Testing 5 INDIEGOGO Products!
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Testing 5 INDIEGOGO Products!

Whoa welcome back to another episode of testing out you guys Absolutely Crushed the first one i’ll leave it link down below You didn’t Catch it Drop a Like If you Guys won another and make sure you vote up in the icard right Up there to tell me which products I should Check Out Next in this video we’re Looking at five we’re gonna be testing Out five nope not one five indiegogo products i Got them all right Here let’s do It and as Always if you Guys want to check out anything mentioned this video I’ll leave it Linked down Below The first Thing That we’re checking out is the rocket wave notebook This Thing Actually Raised 1.3 million Dollars in indiegogo and as Always We Gotta Check Out the Amazon Reviews so this Thing has four out of five Amazon Stars Which is Pretty Good i don’t know Why i said amazon Stars They’re Just stars it’s got four out of five Stars so i’m pretty Optimistic Let’S see what the People are Saying? Alright it’s somewhat okay three Stars Magic is in the pen not the paper alright That’s interesting to note Great Idea and Strips Wait What you gotta finish your sentence college students okay so i’m fairly optimistic Basically This is a Microwaveable a Notebook so all you really do is Just write in it you fill it up and then You microwave it when you want To clear It Sounds Pretty Cool i think there’s even an App so Open this Up oh Wow That’s a Nice Notebook alright we’ve Got a blue Notebook and Then There’s a Pen somewhere Inside here i can Feel it oh it’s in here hang on We Got It cool so i finally Got the pen out this notebook is actually a Really Nice Notebook It’s pretty Standard it’s easy There’s Actually qr Codes on each and Every page and There’s Symbols down at The bottom i don’t know iF You Guys can See that too ill basically you Just circle or Mark off the symbol you want and when you take a picture Using Their App Actually Got The App installed to new Scan you take a picture of It it’ll Actually Send it to that designated email Address Pretty Cool so if i’m taking like Math notes for Example we’re gonna do One Plus One Equals two we’re learning we’re gonna take It One step Further two Times two equals four Sweet so if i wanted to go in my school folder and i have it on the Apple logo Just circle That and it’ll go to the Apple logo That’s Pretty easy i’m gonna Draw a Smiley face on a Few Pages Try to fill this Thing up as best as i can all right Sweets and Now the moment you’ve Been all Waiting for with The Rocky book is Clearing The Notebook so all i really have to do is Head over to the microwave now Plop a cup of Water down and It’ll erase we’re at the microwave right Now and what i’m about to do is put a cup of Water i Just got a mug of Water right Here it’s filled up 3/4 away Full look at it you Guys Know it’s water and Basically I’M gonna put It down on this circle logo Here with the Rocketship Side Up you guys can see the rocketship When i put it in Started I’m gonna Start It for 30 Seconds and it’ll Race The Notebook i need to do this to both Sides if i had it all the way Filled Up i only Wrote on a Few Pages so let’s give It a Shot 30 seconds love You lots i love That Notebook lots My mom sent me that mug Nutty mom three two One no way this worked all right so When i take it out of the microwave you can See That The Rocket Ship logo has disappeared Hope Nobody’s Hot Now we’re gonna make the logo on the back side the rocket ship Also disappear and Then It Should Be Fully erased Another 30 Seconds and This Actually Works Through The steam Generated from the Water That’s how these Pages Clear Kind of cool three two one This Thing Should Be Fully Cleared Now We Got some hot Water maybe i can make some tea Rocket Ship Logo on the back is Cleared Just When i go through The Notebook That Notebook is hot First page is Clear All of them Whoa it’s a hot paper never felt This well i have and It comes Off of a printer but Damn for The Most Part Yeah all the Pages are clean The Rakhi book i don’t know iF i’ve Kept Calling It The rocket Wave this entire time It Actually Works At School and in tradition of The Series i’m gonna be giving This 5 out of 5 H3 she productions This Works it’s cool and if you’re a student you Gotta