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Tali Saar: Paid Marketing Advice | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

So if you’re going to go into
the world of paid advertising, that’s a huge world and
there’s so much to learn there. And if you’re on a budget, the key is
always targeting, targeting, targeting. So you need to figure out
who your best user is. So if you’re selling a software for
businesses what kind of business is it? How big are they? How many employees do they have? In what vertical do they operate? Who’s going to be that exact
science that’s going to make the most out of
what I’m offering them? And you want to target those guys
because you can’t afford to spend money broadly. And once you have it,
try it with a little bit just spend a little bit of money and see what you
get and optimize, optimize, optimize. And then you’ll potentially be
able to get some clients that will use your product. When you do paid advertising what
you really want to do is experiment, experiment, experiments. If you have 1,000 bucks, you want to
run 100 experiments for $10 each. Try different language, try different imagery,
try different types of targeting. What you really want to do with that
kind of budget is not get as many users as possible, it’s just learn, learn
what works, learn what are the words? What are the things that
will get people to sign up? And out of those 100 experiments you
will see the one that works better and later on when you have budget
you’ll know how to spend it. So platforms that will work well for low budgets is an ever evolving thing,
right? because new platforms keep coming up. And you kind of have to find the right
platform that’s right for your product. But I think marketers have to keep their
eyes and ears open for what’s the up and coming platform, and
usually platforms that are new and that have just opened up. A couple of years ago YouTube, I don’t know why they said they
haven’t used it in a while, but a couple years ago getting YouTube
views, and targeting it down and getting the right people to view
your video was really, really cheap, it was just a few cents for
every video of view so that was YouTube. And it usually starts out when it’s new
that there’s not a lot of competition. So if you’re the first one there
you’ll get the cheapest prices. It was the same for
Facebook app install ads. That was a brilliant format and
Facebook started it a few years ago. And when it just came out,
it was so cheap and you could take such advantage of that. And today, everybody’s there so
competition drives the prices up. So you kind of need to keep your
eyes open for what’s new and what you can take advantage of.

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