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Tali Saar: Industry Events | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

So, the way I think about
industry events are, I wanted to use these events as
an opportunity to meet potential users. So when I was just starting out, I was looking to meet people
who are into sharing. So, I went to meetups that
are around recycling and sharing and things like that. Just so I can talk to people and tell them, hey look this is what I want
to build, what do you think about it? Would you use something like that? And those have been really,
really useful. The other type of industry events
are just those events where you go to mingle and meet other entrepreneurs
and investors, and just kind of network. I went to some of those. I have to say that after attending a
few, I just completely stopped going and realized this is not my way to network. And I should be getting work done and
getting the traction with my product, and then meet the right people
who see that this is working and it’s interesting for them.>>In order to get noticed, in events or
anywhere, if you’re networking. You need to do something
that people care about, that people would want to interact with. So, even if it’s a very serious trade
show with a lot of people with the suits that are looking for specific things. If you’re going to be fun and
open and engaging, people are going to notice you. I saw people walking around with
comedians that are giving them, if you talk of me,
I will tell you a joke. Or, we’re doing a paintable party later. Or we’re offering a yoga
class in the morning. Do you want to sign up? Stuff like that, that people are not
expecting to get in conferences. People are not expecting to get in those
places, this can really make a change.

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