is is that you have the smartest people you know all creating one hive brain to solve these really impossible problems and when you get high up you know you get to this point where you know if you just need some if you need help building a website well that's easy every there's always somebody around you knows how to do a little HTML or something but but if you if you get high enough you no longer have anybody to talk to to say I have this problem in like fact I do that's like I have no idea I've never been in that situation before so if you put yourself into a room with people who have been there you know then you're gonna learn so he said that his biggest problem was was just trying to break that 100 million dollar a year mark that's not a problem he's like well just get more twelve-year-old clients but the point is though is that he said that he felt like he was the dumbest guy in the room you know mm-hmm so you don't necessarily have to be the smartest guy in the room we just have to surround yourself with smart people that like you really hit something on the head it kills like it didn't actually make sense to me until like you just said it right now it literally is like kind of what a mastermind is kind of like is if you've read thinking garbage you know Henry Ford's like they're like saying how stupid he was and they're like asking the questions and I think they were going to deport him or something and he was like why the hell would I know the knowledge for the questions that you ask me when I can Louie just push one button and someone will be able to come here and tell me the answer so I can tell you yeah so I think what literally just made sense with me right now is the power of a mastermind is everyone thinks they have to be good at everything right you like for people starting off in entrepreneurship you think you have to be good at marketing you have to be good at advertising you have to be the front guy you have to have money to invest and stuff like that and you really don't man like what Gary is talking about is you really just need to find your one superpower and just get yourself in a mastermind we can leverage that superpower to help people out and then in return they're gonna help you out with whatever your weaknesses is and that's kind of like literally like my brain is when you said that um and that kind of gives the next question but I like how would one person can you actually define or like explain to them what you explained to me about what it is a superpower is and how to find it how to craft it and how to leverage it well sometimes that the hardest part is trying to figure out what your superpower actually is and so you've got to try a lot of different things in life and recognize whether you you know what you're good at and what you love because those those have to overlap a little bit so if you try to get into computer programming right if you're good at copywriting or writing you know writing in general you have to be good at it otherwise you're not going to shine right but then you also have to love what it is that you do so if you can find the thing that you love to do and you're also just naturally good at it then you got to develop your skill I think what you're talking about is we were talking about it's what like the eaching of business yeah so every successful startup company and and you know you don't have to think of yourself as a startup company you just say like I want to make some money you know I want to be online making money well you can either do that yourself what you're gonna need is you're gonna have to have you're gonna have to do something technical you don't have to create something you know whether it's like creating a product of some kind or you can do like I do now after building 30 different products I decided to just sell other people's products and by the way that's definitely the easiest way to go because you don't have to develop your own skill set other than just focusing on bringing people to somebody else's offer and we can talk about that later that's really the easy path but otherwise if you want to start your own startup or something or a business they can make money online you need to have a technician and you need to have a visionary somebody that has you know this is a great idea the big idea and you need to have a marketer or what some people would call like this Rockstar personality kind of like you who could I used to get up onstage and just tie it listens but in the internet in the internet world though that's really a marketer it's somebody who would notice how to make the blow horn put the blow horn out there and attract customers right mm-hmm so you can try to do all those things yourself so you come up with some amazing idea for a product or something like one of my friends his first product ever was how to create potato guns you probably know oh yeah yeah yeah that's a good example and then Frank Kern I think was like training dog training or something like that right so so you find something that you have a skill or some knowledge around and you want to build a product around that well you can do it all yourself you can have the idea and then you can write the book or you can have the idea and build the program whatever that is whether it's an app or something and then you need to be able to market it right so those are the three primary keys to having a successful business so if you can't do all those things yourself which will take a lot of time to develop then you can just again this word that keeps popping up in this interview is leverage leverage is one of these things you got to learn me because leverage is a super powerful thing once you learn how to leverage I'm talking about leveraging yours your skill leveraging your talents or leveraging other people then that's gonna there's a lever you know the power of a lever yeah lift up something that your body can otherwise not lift up you can't do it on your own but when you leverage something when you use a lever you can lift up a thousand pounds instead of a hundred pounds because of the power of leverage it's the same way in business if you find somebody I mean if you can use some kind of leverage again like your leverage might be that you have a big audience on social media and you can use that to your advantage you leverage that to your advantage to get into the room with other people that otherwise might not yeah the time of day if you're really good at copywriting or programming or something like that you can use that to leverage your way into relationships into situations so that's kind of it so you either want to either want to learn to do the you know come up with the idea to yourself learn how to create the product yourself and then market it yourself or you just you come up with a great idea and use that idea as leverage to get the programmer or the the author or the technician on your team and to use that to leverage this marketing guy because everybody's looking for something if you're the idea guy you need technicians and marketers and and coaches and things like that if you're if you're a technician or a writer or a you know like a programmer say for example then you need you need somebody who has a great idea so that you can build something that's better than your own shitty ideas right you know if you're a marketer you need the