Tasneem from Libya working at MadridEasy | Interns
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Tasneem from Libya working at MadridEasy | Interns

Hello, my name is Tasneem I’m from Libya. I’m doing my internship at MadridEasy. I’m here already for 2 months, maybe a bit more. I want to thank MadridEasy for this experience that I really liked, and I learned a lot. I also want to thank the team for welcoming me and helping everytime I needed it. To all the students that would like to do their internship, I recommend MadridEasy that helps a lot doing your internship, you will learn a lot; and will meet a lot of people from different places. This makes it easier working and getting more experience. It was a great experience and a pleasure working with you. Thank you very much!

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  1. Salam alykum..sister you are so cute touch wood …Allah may keep you always happy.. greetings & wishes from india👍

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