Testimonial via RedDoor Interactive Digital Marketing Agency, San Diego, Calif
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Testimonial via RedDoor Interactive Digital Marketing Agency, San Diego, Calif

My name is Reid Carr, and I’m the CEO of RedDoor Interactive. We’re a full-service integrated agency located here in San Diego. How we found Leadfeeder was through looking for a solution for ways to see who’s coming to our website, that sort of thing. Other circumstances… we will see somebody come into the website, who we’d love to be talking to, and then we’ll do a little fact-find to see, maybe, if they are showing that they might be engaged in something that we’d really like to sell to them, or in some cases we find that they’re looking at some of our job postings or something like that. There’s a bunch of different advantages here. Some of the features we find most useful in Leadfeeder are—I mean, at the simplest of level—what brands and companies were coming to the website and then what are they looking at… We look at certain, service areas certainly partnerships that we may have and we have a good sense about what they might be interested in doing. Again, if we have engaged with this customer in the past then you’ve got the Salesforce records at Hey, this is someone we have talked to, here’s what we’ve talked to them about. We’re not looking, in our case, with a ton of volume as it relates to the kinds of clients that we want to work with. I mean, there are brands we are gonna know and so if they come to our site, we know who they are and that’s what’s been pretty powerful. Leadfeeder was kind of the one and only solution. I think we looked at some other options, before we settled on Leadfeeder. But ultimately it was the one that felt like the kind of the right size for us. It’s kind of that everything you need nothing don’t kind of a situation… I think there are some that do a lot of stuff And we just didn’t need all these things. It integrates really well with stuff we were already doing and our tools we already had in place so it felt pretty right size for our needs. We always recommend Leadfeeder!

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