grab One Next Up is the Zeus Lightning cable i Haven’t Seen This Thing Around Forever and What’S cool about This is iS it’s Supposed to be a more durable Lightning cable So i’ve Seen a bunch of these on Kickstarter and indiegogo i Actually Picked Up the huge Chicken The Zeus the Steel Bendy one in the last episode of testing five Kickstarter Products Is It Really Everything That Was interesting Now We Got The zeus This Thing’s made Out of Kevlar and They Raised four Hundred and Twenty-Two Thousand Dollars in indiegogo and in tradition it’s got four out of five Stars So i’m really optimistic i think This One’s gonna be a banger We could first Reviews a One star B S lifetime warrant Whoa that is That’s a Little Scary Alright four Out of five Stars five Fiber Another fiver another $5 footlong Got a Two-Star okay The Lightning Connector Broke off After Normal Use interesting so Roughly Around four out of five Stars I’m curious Because This Thing’s made out of Kevlar and Keller’s Kind of interesting Because it’s a more durable Fabric Now i used to think Kevlar Meant It Was cut proof No Knifes or Blades could Go to it but That’s Really Only the Good stuff and it’s Kind of Been like Bulletproof armor so This is What It Looks Like Right Here and Apparently There Was a lifetime Warranty i thought that Was gonna be a Thing i don’t know if they Actually are Good or not so We’ve Got this cable Here at your standard lightning cable and What’s Great about This One compared to the one i checked out in the? Kickstarter video Is Check it out right Up there if you Haven’t Seen It is this one is Cheaper it’s right Around the price of What Apple would charge you But You can find those for Way cheaper and like Who’s buying the Actual Cables from Apple no one i might be the only one but for the most part This Thing is Kind of Cool so you can bend It you can Really Get Rough With It and the Kevlar Should Keep It intact Without Breaking The cable i thought i really Thought You could cut Kevlar and Would Work i think i gotta try it on second thought i’m gonna test the cable Out first Just know of my Luck before i cut it okay we are Chilling We are charging and Chilling with The zeus cable That’s Great all Right Let’s See how strong This Kevlar Is i don’t think This is gonna Work but i’m down to be surprised. Oh? No that Cut that that definitely made an Incision in the cable i can tell You i wasn’t Surprised and we’re still Charging I’m gonna Say That’s a testament to how strong This cable Is so i’m gonna be giving this cable four out of five H3h Threes That’s Great if There’s Actually a lifetime Warranty i Think there is maybe That person Just wasn’t happy you can Get This replaced and That’s Way Better Than Anything Apple We Do Guys Next Up before we Check out the third item make sure you subscribe and Get Those notifications Turned on Do It Right Now Because you aren’t gonna want To miss the Next episode it’S gonna be a banger and Let’s face it i’m Just being Real with you guys Who else Is gonna test Out these products like Someone has Got to tell you if They’re Good or not so next up is the go cubes these are Pretty Much Chewable coffee and i never thought That Would Actually be a Thing i’d Be Saying But They raise Sixty One Thousand Dollars on Indiegogo That’s awesome Let’s Keep The reviews Real quick so another good product or so It seems Around three and a Half out of five stars i That’s a Solid rating if I had That rating on like Uber or LyFt i’d take a Chance i’m gonna take a Chance of This Product We Got five Stars Three Stars for All Right – I’m Feeling less and Less Optimistic As i scroll Further down on this list so i’m gonna put My Phone away and you Guys know i used to love the caffeine i took a Little Bit of a Break but i’m Excited to try these so six packs four packs per cube its chewable coffee All right Let’s Try This Out. Gummi coffee like I’m down and As you can see someone has tried these Before Matt Died are you dipping into the chewable coffee so we Get four cubes in each One and on the packaging It Says We Get a Drip Flavoured a mocha Flavored and Then a latte all Right Some nice Cubes these are like iF gummy Bears Played Minecraft This is What They Play with these Go cubes and this is Supposed to serve Instead of Drinking coffee in the Morning so well my