Technology Strategy MBA Course with Tim Derdenger
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Technology Strategy MBA Course with Tim Derdenger

(music) – Tepper students who are interested in getting into product
management for a tech company this is a fantastic course. It is also a required course
for the technology leadership track which I am coordinator of. We need to understand what drives consumer behavior and craft that message. The style of teaching is a combination of both lectures, formal
models, but simplified models. But then case discussions. I bring my research on
video games into the course. I talk to them about bundling. I talk to them about the unique features that video game markets
have or platform markets have and how firms can
use these unique features and characteristics to
their competitive advantage. And, I also bring in my
angel investing research and speak to them about this from an entrepreneurial perspective. But then, they actually have
to select a startup company, analyze its marketing strategy, determine whether or
not they should pivot, and then pitch to the class for fun. It’s a nice, fun way to
get students involved, realize how we can use high
tech marketing strategies to manage products, but then also from an investment perspective as well. (music)

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