greatest product on the planet to market and you're tired of promoting things that don't really work so everybody needs somebody and you gotta identify who am i what do I have to bring to the table so you have to like really sit down and think about like what is it that you love and what is it that you're naturally good at and then you can find your yourself look what I want to know is cuz like everyone else like just sees like Tai Lopez right now I was like now he has like a bunch of like cars is always women around him but no one sees like the leverage that he did the little steps of leverage that he got to where he was and I think it's really cool seeing from your perspective because you kind of knew him yeah when he was just like some guy with like glasses and like greasy hair right he tell everyone what it was like just seeing him use that power of leverage that you were talking about from when he didn't have her for example when he just started off with the dating like what so how did he learn the dating website to start and then the Lamborghini video and then like every said he has no well I could tell you a few things I suppose well for one thing he he he's probably the best at leverage of anybody else that I know I mean he's exceptionally good at it he and I both you know created this mastermind and and it came about because we both have have this understanding of Matt of mastering leverage hmm he's really really good at it he's very smart so when he created his I don't know I'm sure you've seen probably everybody here has seen his video where he's like here in my garage you know what I like more than more than material things knowledge right um well he leveraged this car that was behind him he did have a Ferrari before that video was ever shot he got rid of that and he had a monster Ronnie before it's not like you know it's not like we you know either one of us didn't already have money we did but at that point he got that car behind him for this video and we were talking about it before like when as he was shooting this thing we were like and that's that's you know you sure that's a good idea they had to get a car you know to buy a car just for the the video and it's like yeah trust me man like within two weeks this car will pay for itself and within two weeks I mean he made tens of millions of dollars yeah that video so he leveraged the car to elevate his status which was necessary in order to have a successful launch I mean he drove over 60 million people to his sales page off of a ad on YouTube sorry bleep he did I mean those it just blows my mind that he used them primary like a main platform like YouTube to launch his make money product that's insane nobody's ever done nobody had ever done that before so he levers that now the other thing the next thing that he did as far as leverage goes is he leveraged this audience that he purchased so he spent he said he told me he came down a couple weeks after it came to I was living in San Diego I'm in Bali now and hehe was in Hollywood so he come down and we were hanging out in San Diego a lot go to the movies and hang out he came down driving this red Ferrari this is after the black Lamborghini so he just purchased the red Ferrari after that and he was telling me like yeah dude I got like the biggest book club on the planet after Oprah and said now I walked down the streets and Hollywood everybody people come up to me and know me and this is again this isn't the first month after its launch well he said that he had spent over a million dollars the first weekend just running ass before that he and I on social media at that time like we were basically the same we just say you know our our cult followings you know over our students and stuff but it was very small very small hmm and he had just Skype and you know skyrocketed to the moon and that's because he spent a million dollars on ads and he got over a billion views of his ad which is insane that's like a fifth of the planet David in mind that a lot of people saw is that like yeah but still he his face became it was seen by so many people and then he leveraged all of that that all of the I don't know attention that he got from his abs into building like a real following you know I mean he didn't stop there a lot of people could have run an ad made you know 50 million dollars and then be like yes I did it and stop and then go spend their money he didn't do that he leveraged all of that attention into building like this real following and you know and there's a lot of trials of something he'd had a long life I think that that's something that that separates him from most people is he understands that it's about leveraging up everything that you do you do one thing use this to leverage up to the next thing it's like climbing a ladder in one hand to the next rung and if you ever stop it's like you're done but he never stopped even right now he's still going and going and going now the next thing he did around leverage was he used his new celebrity status that he purchased right by rendering a million dollars per weekend has been 2 million – but but anyway he used that to leverage his new-found audience in – getting interviews with people like I think one of the first ones he did was Henry Winkler and then this was the Fonz on happy days and then he did he did one with Mark Cuban and then he did one with a couple of a couple of different ones with these guys off of the office that TV show right and so he used that again leveraging up and by putting these celebrities in you know in his house they also used some that money to buy a mansion by the way I never had to buy more cars so you got a rolls-royce and his Ferrari his Lamborghini tax deductible all course but he again all of this is just climbing another wrong until now he's he's a bit of a celebrity himself you know yeah it's pretty fascinating and amazing what he is able to pull off yeah yeah no that'sthat's insane because literally like no one understands it's like with the power of the internet like I saw this meme it was like Conor McGregor or something that a couple of years ago he was just waiting in line to pick up like a $300 check or something and then the picture right next to it was like it was literally six years later he had a check for a hundred million dollars the one fight with like right Oh Mayweather and it blows my mind because never in the history of just mankind can someone go in six years from $300 to 100 million and that's kind of like what happened with tuilik I mean yeah he had a lot of money like starting off right but within a blink of an eye kind of became a meme than everything – shared around that now like his face has that kind of like presents where it just garners attention where it's kind of like a pattern interrupt right you're strolling on Facebook and you see like his glasses it's just like hey guys it makes you stop yeah yeah he has certain qualities about him I always even before he became you know internet famous I always I always referred to him as like probably like the most interesting guy that I know yeah when we would go place like we go to the movies is it's Thai standing here with you know 12 guys kind of circling around him he just has that that sort of that presence if we go to a restaurant it's yeah guys kind of circle around them you'll notice that when you go out in a