dad was last Over helping me out He picked up this folgers insta mix coffee and with the hot Water we Generated in the rocket book item We Got It here so i’m gonna put some coffee In a cup we’re gonna Let This stir on up for a Sec and this is gonna give me caffeine and Supposedly These Cubes so i guess the only Thing Left for me to do is Just Try one Then They’re Saying One Cube equals 1/2 a cup of coffee i Don’t know if That’s gonna do It 50 milligrams of caffeine and each Cube My caffeine tolerance is down But I’m sure i can Plow Through One of these Packs and That’ll Make me feel fine this is caffeine content Per serving is true pieces equals 100 milligrams and That’s typical to like an 8 ounce cup of coffee i think i said half cup I don’t think cups are that small so 2 cubes and you’re Pretty much, set to go all right I’m gonna Try One of The Drift Flavors now Two Cubes and They’re Good to go Just grab two in the morning Instead you know what you could do Get Your coffee Cup Ready Just Drop Two cubes in and Just take that to work That’s it like You don’t even need to drink anything Put your cubes out you eat them So wait a Little Bit and see i feel a Few moments Later so chewy coffee is Pretty interesting They taste alright They Got Kind of like a Sourish aftertaste i guess That’s the trade-Off When you’re chewing coffee and not Drinking it I Mean There’s a Little Bit of Sugar in Here not to get all Nutrition e on you guys They taste alright I would Actually Chew these in the morning Instead of Drinking coffee I’m gonna go for one more cube we’re going Over the Necessary amount of the Daily Intake Not to recommend for Children pregnant or nursing Women or persons sensitive to caffeine Says It on the box right Here They don’t Know They don’t know that i’m the one that bought it All right so after about 15 minutes i’ve Eaten Three Cubes I’M Feeling Good no Joke and For Someone That Likes caffeine in the Morning i think this is Actually something You want to pick Up so i would be giving this for Not three and a Half Because i’m a Better person i’m giving This for H3H3 productions out of five The Go cubes i Am Actually Surprised Now i don’t know if you Guys have Been following Along but me and Drones They don’t mix together so this Is a Jet Jet Drone What Really sold me on it is has a Feature Called onetouch Takeoff and Landing That Sounds Really awesome That’s something i Need to check out Always Crash These Things so This Thing can Take off and Land With Just One button i think it’s gonna make It and live in other Days so this Thing’s Insane and in spirit We Got It We Got to check out the Amazon Reviews i always Forget But They’re Really Helpful sometimes so this Thing has three out of five all Right? 2.9 Out of 5 stars wow that is They didn’t want. To give it three so they gave It two point nine There are Drones You have Been Looking for these are the Drones you have Been Looking for alright Good little drone it’s a Keeper? onetouch Functions are Great That Is What we’re here for okay so this drone is seeming Really Good Got a Bunch Of Features on here so let’s pull this out Stay Flying That is Always The best Thing all right Boring Paperwork Whatever and Right Here is the drone so the drone comes with This controller and There’s Actually an App That’ll Let You control the video Feed and you Can Even Fly It from App so That’s Pretty Sweet alright It’s a Pretty Standard controller Kind of Comfy Feels Like an Xbox 360 one This is Nice Feels Really Good Feels Really Good alright so let’s Just Turn this Thing on And we Even Got these two switches at the top so when you click This one here and it’ll Ascend the drone up? One Touch Take off They’re Saying and Then When i want to land it Just hit the Opposite Button That Sounds great so we’re gonna try this before we Check out the app yo i’m Excited This is the drone that i can Actually Fly and not crash That’s a Game Changer okay Let me know in the comments before This Thing Takes off if I’M gonna crash It or if it’s gonna survive if i was a Bettin Man i would Say I’m probably gonna crash It but Let me know what you guys think so okay take It Paired With One Button yo Yo no, no all right wow that Thing Just took off It did take off with Just one Button But Then It also crashed It does have one take off so I’m