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Telemedicine DocDial Ameridoc Sales Jobs -Sales Ameridoc Telemedicine DocDial Jobs

hello ladies and gentlemen we’re hiring
for several work at home career worker homes are programs are work from wherever you want to work
from we are consulting resources marketing group and we specialize in products or
services work at home careers we really take a
focus on having careers were individual does not have to have enough right a or are backing cost
just to earn money we filled it is ridiculous to pay a lot
of money to make money when everyone beats help nowadays
sterner shrink or so what is new york Belle we are also not only just internet marketing company
we’re also I like my license insurance brokerage
firm as well um our internet marketing company works
in all 50 states our insurance for car insurance
department works in Illinois and Ohio src if those other states the
word license yet so we’ve been in health care since 2006 or experience quite a bit the world
valuable program that we just get on board with our team is our 24/7 doctor rx real simple this is a perscription medication copay
program but also features free consultations
from doctors as well carry we’re looking for direct sales
reps were looking for internet marketers we’re looking for customer service reps
if you were 18 years or older you look for brand new career you
looking to do something different with your life you looking to add extra income you want to have a
career where you don’t have to pay money up
front or earn it earned a good um amount of money
residuals enjoy your family injury so how this
program work any individual have prescription
medication making apply for tonight is your jokes or they can have thirty dollars you
nurture Cooper no percentage is no discount a flat 10
biology merco pay and a flat thirty dollars junior a
membrane name-calling as well should you have any medical issues your par this program as you can call
the doctor the the doctor can speak with you by phone
either face to face in a webcam Internet chat via email at that time
here she will let the super know if they can help them now or they
recommend them to go to a hospital or go see the actual primary position any the weight goals you know the right your prescription or
another doctor write your prescription the consumer has that option to take prepared to solve this um benefit up the copay option so as a as a agent with our company what do we offer you we gotta start you
off at eighty 25 percent commissioner on
your monthly week we’d be any sale you paid monthly we’re gonna give you four train our
webinars calls twice a week sometime will be more
we’re going to give you marking system and where you pay to start learning to or
any more commissions you gonna pay nothing this program
actually you pay more in this program the not do as insurance broker and the
graph doesn’t lie the average commission rate fourteen
licensure is working now a days his twelve to fifteen 12 to 14 percent commissions you’re looking at starting
up a 24 how do your role once you click Monroe now the America doc produce network registration
form is gonna come up you simply going to complete this if
your broker great if not most great too to submit your information here you
gonna click Submit instantly you going to get a welcome
email welcome in moscow have you welcome paragraph is going to have you you check
your username your password and the site for to be in america broke you produce a psych washer n this
your produce a sudden one more about a mile one quick sec
football back more so you have to see how this works ok so washer n you can activate your account
once you activate your account okay the stories we are back office you can go where in to YouTube not
possible from a shoe update your current information a bitch
login information you can use your three marketing sites so I’m not going once all this right now
but we’re sure you’ll become a team member I help you going to set up okay so you can if you look at how socio-income
looking have an action shot looking to start an online career you’re looking
to start maybe it was another girl general one earn extra cash what we have what
you need no no up for joining cost no back in
joining Cox gnome annoying monthly membership fees okay sure you guys will come become part
of the team we’re going to have this address in our
Krish in our YouTube description box you click on net enroll now and then also you take a look
at the products or services as well okay so the something interested in you
with us complete the information your welcome
email complete here its work or email we help
you get started on your back office and you can begin earning commissions
today if you know anyone that needs struggling with their prescription
medications to pay for if you know of want imagine the millions in how many people are
actually out there they need to scan a product’s and you
can sell this all over the United States no license required a record

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