group of people there's always one person that kind of everybody circles around tight not only not only is that naturally Thai but the he also he also craves for that you know he needs it if he doesn't have it you know he's a good depressed and so he's not happy if he doesn't have it but yeah man but like it's cool seeing that because like I said normally sees like the before and after with like someone that has done that other than like the people that were also like in his mask might circle in his inner circle of like friends and elite entrepreneurs you able to see that so I'm kind of curious and I'm kind of like excited say you were to do the exact same thing except here in Bali what would that look like well you know I mean I do happen to be like you know you know I'm observant so I see things that work and you don't want to kind of like try it myself you know I just want to do it better than the next yeah last guy um I happened to be like him like you were mentioned earlier like the number one super affiliate in the world and that's come through running at so yeah Ty and I share a skill set and that's running being really good at running ads so if I wanted to try to emulate what ty is done it would start out by by really just you know running a bunch of ads and getting you know a million followers on social media which you can do overnight as ty has proven so and then just you know then it just really comes down to how it you know you you know to your audience and stuff so and giving somebody some 80% entertainment value and then just giving people like real value something to come check out and learn from so that they can elevate themselves up you know so bringing real value to your audience I don't think you know I think that that's easy if you have real value to bring you know ya know and it's super exciting because like I said my entire life like I didn't even realize I was doing this and I think I was doing it on accident like the leveraging thing that was until I met you that this had like for example right like um everyone knows me initially from like the guy that would either sell t-shirts or physical products online but what most people do in that ish is they state it they say they're they don't leverage it I I thought I was like okay well I kind of want to have multiple streams of income so I like leverage that for like a YouTube channel right and then and then crypto happen and I was like okay I kinda wanna get an equipped up but I don't know anything about crypto and I was like oh but I have these audience and people that have money to invest in so that's kind of like when I reached out to Ian bolita who you guys know he was also a big-time investment I was ok but he had like 20,000 subscribers at the time and I had like 70,000 ok yeah I'll interview you will send some traffic your way buddy and then like that one interview then he just like went over a hundred thousands like damn man that's crazy so leveraging is very important right but the timing is also just as important because I don't think people are smart as like they need to be to see those opportunities like how you were able to do it like back in the day when no one was really doing masterminds because I mean back in the day everyone was kind of doing like and I excused my friends there just like it was just one big circle jerk at the conventions of the internet marketers right and it wasn't until you and I start collaborating do things start changing in the online marketing space yeah well you know I mean I think masterminds have been around you know for a really long time probably about 50 60 years that I know of who's the author of thinking Grow Rich yeah you know I'm talking about Napoleon Hill yeah no point he'll actually is the guy who initially came up with the idea about your mind and yes I mean they've been going on for a long time but like but like you know they're definitely a super power tool that people can use and you know you can definitely use them to to elevate yourself you know in any industry any business that you want so again you know if you haven't if you're not doing it now you should be yeah man guys another interesting thing about that by the way is that networking is really really important but it's also not something that you have to do to your whole life it's something that Ty and I went in there and we did it for like a year and that was it and we could have done it just like one or two masterminds and that's it and you can do like one every three months or every six months it's not like you have to make it your life but you should get involved with something like that so that you can create that oh you know what they say like you you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with so you want to make sure that you spend time with people that you aspire to be more like right so you know and you know in a match mine or these these events and stuff that you can travel around and go to an event that allows you to put yourself in the room with the kind of people that can help you elevate yourself yeah guys so I am super excited to bring you guys in on this journey I don't know if you guys have been taking notes while Gary has been speaking I mean I put a bunch of mental notes in my brain which I'm gonna go back and write on my Evernote this is not an Evernote plug by the way and it's number one you need to find your superpower whatever skill it is stop trying to get good at all these little things I mean yeah when you first start in entrepreneurship you want to get a big six of everything but find the one thing that you're good at and focus all in on that number to get good and leverage how can you leverage the skills that you have or the skills that you're working on to get into groups of people where your superpower is actually the solution to the problem that these people have and this is how you are able to get into people that are like worth like I mean you you put yourself in rooms where people were like worth hundreds of millions and it was because you had a skill that they wanted and you were the you were the pretty girl at the bar at that point leverage that and always focus on literally climbing the next step of the ladder and never really being complacent right because that's what you got to learn men like I'm hungry Gary's hungry and for you to succeed in this life in this marketplace or an entrepreneurship in general you have to be willing to work as if there was someone out there that was working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you and that's why I'm so excited because what we're gonna do man we're gonna probably do like a mentor Mondays every time because literally I could he throw a rock in my house I can throw a rock in his house I could literally see when he's like watching a movie over here yeah any super coast and it's really cool guys because the biggest thing is we just want to bring you guys in on what we have to have and I'm telling you man if you knew what it is that he and I have planned for you guys your mind literally explodes you guys hopefully it helps make sure you follow him on Instagram he also plays ukulele as well that's why we are friends rock out really quick and for everyone else I will see you guys on the next episode of micro Selah these guys [Applause]

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