gonna Head back Here And we’re gonna see if i Supply It give It a little more space All right Buddy Whoa that Thing Just Really went for it Geez Yo This Thing’s Actually Really stable no all right it’s Actually Really stable No My record Seems to be like 5/7 on all These Drones onetouch Takeoff Whoa yo yo That Was that Was out there It Just Hovers and You Guys probably Remember me mentioning there’s Actually an App so with The app you can control the video Feed there’s a camera on here too That’s Pretty Sweet And i don’t know if i told You Guys this but the battery life on here is Around five ish Minutes of Flight time it’s Super Short With all These small Drones But Let’s Just Check Out the App so It connects with wi-Fi and you can Actually see the video Signal Here Hey What’s up What’s up all right Let’s try to get this Thing flying and there’s also a vr mode so you can hook in with some vr Glasses and Actually See what the Drones seeing yeah i Should Take off on there All right we’re gonna do It One more time that Just Really took off We Got a Bunch of options Here we can take a Photo video Playback Control The drone Speed we’re gonna put the speed up to 60% we’re gonna live on the wild side and Start recording video all Right Sweet so i’m gonna take off The drone is taking off Whoa yo Wow that Just That Really took off the video is gonna be interesting Just seeing Where this drone flies To and from and It won’t Be any consistent life Times All Right and i gotta hand it to this Thing This Drones Probably Crashed into the wall Ten Times in the Span of Like five minutes and the propellers are Holding Up really well Wow it’s cracking a Little Bit yo Just notice That it’s holding Up it was Holding Up well for the most part Probably Just cuz i said it alright Yeah it’s coming off a Little bit you guys can probably do a Better Job flying So i’m gonna be giving this Thing No, come back Here i’m giving This Thing three and a Half Out of five H3h please now last step has to be the product I’ve Been waiting the most for it’s called The creo pop 3d printing Pen and i’m i was so Excited for This proud of Guys no Joke i didn’t Just buy one But i Actually Bought a Second one so this Thing Raised two Hundred and Thirteen? Thousand Dollars in indiegogo and of Course you gotta check out the Amazon Reviews It’S a Little Sad It’S a Little Sad Than The reviews it’s got three point four stars out of five and It only Seems That Three People Have Left Reviews so we’re gonna be the fourth year i Don’t really Know what to Expect We Got some images Uploaded All right Someone drew a tree with a Nice base so if you don’t know What this products about Basically It lets you 3d draw and that Sounds Really cool Just Because There’s Been so many of these pens Out here so let’s open This guy up And What you get in the box is Actually Just a bunch of manuals you Know those are fun you get three inks of Glue They’re not glued there like the drawing substance i don’t want to call them Filament Because i actually own A 3d printer and That’s Called Filament these are Just They’re Pretty Much the ink i guess That’s why they Say in comic on the side so you get three of These three fun colors and when You pull them out They’re these disposable Tubes and you can Actually buy more Ink on Amazon They’re Kind of Expensive and This Whole Kit Costs Around $100 so right Here i got two of the inks all ready to go and it comes Obviously The pen but What’s cool about the pen is is everything is Included Within The Pen now some of these other Pens They Have Stuff you know hanging out outside of It That’s great i like This One Just Because It’s pretty Seamless and you can Fit It in so i got the pink Tube here you need to pull off the tip it Says Put It in make sure this side is up And Just Twist it on there So it all Lines Up and there’s Actually Two Modes on this pen there’s drawing mode Which has the light come out so we’re gonna Test That One Out first Got It on right Here it’s all Charged Up and we are for so let’s Try to draw Oh and one more Thing There’s Actually a Drawing Pad so you have a Match Drawn so it doesn’t get all Messy since this ink is cool when it comes Out and there’s No heating done by the pen it’s gonna be helpful to have a Space that you can draw so Charges With a Standard Usb Kind of Funky but i like It Let’s Hit the button here to start drawing Alright That Was a Fail okay so i don’t know if you Guys Saw That but There’s Actually a light That comes Out and this light is Really Bright it’s Kind of The same light You’d find at The dentist getting a Cavity Filled and at The dentist They give you Sunglasses to protect your eyes That Was the one Thing i wish They Would Have told me in the instructions But no They didn’t. So i’m gonna grab some sunglasses Keep These Safe and before We Start Drawing We Need to add One of Their included tips you got a flat Tip a Pointy tip There’s a Lot of Accessories you had here to draw That Sounds Really awesome alright i hope This works so we’re gonna switch Up the mode to three Got It all ready to Go let’s Try to draw a tree See that light I’m happy i have sunglasses on took me forever to figure this Out so i’m Holding on the button and No, ink is coming out all right no Just Kidding We Got some ink it Just took a While It took a long time and All that videos i’ve Seen It Doesn’t take This Lawn Check that Out i Don’t know Who’s Callin It’s my dad We’re not gonna Answer Him i’m gonna get a little closer so you guys can see this and there’s Actually Just a Filling mode Which Will Let You Just Draw and Get as much Ink as you want out and The light Obviously Doesn’t come on so there’s like Three modes Here? I’m Just gonna continue a drawing mode This is awesome and I’m a Little Closer so you guys can See How This trees coming Along yo This is Incredible Well i sent the ink coming out It smells a Little Funky too i don’t i don’t think i should Be breathing that as you can tell My drawing Skills Aren’t That Amazing but i am Doing this at an angle Just To show You guys so give me a little Credit i’ll be in the art institute One day Come on i Just Got to draw This acorn i’ve Seen some insane stuff Drawn with these 3D pens alright That’s our acorn Give It a Little top and Just Like That The Creole pot pen Actually Worked This is the first time i got it to work i was messing Around with It earlier and That’s Actually Why i bought – same Thing with the jet drill the Jet Jet ultra Joan Why did i say That all Weird Sanding with the drone now i was gonna give This Thing i’m gonna take These Sunglass stop i Was gonna Give This Thing zero Out of five H3h3 but Now that this Actually Works and you can Get different Inks different Colors online I’m giving This Thing four and a Half Out of five H3H3 productions This has Got to be my favorite Thing on this list the go cubes are the second Thing? Let me know in the comments right Now Which one you Guys Would pick up i would have to say The most Worth It is This creole Pop pen this is awesome i didn’t even think It Was gonna Work What a Turnaround Shut Up time i want to give a Huge shout out To abdullah in season four Evan My notifications on do you Guys want a Rota Fication shout out it’s super simple all you Have to do is make sure you subscribe and then Hit that bell icon so you don’t miss another episode Maybe a Taxpayer if You Guys Find any Other Really Cool and Crazy Kickstarter indiegogo Products Nobody Check Out and i’m gonna stay Drawn for the next year By What a Way to end the day

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  1. So indiegogo does away with the corporate machine that our entire economy is built on thereby employing millions…and you pay them directly, so they still profit, while no one else does. Sure that saves you money, but like with Amazon, kills the economy.

  2. What indiegogo doesn’t tell you is that 6-8k a year you spend helps keep your neighbors and friends and community gainfully employed. Sure they know this, it’s kind of obvious so they just don’t care that this “new way to purchase products” only benefits them and no one else. While our economy is still based on the exchangs of goods and services, who in good conscious could support such a thing?

  3. So can I ask plz, if I order something on INDIEGOGO now will I actually receive the product, or am I just campaign funding ?? Does anyone know ?? Xoxo

  4. You can afford like 10000000000 iPhones 1000000000 macs 100000000phones 1000000000 tablets 10000000 Apple Watch 1000000000 iPads but not able to afford a decent microwave

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